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Is Staring Normal in Dogs? – Types of Dog Staring

Have you ever walked in on your dog constantly staring back at you? and had a question why does my dog stare at me? Even though it may seem strange in the spur of the moment, dogs exhibit this behavior regularly. In the past few years, the sector has made considerable progress. However, over the past couple of years, scientists have figured out why dogs do this. To many owners, this may initially create some discomfort but know that dogs across all age groups tend to exhibit this behavior.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

There are times when dogs show signs of attention as the reason for this. Dogs are observant animals, and they have learnt to emulate human behavior over the years. To them, making eye contact is a form of showing love.

  • Dogs and humans are two very distinct species, each with differing mechanisms of social working. If a dog standing still and staring at you for quite a long time it may be trying to gauge the body language of humans. Non-verbal cues play a major role in helping them understand this. 
  • You may notice your dog is confused if they star back at you with a stare and a soft head tilt. When dogs face an unfamiliar condition they do not know how to process, they resort to this behavior. 
  • If you have this question why is my dog staring at me? When dogs want something from their owners, they can be demanding, and this can be a representation of that. They might ask you to take them out on a walk or give them cuddles. It is also possible that they are trying to divert your attention. 
  • They might also be begging for food in this way. It is well known that dogs love the food that their owners eat. They express their will to have a share of the dog food by staring intently. This might often be accompanied by other signs, such as licking and dog whining. 
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  • Another simple reason why does my dog stare At me is the phenomenon could be that your dog is asking for some attention. Dogs thrive on human attention; even if you believe they are getting enough, they might think otherwise. This is sometimes a sign of needing more exercise as well.
  • If dog keeps staring at me for long time, it may be getting ready to attack. In this case, it is best to avoid eye contact with them and gradually move away from the spot to avoid confrontations. 
  • In rare cases, this could also point towards an underlying cognitive dysfunction in dogs. This is more prevalent in dogs that have grown older. This can be followed by other signs, such as wandering aimlessly and not understanding basic commands. We recommend that you take them to the vet in this case. 
  • Staring is a very natural phenomenon in herding dog breeds. It means they have an active gathering instinct, and are in a hunting mood. Between games, this type of behavior is common. 
  • If you notice your dog staring at you when they remove their bowels, they might be communicating that they feel vulnerable. This is a direct sign asking for some help and assistance and making them feel more secure. This means they expect you to keep an eye out for danger. 

What to Do If Your Dog is Staring at You?

  • One simple step would be to stare back at them and make eye contact if a dog just stares at me. This also means that you are acknowledging their presence. Most dogs would perceive this as a friendly gesture and feel satisfied. 
  • You should ensure that they are getting enough food and water. Constant staring might be their way of telling you that something is a miss. Check their water and food bowls and ensure they are full. You can also train your dog not to be interested in human food. 
  • If the staring comes from a place of wanting attention, you could spend quality time with your pet. Try taking them out for some exercise and ensure they are expanding their energy. Once tired, they might not have the energy to exhibit this behavior. 
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  • Trying a marker training dogs method can also work. Most trainers suggest that when the dog stares at you, try using a clicker or a laser beam to take away their attention. When the dog realizes that this behavior will not get him any benefits, he will learn to stop doing it
  • This might also be an indication that your dog wants to take a visit to the bathroom. They may be asking you to take them out and help them relieve their bowels by doing this. 
  • Sometimes just checking out what your dog wants to show you can get to stop staring at you as well.
  • In the case of cognitive disorders, try to look for other accompanying signs. If it looks like a lack of coordination accompanies the starring, it is high time to get them checked by a vet. A proper course of medical action can then be followed. 


We hope you found all the information on why do dogs stare in this article. Dogs are creatures of habit and staring forms an integral part of their behavior. Staring is quite natural and harmless. Dogs tend to stare right from the time they are puppies. Staring is also common across all dog breeds. So, the next time your dog is staring at you, take it as a mode of communication it is trying to establish. You will most likely find that they will appreciate your attention.