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Explore the Causes of your Dog Dozing for Longer Hours

Having dogs as pets around you is so amazing. Wherever you go, their wagging tails will follow you. Once you arrive home, their ever-sweet glittering eyes are full of love and desire for you. As you cuddle with your furry friend, their warmth pours through you. On some days, dogs are so energetic throughout the day that sometimes we as humans find it difficult to keep up with them. But on other occasions, when you feel like playing with your dog, they act like they are lazy and you find yourself a sleepy dog. So, read on further to know all about why does my dog sleep so much.

Every dog owner has wondered at some point in their lives why their dogs slept so much. There’s nothing to be concerned about. You may find it surprising or even intriguing because dogs generally sleep 12-14 hours daily. They spend 54% of their time resting and snoring softly.

How Much Sleep do Dogs Need?

One common question that we all is how much sleep do dogs need. Most dogs do require more than 8 hours of sleep. A typical adult person sleeps 7 to 9 hours per night. However, most dogs require the same amount of sleep as humans, 10 to 13 hours per night. The average varies depending on the breed, but most adult dogs sleep between 8 and 14 hours daily. A large portion of a dog’s day is spent napping or relaxing. They are also balls of energy when active, although they have far less REM sleep time than we do. It is reasonable that they recharge their batteries by sleeping more than 8 hours every day!

Why Does my Dog Sleep So Much?

Why do dogs sleep so much? You’ll notice that, unlike you, your dog does not sleep deeply for lengthy periods. This is because their sleep cycles are shorter. They sleep a lot and are far more sensitive to noises and movements than we are. A large portion of a dog’s day is spent napping or relaxing. They are also balls of energy when active, even though they have far less REM sleep time than we do. It is common for dogs to sleep for more than 8 hours every day to recharge their batteries.

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A dog repacks the day’s events while napping, preserving the important ones and rejecting the rest. Dogs, like humans, go through rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stages. They are in this state when their mind is engaged, yet their body is quiet. During the REM state, the brain combines everyday occurrences to make meaning of them. And, yes, dogs do dream, according to studies. While sleeping, the dog’s body may cure itself. A sleep-deprived dog, like a sleep-deprived person, has a weakened immune system and is more prone to sickness. So, while a sleeping dog may appear to be napping, they are active on the inside. 

Signs your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

Many dogs do not receive enough sleep or even rest; they may get some sleep at night but none during the day or maybe restless at night. Overtired dogs and pups can exhibit various undesirable behaviors, including nipping and biting in puppies, biting when awakened from a nap, being labeled “Grumpy” around people and other dogs, and more.

While there hasn’t been much study on sleep deprivation in dogs, many of the symptoms people experience are comparable to what we expect to observe in dogs. “Sleep deprivation is one possible diagnosis if your dog appears cranky, forgetful, confused, or has trouble concentrating or doing his typical responsibilities,” explains veterinary expert Dr. Jennifer Coates. According to Coates, any dog with symptoms like these should be assessed by a veterinarian.

What Causes Lack of Sleep in Dogs? – Signs your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

Uncomfortable Sleeping Space

Be it humans, dogs, or other animals, everyone requires a comfortable place and position to sleep in. Dogs are particularly picky about the places they choose to sleep in. Some dogs prefer sleeping on the floor, while some might choose the comfort of your fluffy couch. Dogs need room to spread and move around while sleeping, so giving them bound spaces is not great. Dogs require human touch as much as people normally do or else they might lack of sleep. So it is sometimes good for your dog sleeping in bed with you. 

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Dog Collars

Inappropriate dog collars are what cause lack of sleep in canines. Apart from the location of where your dog sleeps all day, think about how comfy your dog’s collar is. There have been many instances where the dog collars cause severe discomfort and even choking. So you must check if the collar is digging or not. You should let your dogs breathe while they sleep and put on the collar later when they wake up. Hence, you must choose the dog collar and leash for your canine.

Never Touch your Dog While Sleeping

Nobody in this world likes to be touched while sound asleep, so why should dogs be any different? Petting a dog in sleep could trigger anxiety and fear in some dogs since it may come off as a shock. So one shouldn’t ‘wake’ their dogs with their endearing actions of stroking and petting. Lack of sleep in dogs may even trigger snapping, and there are chances they might turn grumpy.

Dog Illness or Pain

If your dog has some illness or has been injured, it could lead to irregular sleep because of the pain in its body. Massages and prescribed pain relief could be beneficial for dogs who are suffering and help them sleep better.

Lack of Physical Exertion 

It is extremely important for dogs to expend their daily energy quota with exercise. With no physical exertion, it might build up frustration and pent-up anger. Every dog’s need for exercise may vary depending on their age and energy levels, but they must exert themselves physically. After all, nobody sleeps better than a tired being!

When to Ask your Vet About your Dog’s Sleep Habits?

As your dog ages, you should be more concerned about its health. Sudden ailments might strike your pal at any time. Health conditions such as renal illness, heart disease, and diabetes might impair the dog’s health as he ages.

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If your dog has any of the following problems, you should take him to the veterinarian right away: 

  • Not eating adequately
  • Noticeable changes in sleep patterns
  • Being a slacker when it comes to workouts
  • Slow waking

Each reason might signify something different, but they all point to an unhealthy scenario your dog is in. Make sure you’re on your dog illness, and take your pet to the vet when necessary.


As you can see, there are several factors to consider as dog owners while analyzing a dog’s behavior. It’s critical to be aware of your surroundings and to consider your dog’s point of view. It is normal for dogs sleep all day like there’s no tomorrow. We care for them, which is why we are worried, there is nothing alarming about dogs laying down. It is important to call your veterinarian if you notice your dog restless at night and have different sleeping patterns. Who knew sleeping could be so difficult, huh?