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Excessive Licking in Dogs – When to Worry & How to Stop?

Dogs are usually quite reserved, but when they lick you, it means they love you. It is just a thing you expect from furry, four-legged creatures. Dogs lick people for all sorts of reasons, and you are not the only one who is licked! Everyone feels happy when their dog licks after coming back home. This is a sign of warmth and devotion. Your dog kisses you in the form of licking. Let us explore the possible reasons for why does my dog lick me so much:

Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much?

Why do dogs lick? Licking is a spontaneous and natural behavior of dogs. They groom and express themselves actively without any deliberation. Dogs mostly indulge in licking to get the owner’s attention or show their love. Dog licking face often means that the owner’s body smell or strong deodorant draws the attention of your pet dog. Licking can also be a sign of reducing stress, anxiety and pain. However, this behavior can be a sign of any underlying health condition. Always take your dog to a veterinarian if you notice anything beyond the limit in their behavior. Listed below are the common reasons for why does my dog lick me so much?

#1 Sign of Affection

When the owner and the dog become close to each other, then licking can be a sign of showing love. This is traced back to when mother dogs lick their babies to give comfort. Dogs release dopamine and endorphins when they become relaxed. Mostly, licking is a sign of intimacy.

#2 Sensibility

Dogs lick as a part of their congenial behaviour. Often, they lick their owners to comfort them in hard times. You may have seen a dog caressing its owners to make them feel better. You all define it as a cute moment, but the reason behind it is pleasant. Dogs have a natural sense of emotion and can predict human feelings. They mostly adore owners in the form of licking. 

#3 Attention-seekers

Dogs adopt licking as a great way to draw the attention of their owners. Humans love to stroke them, rub their bellies or pat them slowly. Similarly, dogs seek cuddling by licking people. They mostly love engaging in tender behaviour. 

#4 Difference in Taste

Most dogs tend to lick more after exercise. What do you think the reason is? A mixture of salt and chemicals comes with sweat. The smell of this chemical draws the dogs towards you. However, be careful when you use body lotions and creams. These are extremely dangerous for the consumption of your dog. Stay away from them after using them. 

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Why Do Dogs Lick?

Do Dogs have an instinct to lick? Well, licking is an automatic behavior of dogs. It is the way of their communications and emotions. You may have seen their mother as a grooming ritual to keep them clean licks puppies. Licking can provide additional comfort that keeps the babies warm. Dogs often lick themselves, but when they instill the same in their owners take it as a part of bonding. It strengthens the relationship between the owner and the dog. 

When is Licking a Problem in Dogs?

Licking in dogs is considered an intimate behavior undertaken by them regularly. They pet, express feelings and show emotions through licking. Some of the dogs lick less, and some indulge in it more. When my dog licks me alot, then immediately consult with a veterinarian. It can be severe signs of anxiety, pain, allergy, or other health conditions. Sometimes it becomes difficult to predict their behavior from the outside. 

Suffering from Anxiety

Dogs indulge in licking reasonably to make themselves calm. They often seek help from owners in the way of licking them. You may notice the dog taking stress too much when they lick. Make sure to do something that distracts their mind. Dog excessive licking is due to anxiety is not a good sign for their health. 


The OCD in dogs is a condition which is mostly rare among pets, but they suffer from it. Dog constantly licking themselves leads to empty patches on their fur. The most important condition for this disorder is to keep your dog distracted from unforeseen stress and anxieties. This could lead to a serious health condition if precautions are not taken beforehand. Many dog owners put their dogs in training institutes to cure the problem, but it is best to train them from home, keeping all closed ones together.

Dogs can understand human feelings no matter what, so always try to care for them and show them pleasant behavior. Do not be rude to them because that can trigger the disorder condition. Dogs love to take a walk in the garden or play around with friends. Also, give them any puppy calming treats to help with their anxiety. Consult a veterinarian if the behavior does not descend. 

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How to Stop your Dog from Excessive Licking?

Licking is a natural behaviour of dogs. It can be about anything they love to do. However, if you notice excessive licking, follow the steps below: 

  • Try to distract your dog by moving away from them. Do not be rude or beat them. Stay natural and pleasant. Sit near your dog but move away from your legs and hands. Observe if this process works. Try to make your dog understand that you do not love being licked.
  • If your dog licks you after exercising, then always shower after returning from the gym. This can stop them from licking in the future.
  • Try to make your dog happy, and do not pass any negative comments to them. Negativity can trigger their behavior for anxiety and stress. Dogs love to stay in peace and comfort.
  • When you are giving training to your dog, then is precise about your command. They can get puzzled and need clarification due to consistent messages.
  • Dogs are drawn towards the salty taste of human sweat. They also love the composition of body lotions and deodorants. You can change the flavour and shades of perfume. This will keep them away from your body.
  • Distract them as much as possible throughout the day through playing. There are numerous toys available for dogs in the market. You can choose any one for your pet dog and keep them occupied. 
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When to Worry About Your Dog’s Excessive Licking?

You may have seen dog licking himself, its toes, belly or paws frequently. However, these behaviors can reach beyond the limit sometimes. They indulge in intense licking, which results in healthy diseases. Excessive licking results in red patches all over their body. This can lead to dandruff, discoloration of the skin or infections. Owners worry about these conditions where the dog licking excessively suddenly happens:

  • Loss of hair from their body frequently
  • Loss of sleep at night or other times of the day from the pain
  • Dogs moan most of the time differently 
  • Refrain from eating properly
  • Does not show interest in playing or walking
  • Loss of peace in life
  • Whimpers seeing a particular body area


People start stroking dogs whenever they meet first. It is a form of showing affection by humans to a dog. However, dogs show their intimacy by licking their owners or the persons they love. Their tongue does the majority of the chores. The normal pleasant behavior of dogs can go beyond the limit. These discover several underlying health conditions. If you have this question why does my dog lick me so much, it is usually a sign that they want to be the centre of your attention. Implement them when you notice such expressions. Doing so will help you figure out how to stop your dog from excessive licking.