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An Insight into Dog Whining | Know the Reasons Behind your Pet Dog’s Whine

Have you ever wished that your dog could talk? Chances are, you must have. Surprisingly, a dog does talk to its owner every day. It makes many communicational sounds, with each one having its own distinct meaning. A bark or a howl are the 2 sounds most associated with our furry friends. However, a whine is one of the most dramatic sounds a dog can make. Most people often complain about their pets whining too much. Why is my dog whining? There are many answers to this question. As a pet parent, you need to decipher this whine, its context or reason, and a feasible way to make it stop.

Why Do Dogs Whine? Possible Reasons

Before going further, let’s just know what exactly a whine is? Well, it is a long, high-pitched (usually nasal) complaining cry or sound. Just like bark, the whine is very versatile but a little less assertive. Besides, whining is generally cute, but when that becomes regular or continues for a long time, it can be irritating. We must say that canine communication is tough. However, once used to your dog’s distinctive whine, it will be easy to interpret what that means. Furthermore, pooches could whine due to multiple reasons, which can be as follows:

Wanting Something

Pets could be whining due to a need that has not been fulfilled. So pawrents should check if they gave what their fur buddies want or require, such as food or treats. Or does your dog want a new toy? Try to check its surroundings to figure out what it needs. Despite giving food or toys, the canine continues to whimper that it’s high time to take it to a vet. In addition, some pups whine when they get back from walking as they seem to miss that activity. But, taking them on frequent potty trips can not be a good sign. As this could make them exhausted, it might lead to seeking medical attention and care.

Digestive Problems

Yes, improper digestion can lead to whining in dogs. So, to deal with this, make sure no other family member is feeding your pet. Also, remember not to feed it from the table. Sometimes, canines’ stomachs get bloated after eating food that is not suitable for them, leading to aches. If such circumstances worsen, get them checked, as that could be a digestive disorder. Moreover, abdominal pain and cramps might be due to an infection or a food disorder. One major issue could be the inferior quality of food. So, ensure always to provide fine nourishment to these loyal buddies. Apart from that, where there is no store-bought food, plain cooked white rice and lentils work great.

Pain and Discomfort

Why is my dog whining while lying down? Well, of course, every living organism will be depressed when they feel pain and discomfort. And canines are no exception. This means that sometimes whining could be a sign of pain and discomfort. Pay attention if such whining is regular and/or is causing trouble breathing. Furthermore, observe whether your paw mate is whining whenever it tries to sit or get up. Muscular disorders like arthritis will cause pain whenever there is stress on muscles. In contrast, if a hound is old, this could be a sign of joint pain. So, in such instances, medications and ointments can give relief after consulting a vet.

Seeking Attention

There is a reason why we call dogs loyal buddies. They love humans a lot and always seek affection. In cases where this attention and affection is a little lost, we can observe canines whining a lot. So, one great way to solve this is spending some time with these fur mates. However, some pups or even adult canines constantly whimper to seek more attention rather than affection. Hence, try to avoid reacting to dog constantly whining for attention because if they notice your response and efforts to make the whining stop, they can use it to throw tantrums. Nevertheless, avoid encouraging such noises and try to investigate the reason behind them.

Saying Sorry

Some breeds, especially huskies, make a lot of sounds in various situations. One common situation where they make whines is to convey that they are sorry. Indeed yes, you’ve heard us right. Whine could be a gesture of saying sorry. If your dog is whimpering and wants you to acknowledge it, give a slight nod as well as a treat after it stops. This expression would mean that an owner has accepted their pet’s apology.


Even our tailed friends might be the victims of various mental issues, like stress, leading to whining in them. Apart from small cries, other signs could be sitting in a corner, clenching paws, or tail between legs. We highly recommend individuals to give their loyal mates safe chew toys for dogs, some regular exercise and walks to relieve their stress. Also, if there is a guest in the house or a new family member, these animals can take time to adjust to them. And in that time of adjustment, stress can say hi to them. Hitting them at such times could lead to depression. Thus, try to ease their mind with proper training and care rather than hitting.

