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Why is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately? – Kitten Clingy Behaviour

Cats are known for being introverted, self-sufficient creatures who live life on their terms. However, everyone who has lived with cats knows that their dispositions can range from aloof to cuddly and everything in between. In fact, according to an Oregon State University (OSU) study of cat attachment types, our felines build identical attachments to us and in very similar proportions as children and dogs do.

Many pet parents ask why does my cat follow me everywhere? As pet owners, you should know that there is a vast difference between an overly affectionate cat and a cat dependent on you. This dependency may be termed clinginess. We should remember that the need for affection is lovely. But a cat that demands attention regularly could be a sign of worry, stress, fear, or an underlying medical problem, which your veterinarian should address. Here are some of reasons why is my cat so clingy and how to prevent it.

Signs of Clingy Behavior in Cats

Don’t know why does my cat follow me everywhere? Here is a list of a few signs of clingy cat,

#1 Follower Cat

Following the owner is one of the most basic signs of clinginess. If you have seen your cat hovering around your feet or tripped over it twice a week, you have a follower cat.

#2 Scratcher Cat

The Scratching and hitting the owner is another sign of clinginess. If your cat suddenly scratches you on your face or your body to get your attention, you must regard it as a sign of clinginess.

#3 Offender Cat

Have you noticed that your cat doesn’t eat while you leave it alone in your home? Well, this might be a sign of separation anxiety. The cat that has the habit of eating along with the owner doesn’t feel safe if the owner is not around. So, it takes offence and doesn’t eat or eat very little without the parent.

#4 Bedowner cat

Having your cat next to you in bed, whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, can be like having a free electric blanket. You have a clingy cat problem if your lovely furry bundle of joy begins to take over your pillow or large chunks of your mattress, relegating you to the small area where the coil spring pokes your back.

#5 Feared Cat

If you have any guests at your house and your cat is afraid of coming out in front of them, it can signify clinginess. Reaction to a stranger or being afraid of strangers are symptoms of a clingy cat’s insecurity issues.

#6 Goodbye-Hater Cat

Have you realized that in a moment when you want to leave your house, or grab your bag or make the sound of taking your car keys, your cat rushing towards you? It’s another sign of separation anxiety that can cause clinginess. If your cat doesn’t want you to leave it alone, probably you have an anxious clingy cat.

Reasons Why is My Cat So Clingy?

Clinginess in cats is frequently attributed to a medical condition, nervousness, or a new circumstance in the home. You can mitigate all of these potential causes with careful consideration and effort. Here are a few reasons for your cat’s clinginess-

#1 Separation Anxiety

The foremost reason why is my cat being so clingy? Nervousness-related disorder or separation anxiety is one of the extreme reasons for a cat’s clinginess. It is found that cats don’t undergo severe separation anxiety as other pets, but sensitive cats may exhibit clinginess. This clinginess can be a symptom of separation anxiety. The simplest way to prevent separation anxiety in cats is by taking care of them while they are young.

#2 When their days are predictable

Cats feel secure with routines and familiar faces. Whether a human or a pet, bringing a new family member into the house might be stressful for your cat. Such a transition might stress cats, and it will take time for them to acclimate to their new surroundings.

#3 Mental Stimulation

Cats need lots of mental and physical stimulation. It may lead your cat to boredom if it doesn’t get enough of such stimulations. Clinginess is another symptom of boredom. So, try to keep your cat active by playing with it or providing it with suitable toys like scratching posts, laser lights and cat toys.

#4 Insecurity

If you adopt a cat from a shelter or pound, it is possible that it rescued from an abusive environment. Cats in these settings are known for becoming clinging, especially those who show them affection and care.

#5 Medical Conditions

If you dont know why is my cat so affectionate all of a sudden? The cause may be a medical problem, you’ll most likely notice other symptoms of the illness. Weight loss, decreased appetite, lethargy, and seizures are all frequent feline health problems. Check for these indicators to see if a health issue causes your cat’s clinginess.

How to Stop your Cat Being Clingy?

At first, we need to remember that not all clinginess is a sign of negative mental or health issues. Do cats get clingy when your pregnant? Yes, Female kittens become clingy during their pregnancy. So if your pet is expecting and you are observing signs of clinginess, consult your vets as soon as possible! Here are a few ways to deal with your cat’s clingy behaviour-

  • Remember to treat your cat with kindness and patience. If you want to change your pet’s behavior, you’ll need time and patience to do it.
  • If your cat is clinging, you should pay extra attention to them. But you should not give in to every desire. Similarly, if it is scratching or engaging in other bothersome and perhaps harmful activities, ignore them altogether.
  • If you have a clingy cat who is having trouble separating from you, don’t make a big deal about it when leaving or entering the house.
  • Provide your cat with toys to relieve their boredom. If you are away from your home, place their litter box near the window to watch birds and people.
  • If you ever feel that your cat’s clinginess is a consequence of some health issue, try to schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.


Having a clingy cat, though, has its benefits. Even if your cat is clingy, sad, or just plain foolish, the fact that you both understand each other can be pretty satisfying. So, whether you indulge your cat excessively or demand attention, you’ll always have a faithful companion who wants to spend time with you!