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How to Install a Wireless Doorbell? – Simple 4 Step Guide

Doorbells are an integral part of your house’s entryway. There are various doorbell options available due to the rapidly advancing technology. There are endless possibilities, from doorbells with a wireless connection to those installed with video cameras and more amazing smart features. Wireless doorbells are smart, convenient, and more economical. The only thing that you might find tricky is to install it in the initial phase. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for everyone struggling with wireless doorbell installation.

Wireless Doorbell Installation

Installing a wireless doorbell is an easy process if you follow the exact procedure. All you need to do is grab your wireless doorbell kit with transmitter, receiver and a few tools to mount the doorbell in position. Now just follow the steps below and your job is well done.

Step-1 : Finding a Suitable Location

The first and foremost step into installing doorbells is selecting a place for the doorbell switch. Anyone visiting your place should be able to access the switch easily. So make sure that you place the switch on eye level on either side of your door at a standard doorbell height to make it easy to spot. Also, keep in mind that the switch should be placed where it is not directly exposed to the weather conditions. Even if you choose a weatherproof and waterproof wireless doorbell, make it a point to put it under some shelter.

Step-2 : Fixing the Switch

For fixing the switch into the wall, you could opt-out of two common methods. First, use adhesive or fix it using a drill machine and screws. Some switches come with holes in them for easy installation using screws. Before installing the switch, clean the surface you are installing it into. Any dust or debris could loosen the adhesive’s grip on the wall.

Step-3 : Finding a Spot for the Chime Box

Choosing a spot for the wireless doorbell chime box is the most important step. You would want to place the box in a central location in your house. This is so that wherever you are in the house, you will be able to hear the bell ring. The best and the most common place to fix a chime bell is either your dining room or living room. Another important thing to consider is that the wireless bell is still in the range of the chime box so that the two remain connected.

Step-4 : Battery Placement

Lastly, you need to put the batteries in the chime box for the box to start working. Depending on the model you purchase, you may check what kind of batteries are required.

Wireless Doorbell Applications

There are a wide variety of applications available for both iOS and Android. Depending upon the model of wireless doorbell you choose to purchase, you can find a suitable application that goes well with your model to operate the bell from your phone. In addition, some smart doorbell come with their own software that you need to install for using the bell from the palm of your hands. For more convenience there are even some remote control doorbells available in the market.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell

As a customer, you want the best for yourself. So you should take into consideration a few things before investing in a wireless doorbell.

  • Do not fall for the trap of “the costlier, the better.” Choose a device that is neither overpriced nor too cheap.
  • Before buying the doorbell, do check its reviews online. You want to buy the best for your house, and there is no better way to know about it than to hear people’s firsthand experiences.
  • Buy the doorbell from a place where there is an easy exchange policy to get the device exchanged in case it does not work out for you.
  • The volume of the chime box should be loud so that no matter where you are in the house, you should be able to hear it ring.

Why Should You Choose Wireless Doorbells?

Wireless doorbells are cost-effective devices. Anyone can afford them for their houses. Since they run on batteries, they have a longer life than wired doorbells. Furthermore, wireless doorbells are super versatile. You could place them anywhere in the house and even shift them without any hassle. If you do not want to drill and hole up your walls, you can choose to use adhesive to set up the doorbell. The installation process of the bell is also very easy (as directed above), and the range of the radio signals used in wireless doorbells is sufficient for most homes. If the range is not sufficient, one may even use extenders to multiply the range of the signals. Last but not the least, the best part about wireless doorbells is that you can select from various chimes and tunes for your bell to ring.


You should definitely get one for yourself now that you know the process of wireless doorbell installation and why they should be chosen. Play with as many tunes as you want. Thanks to the growing technology, have fun with the advanced features available in many doorbells. You could even have fun with the decorative options out in the market.