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Rectal Itching in Dogs – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis

Have you ever noticed that dog excessive licking their butt as a part of the grooming ritual? This is completely normal unless the licking becomes excessive. Then, it can signal underlying health issues like compacted anal glands, parasitic infections, allergies or skin infection. Vets proposed that fungus can develop around the dog’s anal area under the condition of skin puncture. This leads to extreme discomfort and pain for a dog. Apart from a grooming session, owners should pay attention to their behaviour and habit if it goes beyond the normal limit. Read more to know about the reasons why does my dog lick so much and their remedies.

Why is My Dog Licking His Butt?

Dog licking base of tail is not always a serious cause, but you should take care of normal and absurd things about your pet companion. Dogs giving them tongue baths at the end of the day are not a matter of concern until licking becomes compulsive or gratuitous. If your dog shows signs of distress or whimpering, then veterinarian can immediately resolve the issue. The explosion of fluids from anal glands does not make your dog healthy completely. To keep those glands healthy, try to offer plenty of fresh water and a high-fibre diet to dogs.

Irritation Of Anal Glands

Healthy glands in the rectal area expel smelly fluids during urination. Signs such as dog bottom red and swollen, red skin around the anus, bleeding or draining are examples of infected anal glands. Sometimes these glands do not become empty and stay irritated. Owners can notice this when their dogs lick the area excessively. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian when glands become impacted.

Ever think, why is my dog dragging his butt? Often it happens to relieve itching and discomfort. Antibiotics are necessary when anal glands are infected. Dogs can get relief from a manual explosion of fluids. However, if it is a chronic problem, supplements are required to make glands expel fluids independently. Supplements consist of fibre sources like pumpkin, which bulks up faeces and allows anal glands to become empty when defecating.

Spreading Of Parasites

Another reason why dog constantly licking butt? Its may be due to Internal parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms or roundworms live inside a dog’s intestines. These parasites can irritate bowel movement and other health issues like nutritional deficiency, vomiting, anaemia and diarrhoea. You can find the presence of internal parasites in stool as well. The rear portion of your dog is often exposed to contaminated faeces or soil. Dog owners should undergo a faecal sample test to understand the fundamental problem. After that, veterinarians prescribe treatment to eradicate parasites with best dog dewormer. External parasites like mites or fleas can insatiably make a dog’s bum itchy.


Like humans, dogs also face certain allergic reactions, out of which itching is the top symptom. Bum is a sensitive area where dogs get relief by licking it. Dog owners will notice that they lick several body areas when going through an allergic reaction. This is because they are prone to environmental, food and medical allergies. The reasons behind those reactions are difficult to state because dogs are allergic to grass, pollen or moulds. Other signs can be watery eyes, swollen face, runny nose or coughing. Washing dog skin with a good probiotic shampoo can reduce inflammation.

Skin Infections

As the area of a dog’s bum is exposed to different kinds of germs outside, it is likely to be infected quickly. It gets in touch with faeces, so punctured skin on their backside is prone to catching bacterial or fungal infections. Bulldogs have tail pockets, which makes their butt easily exposed than other ones. There are two common types of skin infection staph or yeast infection. Dogs may experience hair loss, inflamed skin or a foul smell from these infections. With constant licking, an infection can get intensified. A moist area develops due to saliva and allows bacteria to thrive. The area needs to be dry for healing.


Animals also go through emotional breakdown or boredom like humans. Out of habit, they sometimes lick themselves. Those dogs who are not anxious can lick anywhere around their body. They do not focus on their butt. There are supplements available for dogs that help them to relax. It is essential to take care of their adequate playtime and rest.


Why does my dog keep licking his butt? Fleas may be one of the cause. Fleas are little parasites that play a role in irritating a dog’s bum. The saliva of fleas can cause intense itching. These parasites are found everywhere in a dog’s body, but they are attracted to the tail. If you notice your dog keeps licking butt, search for fleas inside its fur. Flea combs are available for this purpose. In addition, there are flea preventive treatment washes that keep them away and help your dog be itch-free.

How to Stop Your Dog From Excessive Licking?

  1. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian for all possible health concerns, but certain home remedies come in handy to alleviate itchy skin.
  2. Anti-itch sprays are available for dogs in pet stores which relieves hot spots and cracked skin. It reduces inflammation and protects the area against infections.
  3. The spray is completely harmless, consisting of natural ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil. If the condition worsens, veterinarians suggest painkillers or antibiotics soothe pain and redness.
  4. If the infection does not get treated in time, then anal glands need to be removed by surgery.
  5. Clearing an impacted anal gland is the first step of diagnosis. It can be done by wearing latex gloves and getting warm clothes nearby.
  6. Locate anal glands at 4 and 8’o clock positions in the anus.
  7. With gentle pressure under the skin, place a cloth over the anus to avoid the discharge squirt everywhere.
  8. Wipe the area clean and give your dog a warm treat.


Maintaining good hygiene of your dog includes regular bathing, and noticing all open wounds can help identify the problem without becoming worse. Dog owners should keep an eye while they are outside and prevent consuming any contaminated food item or faecal matter. Worms are present in other dogs’ poops or soil, which cause infection. Even with great hygiene and care, a dog’s butt complication is not fully unavoidable. Veterinarians are always there to help things get back to normal.