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Pruritus in Dogs | Why is My Dog Itching So Much?

It is normal to get an itch occasionally, but do you get worried watching your dog constantly scratching, licking, and rubbing against furniture? Well, it’s no head-scratcher. Most of the pet owners worried why my dog is constantly scratching and biting himself? There can be various reasons for dog scratching? The sooner it is determined, the better. As the dog itchy skin can indicate something more significant and worse if not treated on time. Looking for reason why is my dog so itchy

Reasons Why Is My Dog So Itchy?

what is pruritus? Itching is a sign, not a disease. Get your pet diagnosed to get it started with the appropriate treatment. Even if it is a minor itch, you should make sure you’re using the right products and diet for your dog, appropriate for their skin and health. There can be several reasons and what causes itching in dogs?

#1 Fleas and Ticks

These pests are blood-dependent and can stick to your dog as a host. They are parasites that can go unnoticed until they are fully engorged and developed. A flea infestation can be reason for whole body itching, but not the dangerous one its just uncomfortable. They make the dog’s skin itchy and irritable. Some canines can form allergic reactions to them. Parasites can also cause dog losing hair in patches and scabs, swelling, and even infections. Ticks are very easy to catch as they can be anywhere outside.

Fleas are more noticeable as their dirt can be seen on the dog, bathing water, bed, or other resting space. You can use a flea brush to make sure, and you may need to consult a vet, depending upon the severity of the situation. Early detection of fleas is essential as they can travel hosts and infest the whole house.


The best treatment for fleas and ticks is prevention. Using preventative products regularly (as recommended by your vet) is more accessible than getting rid of them after infestation. These pests are dangerously uncomfortable and will make your and your dog’s life hell. Consider consulting the doctor before using any particular product on your dog and asking if it is safe. If you find an infestation, call your vet immediately and ask them for dog itch relief medication advice. Bathe your dog regularly and wash its bedding.

#2 Allergies

What causes itchy skin in canines? Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to just about anything. They can be allergic to some food item or something in their surroundings, such as pollen. However, environmental allergies are much more common than food allergies. If your dog is itchy and you have ruled out the possibility of ticks and fleas, then it may have some environmental allergies to things like pollen, certain flowers, etc. Your vet may suggest a diet change to make the skin more healthy.


It is almost impossible to eliminate the cause of environmental allergies, as it is essential for dogs to go out and get some exercise. The best way to help an itchy dog is to wipe them down with wet towels after coming back from outside. There are shampoos and conditioners precisely to remove pollen from the dogs and reduce irritation.Bathing them regularly is also a good option, but be careful as too many baths can make their skin dry, thus itchier.

The medical treatment may vary depending on your dog skin conditions. Oral medication or allergy infections might be ideal for less severe cases. If the situation persists, they may prescribe steroids and other strong medications.

#3 Food Allergies

The food allergies are rare in dogs but need to be dealt with immediately as they can have other harmful effects other than itching too. The food item that your dog might be allergic to needs to be eliminated. Some dogs are allergic to essential food ingredients such as chicken, beef, etc.


Your vet will help you determine which food item your pet is allergic to. They will do so by performing tests and food trials. The trigger item will need to be eliminated from the diet while ensuring that the dog still gets a healthy and balanced diet.

#4 Skin Infections

Yeast or bacterial infections can cause itching and are incredibly uncomfortable for dogs. The skin gets red, smelly, and swollen. Bacterial infections result from too much scratching or irritation and can be found anywhere on the body. Whereas yeast infections primarily affect the folded skin areas such as ears, neck, under the tail, etc.


Infections need instant medical attention, or they would only get worse. They are treated with proper medication. It can also prevent by ensuring that your dog stays in hygienic conditions and is regularly groomed and bathed.

You should treat all these conditions as soon as you find your dog scratching incessantly as if left untreated, they can turn into worse problems. Too much scratching can make the area a hotspot, a red and swollen area of extremely painful and uncomfortable skin.

How to Treat Your Dog’s Itchy Skin?

Allergies and parasites are prevalent in dogs. Many people often think it is okay to treat these problems at home with over-the-counter products or dog itching remedies. While they may help the pet, they would not address the underlying issue, and it could even worsen the situation if they do not suit the dog for some reason. There are some things that a dog parent should keep in mind if their dog is itchy

#1 Over-the-counter products

Dogs’ shampoos and oils that ‘prevent’ itching are not a permanent solution. Every dog’s skin is different, so every product used on them needs to be suitable for their skin, especially in the case of a skin problem such as itching. Get the best itch relief for dogs approved by the vet and ensure they do not worsen the situation.

#2 Antihistamines

These are also only temporary solutions. They may not even work on some dogs. They make the canine more uncomfortable and exhausted.

#3 Visit the vet

This should be your go-to treatment if your dog has a persistent itch. Only a medical professional can determine the cause, provide appropriate treatment and recommend things to do on your end. Do not hesitate in consulting a doctor as your dog would need immediate attention.

Summing Up

Seeing your pet uncomfortable and ill is the most worrying thing for a dog parent. Incessant itching is annoying and can also lead to more problems, which would mean more discomfort for both you and the dog. One of the most effective ways to avoid this situation is to make sure that your dog is in a hygienic and clean environment, bathe them on time, and give them a healthy diet.