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Why You Have A Cloudy Fish Tank? (And How To Fix It)?

Petting fish is one great thing that everyone loves to do in their lifetime. Seeing those colored little creatures swimming in our aquarium works like a stress-buster as well as boosts our energy. Don’t you agree? Imagine being an aquarist and waking up to a cloudy fish tank the next day. Sounds distracting, right? Many people don’t even know what to do with the cloudy water or how to prevent it. Moreover, individuals will also not know what causes the water to turn cloudy. If you are a new aquarium owner, you probably might have the question of why is my fish tank cloudy and how to fix it. So, here we are digging deep into this topic and helping you find all the relevant information about the issue of fish tank cloudy water.

Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

Bacterial bloom, also famous as cloudy water, occurs after 2 to 4 days when we add fish to a new aquarium or tank. People who have added new fish to their aquariums will often wonder, ‘why is my fish tank cloudy after 1 day?’ The initial bacterial growth usually causes cloudiness in the water. As per the reports of several tests and observations, it is known that cloudy water is not harmful to the inhabitants. Furthermore, it will clear on its own after 1 to 2 days. We have a few reasons to my fish tank is cloudy why issue.

#1 Dust and Debris

Unwanted particles result in the cloudiness of water. Substances like fish waste, plant waste, miscellaneous debris, and dusty substrate can cause aquarium water cloudy situations including discoloration. Thus, improper maintenance could also be the reason.

#2 Growth of Bacteria

As already mentioned earlier, this is another common reason for the water in a fish tank to get cloudy. This happens due to the aquarium cycle or when suddenly a group of fish is added to the tank. This sudden population in a fish bowl makes the water cloudy because there are not enough beneficial bacteria yet to support life in that ecosystem.

#3 Type of Water Used

The usage of tap water that might contain some chemicals or heavy metals like chlorine, phosphates, etc, could lead to the fish tank being cloudy. Some people add new water and will ask ‘why is my fish tank cloudy after water change?’. Well, that means you might have added water that contains ammonia and chlorine. So, once check which kind of water you are using and also what substances are in it.

How To Fix Cloudy Water In A New Fish Tank?

When you see your fish tank cloudy, the most obvious and natural reaction that everyone has is that something is wrong with the water or the tank. Also, in such a situation, you all might ponder questions like, should I do something or let nature take its course? Well, we’ve got the answers to such questions.

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When you see cloudy water in a new fish tank, the best thing you can do is to let the process sink in. So for all those who are suffering with ‘why is my new fish tank cloudy?’ Can Changing water clears the water temporarily, but cloudiness reappears in a day or maybe two. This happens because new clear water supplies fresh nutrients, which causes the bacteria to colonize themselves more. So if you are suffering from why is my fish tank water cloudy situation here are some fixes.

#1 Adding Activated Carbon Media to the Filter

The most common way to get rid of cloudy water is to add activated carbon media or carbon pads to the filter of your fish bowl. This aquarium filter will help in clearing the water and absorbing all nutrients. And, thereby, helping in sustaining the life of bacteria.

#2 Stop Overfeeding

Many people who are new owners of an aquarium wonder whether they are feeding the right amount to their fish or not. Additionally, they even fear that their fish might die of starvation and often overfeed them. But generally, fish don’t eat every day. So no fish can die if not given food for almost 3 days. Besides, overfeeding results in cloudy water. Some of the nitrifying bacteria present break down the waste, which helps the cloudy bacteria to occupy more.

#3 Avoid Overcrowding

Many people tend to fill their tanks with lots of fish and then complain of problems arising from the populated fish tank. Well, to put it in simple words, more fish means more food resulting in more waste. Moreover, producing food for the microbes that cause cloudy water is another result of this situation. Bringing in too many fish in a new fish tank will also cause the levels of ammonia and nitrites to rise, which can be harmful to the inhabitants, also.

#4 Examine the Cloudy Fish Tank Water

Checking the levels of ammonia and nitrites often in your fish tank is important. When the water in your aquarium is cloudy do, check the levels of ammonia and nitrites as soon as possible. Cloudy water in an already-established fish tank is another matter of concern. But when you see cloudy water in your new tank, then take the necessary steps to fix it.

Why Fish Tank Is Yellow Or Brown?

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  • Generally, the fish tank water is clear and colorless. However, if your fish tank water appears yellow or brown, then undeniably, there is something wrong with it. You need to keep a check on this and work against this action. Below are some reasons which clearly state why my fish tank water turned yellow or brown.
  • Your aquarium is becoming yellow or brown because of the presence of some bacteria and microorganisms. Algae are very common microorganisms that turn the tank water yellow. So, work on these microorganisms first.
  • Certain plant materials can cause the water to turn yellow or brown. Tannins released by the African leaves are also responsible for the discoloration of water. Thus, carefully choose the plant materials in and around your aquarium.
  • Organic waste material such as food, fish waste, plant waste, leftover food, dead material, and some other substances will get rotten over time. This results in discoloration of the water tank. Well, that’s the time where you have to get ready to clean all the waste.

Thus, we can say that the aquarium or fish tank water becomes yellow or brown because of bacterial bloom, some rotten substances, or other harmful microorganisms which come in contact with the water. You can solve this issue by changing the water in the tank, altering filtration, and checking the water ph.


To prevent the water from getting cloudy, you should follow the tips given above. Proper cleaning and care of the aquarium can prevent the water from getting polluted and harmful to the inhabitants. Furthermore, you can also insert some recommended living water plants in the aquarium to make the surroundings of the inhabitants more realistic.