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Break the Staring Competition with your Cat

Animals have their ways of communicating and expressing emotions. While they might not have a direct way of putting forward their needs and demands, careful observation of their body language can explain much. Cats staring at owners is one such example. There can be many reasons for why does my cat stare at me. While one need not be worried about this cat behaviour, one can look at the possible reasons for why do cats stare at you.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

#1 Love and Affection

If your cat observes you with a relaxed posture, purring mildly and being physically close, it is staring out of compassion and love for you. Cats love their owners, the reason why does my cat stare at me tends to show through actions like staring casually, making mellow noises and being physically close to their owners.

#2 Curiosity

As curious as a cat is a well-known phrase for a reason. Cats are curious animals, and it is common for cats to be great observers. By observing their owners closely, cats tend to have their share of entertainment.

#3 Anger

A strained body, with fangs out and ears pointing sideways with a deep stare, are the sign language for cat when they are annoyed and angry. If the cat staring at you while showing these characteristics, beware of their wrath. So, tend to their needs and brush them with cat grooming combs available.

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#4 Hunger

Some cats tend to stare at their owners whenever they require something. It is mostly the case with their hunger. Shy and silent cats stare at their owners, hungry, hoping to be fed. If your cat is enthusiastically eating their meal after you offer it to them when they stare, understand well that this is their sign of showing that they are hungry.

Are there any Medical Causes Behind your Cat’s Stare?

Though it is natural and common to observe their owners and stare at them keenly, there might be a slight possibility of a medical reason behind it

  • One is old age when the pupils of a cat’s eyes dilate and tend to have a fixated stare.
  • Another can be a general reaction to any pain or ache. A strong kitten stare might reflect a discomfort that your kitty might be facing. Look for other cats medical symptoms to understand if there is any illness or ailment your cat might be suffering.
  • Your cat might also suffer from stress if it keeps staring at you and exhibits other signs like not eating properly, not taking enough rest and showing disinterest in daily habits.

Although it is common for cats to stare at their owners for normal reasons, if the cat is showing any signs of strain and physical discomfort, then you should seek a vet’s help before the situation worsens.

Cats Body Language

Why is my cat staring at me? This might be because the body language of a kitty has a definitive role. A mere change in posture and demeanor can convey a lot. Some of the common body language signs that you can look up are:

#1 Relaxed Cat

A relaxed cat that feels safe and secure has a relaxed body, tail close to the ground, and normal pupil size with hooded eyes to show a lack of alertness. So, how do cats communicate? They tend to make purring sounds and casually move around without discomfort. They also show they are relaxed by lying down on their bellies or sideways without hesitation.

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#2 Angry Cat

An angry cat shows ferociousness with a strained body, fangs out, claws in attacking position and straight stiff ears pointing sideways. They also make growling noises and are aversive to touch while angry or annoyed.

#3 Playful Cat

When cats are amused and playful, tend to wag their tails and mimic hunting small animals. They also tend to indulge in hiding and seek acts. Usually, their pupils are dilated, their ears are in a straight upright position, and they have a wagging tail with a relaxed body and active movements.

#4 Affectionate Cat

An affectionate and loving cat makes purring noises, often meows and tries to develop physical contact with the owner by rubbing itself against the owner’s legs. They also try to sit or move closer and may lick the owner every once in a while. Their tails are usually in a relaxed upright position in the shape of a question mark while leisurely moving.


Adopting a loving and careful attitude towards a cat’s personality and habits can easily be gauged. Felines are great creatures to be around and have a reputation for being good pets. They are curious creatures who observe their fellow beings and objects very closely. It is important to take good care of them while observing the cats body language to understand and treat them well.