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Why is My Cat Trembling? – Reasons for cats shaking

Do you find your cat shaking or trembling most often? As a pet owner, you do not panic or worry at the first instance because it is common in every cat. In this context, we will be discussing the causes and remedies for cat shaking /trembling.

Why is My Cat Shaking?

There are several reasons for the shivering/shaking of cats. It varies according to their ages.

#1 Hypoglycemia/Low Blood Sugar

The preliminary reason for shaking in a cat may be hypoglycemia or a state of decrement in the blood sugar level. It usually occurs in every cat, but it is most common in kittens. Furthermore, it is natural to see your cats trembling during the initial adapting days. This leads to a drop in the blood sugar level. Sticking on to a new environment with new food habits is a difficult task for our cats, as it is for humans. Ultimately they end up avoiding food, especially solid food. So it is crucial to ensure proper food for our pets to avoid this condition.

#2 Temperature of the Surrounding

Most of us love to take our pets with us, no matter where we go! It is always necessary to consider the climatic condition and the temperature of the place where we take them, even if other conditions are exempted from prior considerations. This is highlighted because we concern our pets in all aspects, right from the food they eat to the litter box we carry. But we fail to glimpse the surroundings, which may sometimes put our pets into risky situations.

#3 Hypothermia Or Hyperthermia

How to tell if a cat has a fever? The Normal temperature of a cat varies from 100.5 Degree Fahrenheit to 102.5 Degree Fahrenheit. If it goes beyond this, we could easily conclude that our pets are suffering from fever, indicating lethargy and shaking.

Cats are soft skinned animals and are very sensitive too. Unlike human beings, they do not possess a hard skin core to safeguard themselves from extreme temperatures. So when they are exposed to extreme temperatures, they tend to shiver for sure. Clinically this condition is called hypothermia/hyperthermia.

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when cats are exposed to lower temperatures. If your pet starts trembling in higher temperatures, then make sure that this condition is hyperthermia.

#4 Injuries and Pain

Ever wondered why is my cat shaking in his sleep? The quivering of the cat also occurs when they are injured badly. Even inflammation in their skin due to the action of insects paves the way for body shaking or trembling in pain. Commonly this can be seen in outdoor cats as they are more connected to the open environment than indoor pets.

#5 Toxins

If you are looking for why is my kitten shaking? There may be some chemical effects that indirectly influence shaking in cats. Most common among them is, getting contact with the insecticide or pesticide that we provide to the plants in our lawns. If our cats consume that, it ultimately reaches into a discomfort zone where the standard system collapses. This makes your pet down into anxiety, thus leading to shivering.

#6 Panic

It is more evident than when they see a stranger pet, especially of the opposite category, for instance, a dog, they start to shiver. It is an obvious fact that it is due to panic/fear. Other natural factors that frighten our pets, such as thunder, blasting firecrackers, etc., may lead to trembling.

How to Prevent Shaking in Cats?

  • As they get closer to the state of illness, our cats won’t eat properly. The best way to make them eat is to provide them with food that smells good. Because they are attracted to the smell and thus shows interest in the food consumed. Thus ensure proper food one or the other way.
  • Always make them hydrated by giving maximum liquid foods at equal intervals. This is to avoid the risk of dehydration in our cats. Especially consider canned cat foods as they provide both smell and energy to our furry friends. You can also apt for pet water fountain, this will help you kitten stay hydrated for long time.
  • Cover them with thick cotton clothes or blankets to provide some warmth.
  • Cat Trembling/shaking due to lower blood sugar levels can be resolved by providing a spoon full of honey or Karo syrup, resulting in an optimum blood glucose level.
  • Don’t make them get closer to the objects, which indirectly causes shaking and other diseases and allergies.
  • Once you find your pets shaking for so long, and if this situation stays for a prolonged period, it is better to consult the nearby vet and take medications accordingly.


It is the responsibility of every owner to ensure a healthy life for their pets. However, we cannot accurately diagnose what is happening inside them. But, their inactive state, seizure, laziness and unusual behavior make us predict the illness of our cats. You can control dangers of shaking a cat to a particular extent, but it is mandatory to consult a vet if it goes beyond the normal situation.