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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? | Know the Reasons Behind this Behaviour

Dogs are very lovable creatures and are quite active when taken to outdoors. They do many unusual things, such as trailing their tail, doing long stretches, rolling over the bed, etc. Among these, the habit of eating grass stands out. You might wonder why your dog is eating grass. There are many probable reasons for this unusual habit. 

In this, why is my dog eating grass article, you will find the reasons for eating grass in dogs. 

Why is my Dog Eating Grass?

Why do dogs eat grass? If you find your dog grazing your lawn, do not be worry. Many pet owners declare that this is a common problem. Now there are many potential explanations for this weird habit of a dog. So, why is my dog eating grass? It can be out of boredom that your dog is grazing on your lawn. They will get bore if you cannot find anything to engage them. 

  • There are also some common beliefs that if dogs suffer from an upset stomach or are not feeling very well, they eat grass, making them vomit everything out. But this belief does not show any concrete evidence and therefore is not considered a fact. The idea is not applicable because scientific research says that dogs need to be smarter and make such logical decisions. 
  • Other reasons involve lack of nutrition. They believe that dogs eat grass to improve their digestive system. Dogs that eat grass are also in a situation of fiber deficiency. 

There are no specific reasons for why does a dog eat grass, so one should not worry, as it is quite common. If you still have doubts about their health, you can visit your vet for more information. 

Is Eating Grass Bad for Dogs?

One of the major reasons dogs eat grass is because it helps them to get relief from dog upset stomach. The grass induces vomiting and helps them empty their stomach from the extra food or any other substance, creating problems in the dog digestive system. 

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There are no major harmful outcomes if your dog consumes grass from your lawn. However, grasses are home to many parasites and bacteria. It causes intestinal parasites in dogs. They should also note that when your dog eats grass, it also consumes the chemicals sprayed on your lawn or garden. Consumption of pesticides and other chemicals can be harmful to your dog. 

When Should you be Worried About your Dog Eating Grass?

If the habit of eating grass is growing more frequently, then you should look into the matter. Should I be worried if my dog eats grass? Yes, if the situation is extreme then you may have to be worried because eating grass is one method of self-treating and medicating, but it can be a matter of concern. There are a few symptoms that you should be vigilant of:

  1. Intense vomiting
  2. Weight loss and a decrease in appetite
  3. Irregular bowel movement and blood on the stool
  4. Laziness and diarrhea
  5. Licking lips

If you notice these signs, do not wait anymore and go to your vet. 

Now, only some grass or plants are toxic for your dog. However, you must ensure that your dog avoids toxic plants such as aloe vera, tomato plants, and honey bush. If by accident they eat one, straightway take them to the vet and consult for the next steps. 

What to Do If Dog Eats Poisonous Plant?

Knowing the safety measures to take after finding your canine friend has intook some toxic plant is very important, for suppose the amount of the toxic plant ingested is too much, take your dog to the vet. A series of medical tests will be conducted, such as blood tests and fecal samples reports, and if necessary, a physical exam will also be conducted. The underlying condition can be determined through these tests so that the vet can give the appropriate treatment. 

But if the number of toxic plants ingested is not too much, then you could go for a few home remedies. One very simple solution to these issues is to keep your dog hydrated. Make sure the dog goes for pee and potty breaks very often. 

You could also make your dog fast for 7-11 hours before giving it its meal. It will give their digestive system time to digest the grass properly and let it out through excretion later. 

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How Do I Stop my Dog from Eating Grass?

Can dogs eat grass? Absolutely no, because it might bug you a lot if your dog eats the grass from the lawn or the porch. So, here are a few tips on how to stop dog from eating grass 

  • If the grass-eating habit is persistent and you cannot figure out why to start by changing the dog food and providing more nutrition to the diet. Dogs can also develop this habit due to malnutrition, so start by changing their regular food to the best diet dog food like the organic food for dogs
  • Including certain food items in your dog’s diet might help your dog eliminate the grass-eating habit. Boiled chicken and vegetables such as carrots and cauliflower can help your dog get the nutrition that is missed in its diet. You could use boiled veggies as a snack as well. A few of them and the most preferred vegetables of dogs are potatos, beans, peas, squash and carrots.
    • Potatoes
    • Beans
    • Peas
    • Squash
    • Carrots
  • Vegetable snacks are quite easy to make and can be used as an alternative to commercial dog food. 
  • Train your dog well enough to listen to your commands. For example, if you restrict your dog from eating something or going to a place where it should not go, the dog must listen to your command. This training helps a lot and ensures that the dog is doing what it should and not crossing any line. 
  • If you do not see any side effects of grass eating, you could place healthy plants that your dog can eat on the lawn or the porch. Examples of such plants would be like Rosemary, garlic grass, and different kinds of medical herbs.
    • Garlic grass
    • Rosemary
    • Different kinds of medicinal herbs
  • In cases of boredom, you can keep your dog busy with toys, such as tennis balls. It will keep your dog engaged and burn all that extra energy, not leaving any time for mischief and wandering on the lawn. 
  • You can give your dog bone sticks. Bone sticks are snacks for dogs that are easily available in pet stores. These are very chewy and can keep your dog busy for hours. It will end their boredom easily. 
  • Build fences around your plants if the training does not go according to your plan. While walking outside, ensure you have a firm grip on the leash, and the dog listens to you if you command it not to eat grass. 


Eating grass is not very fatal as in the wild. Most dogs also survive on vegetarian food items such as vegetables, herbs, etc. You should be fine with your dog has developed a habit of eating grass. However, monitor your dog carefully, as grasses with chemical particles can harm them. Besides, if you wondering what to do if dog eats poisonous plant, then take all the safety measures as mentioned above. Regardless, if you are still concerned about your canine’s habit of munching on grass, then you can consult with your vet and acquire a suitable solution to this problem.