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Excessive Shedding in Dogs | Reasons and Tips for Dog Shedding So Much

Everybody loves canines as pets. These shaggy companions are mindful and perky and esteem their owners sincerely. Owners love to pet them, but one thing four-legged friend owners are constantly worried about is the shedding of hair. The question always arises in our mind is why hounds shed. The answer to this why is my dog shedding so much is simple, but first, we must understand the types of fur coats.

The coats serve many purposes, protecting them from freezing temperatures and unrelenting heat waves. A dog’s coat consists of three hair types: primary, secondary, and tangible.

  • Primary hair consists of the outer fur, which is long and coarse.
  • Secondary hair, which makes the undercoat soft.
  • Tangible coat-like bristles help them to sense the environment.

Why is my Dog Shedding So Much?

Before anything let’s first understand one thing. What is regular shedding? Shedding is a natural-born process in pets to get rid of old and unhealthy hair. The myth says that some dogs never shed, but the actual truth is that every breed sheds fur. Besides, some hounds get rid of fur in a more significant quantity, while some do in a smaller quantity. Here are some puppies that shed minimally and are beneficial for pet owners who are allergic to fur:

  • Afghan Hound
  • Bichon Frise
  • Chinese Crested
  • Maltese
  • Schnauzer
  • Havanese
  • Affenpinscher

Few hound breeds shed hair excessively daily, which is typical for them, but sometimes excessive hair shedding can harm health. As a pet owner, you are worried about why is my dog shedding so much. So pay attention to the seasonal changes and the changes that are occurring in your pet; this will help in pointing out the things you can miss within your pet’s health.

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What are the Reasons for Excessive Shedding in Dogs?


Allergies are pretty common in canines. Four-legged friends can quickly get allergic to various things, be it canned food or any single ingredient. Insect bite and pollen allergies are common in our fluffy friends, which thus become the reasons for excessive shedding in dogs.

Anxiety or Stress

Anxiety can prompt various health issues in humans, including hair loss. It is also true for our canines. We have noticed that when canines are worried about car rides or fearful of the veterinarian’s office, they shed a lot. Female puppies can quickly get stressed during pregnancy, leading to excessive shedding.

Parasites like Fleas, Mites, or Lice

Parasites can make your four-legged friend entirely awkward and, without much of a stretch, lead them to numerous issues. One of the effectively distinguished issues is excessive shedding. A good grooming session can solve this problem or some dog hair fall medicine from the vet.

Hormonal Changes

Sometimes, an imbalance in a dog’s thyroid can cause hair to be fragile and thus, leading to its loss. Dogs can quickly get treated with medication prescribed by the vet. During the pregnancy and lactation process, many dogs can expereince it too. Thus, hormones could be one of the reasons for your dog shedding hair.

When to be Concerned About Dog Shedding?

Difference Between Fur Loss and Shedding

There is a big difference between both of them. Loss of hair because of a disorder can’t be portrayed as ‘shedding’ instead, the deficiency of hair without the mood of hair development can be alarming. The reasons for dog fur shedding hair can be skin-related diseases or thyroid imbalance.

Concerning Hair Loss

Unusual hair loss can be concerning for pet owners. It implies that your dog has a health issue. Some indicators are:

  • Fur has become fragile and dry.
  • Bald patches and uneven hairs.
  • Other skin conditions accompany hair loss.
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How to Control Dog Shedding?

Dog owners always ask why my dog sheds too much? To answer that, pets can’t stop shedding as it is their natural process, but they can help manage and reduce it. Thus, understand that the process is a natural before you want to know how to control dog shedding. Although, if this fur shedding is excessive and problematic, then one must take measures. Different ways on how to reduce shedding in dogs:

Brushing your Canine’s Coat

Brushing helps in disposing of delicate and unfortunate hair that will, in the end, be shed. While combing, the hair will accumulate inside the brush or near the little guy which makes it easy to clean. It is essential to choose the perfect position for the dog while doing this, so they can enjoy the process, too, while the importance of brushing is also there. You have to make sure to pick the right brush for controlling shedding in dogs. For example, a bristle brush dog is suitable for long and coarse coats, while a pin brush makes up for long and silky hair.

Regular Bathing

Taking your dog to bathe daily can also help reduce dead and unhealthy hair. Providing the best shed control shampoo for dogs can be helpful for the growth of long and shiny fur. Regardless, ask your vet about how often you should bathe your pooch with the shampoo for puppies.

Providing a Healthy Diet

An even eating regimen is fundamental for developing your close companion and their hair. Unsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 are the best dog food for shedding.

Vets highly recommend the best food for shedding dogs, like coconut oil, or omega 3 oil for dogs to be part of every canine’s diet as it provides good fats, which are healthy for hair growth. It would help to ask your veterinarian how much to give, as excessive coconut oil can cause diarrhoea.

Providing Grooming Sessions

The grooming session is a sufficient time for your four-legged companion. Every pet owner has to find the perfect groomer for their pet, which makes them comfortable. This grooming session also helps them in reducing stress and anxiety.

Shedding Suits

Many dog shedding suits and anti shed dog suit are available in markets to create less chaos in your house. These suits are safe and helpful for dogs to disclose their coats, but sometimes hounds are not very fond of them. They feel uncomfortable and often try to avoid them. So never compels them to wear it. You can attempt different solutions for them. An even eating regimen is fundamental for developing your close companion and their hair. Unsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 can be valuable for well-being. And these are the best dog food to help with shedding.

Nowadays, dog shedding brushes and suits are available in the market, which eventually helps the owners groom their furry playmates at home.


There could be a number of reasons why your dog is shedding so much, but the most likely explanation is that they are either stressed or have an underlying medical condition. If you’re concerned about your dog’s shedding, we recommend taking them to the vet for a check-up. In the meantime, try to reduce their stress levels by providing them with a calm environment and plenty of love and attention.