Separation Anxiety

Why is my dog whining at night? Just like humans, puppies can suffer from anxiety too. Separation anxiety or fear of separation does exist among these creatures. If an individual’s canine whimpers right when they are about to go for a walk, it might suggest that it fears them leaving it stranded. Mostly, this is common among street hounds that are recently rescued and adopted. Such pets, out of experience, might get nervous when they cannot see their parents and want them nearby. Loving gestures of patting the head softly, hugging gently, and frequent treats can give great results. So, develop a bond with your pet and try to understand its emotions.

To Show Excitement

Whimpering or whining is not necessarily always bad, as it could be a way to express happiness too. Being descendants of wolves, pups get their communication skills from their ancestors. Wolves whimper whenever they get excited or happy about something. Therefore, pooches too might whine or make squealing noises whenever they are in joy. This kind of a situation can arise when you give them their favorite toys or yummy treats like the best dog treats for large dogs and puppies. However, generally, such sounds are noticeably short with a small pitch.


Leisure time can bring in new and weirdest activities from pups. Meaning, as a way of vocalization, whining can also mean boredom. Dog whining in crate situation happens when your pet is simply in its crate without much fun activity. In case an individual’s fur buddy is not getting enough activity or exercise and is likely bored of its schedule, then whining might be the consequence. To tackle the situation, according to some research, daily walks and outdoor activities in parks for at least 30 mins will stimulate pooches’ nervous systems. Furthermore, this ushers to increased happiness and decreased boredom in doggos.

Developing Vocal Box

Before developing vivid communicational ways, babies make a lot of sounds to convey what they want to say and grab attention. Similarly, pups whine more than adult canines to express their messages well. As their vocal boxes have not developed properly and cannot bark, whelps use sounds like whines to communicate better. Additionally, it might also be because of pups adjusting to their new home. Besides, why is my male dog whining so much? Some canines which cross their puppy stage might look for mating and thus, for that purpose they might also whine.

How to Stop a Dog from Whining?

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Now that we know almost all the reasons why is my dog whining so much, it’s time to learn how to stop it. So, read ahead without any wait.

  • Extreme cold not only causes discomfort in humans but also in pets, with hounds being no exception. Therefore, pay attention to your loyal buddy’s surroundings and check whether there are any objects hurting it.
  • Pawrents reacting to their pups’ constant whine will only make it worse. These creatures will start frequently whimpering to attract care and attention. Hence, in such circumstances, ignorance will be bliss as well as a solution.
  • Ensuring that whelps are calmed by making them sit down and lay still will help greatly. Some hand movements and gestures can also prove to be useful. Nevertheless, be as gentle as possible and do not use harsh methods, as that can make pets anxious.
  • Pet your puppy but do not give it what it needs immediately. If owners do that always, their fur friends might use moaning as a method to regularly get what they want.
  • Giving treats is another best key to tackling dogs whining. This simple trick can help the canine follow our orders in a friendly way. Furthermore, it will encourage doggos to stop whining due to anxiety.
  • Last but not least, if nothing works out, try getting your dog trained. A trainer can specifically teach your loyal friend to communicate better, which helps with wailing. Pooches can be self-trained too.
  • However, one thing to never forget while learning how to stop a dog from whining is that some whelps weep due to certain underlying health conditions. Henceforth, it brings in a need to turn to a veteran.


In conclusion, whining is one of the many songs a dog makes and can use in a canine conversation. It could be due to any physical, mental, or social reasons. This might also be a simple sound or a squeal of joy and excitement. So, try to decode their whimpering, attempt to understand the reasons behind it, and observe every surrounding. In most cases, whimpering should not be encouraged, as pooches might make that a regular habit. Regardless, at times of emergency, do have your pet checked up with a veteran as soon as possible.