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Know How to Keep Your Loyal Buddy Away From Cat Poop? | Dog Guide 101

You may find this fact very, very gross, but some dogs like to eat cat poop. If you notice carefully when you let your dogs do their business, you will see that it sniffs around different kinds of things. But the most disgusting of them is cat poop or any other kind of poop. It might also be their own poop. Eww! However, it is very natural for a canine to consume cat poop. In fact, they consume all kinds of poop; the reasons can be many and vary from one dog to another. So, here, in this article, let us know the answer to the question, ‘why do dogs eat cat poop?’.

Why do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

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There are some common reasons that a canine likes to add cat food to its food habit. A few explanations for this gross behavior are –

#1 Natural Instinct

One can say that dogs are natural scavengers by origin. They eat from all kinds of sources and consume almost whatever they can. For example, a person will often find their pet chewing on their slippers, carpet, curtains, and more. The same principle is applied to cat poop. So, for those wondering ‘why does my dog eat cat poop?’, simply blame it on their natural instinct.

#2 Deficiency in their Diet

When a canine consumes cat poop, it could also mean that it might be suffering from some kind of deficiency. Thus, vitamin deficiency can be the answer for ‘why do dogs like to eat cat poop?’. In such cases, you should consult your vet, and they will provide you with a diet chart ensuring the consumption of nutritive components in balance. Usually, they suggest Vitamin B in this case.

#3 Taste

To our surprise, for a dog, cat poop might be quite delicious. It might be because these animals are particularly fascinated with cat food. Somehow the cat food lures dogs instantly. So the poop might smell and taste like cat food, thus bringing the situation where we see a dog eating cat poop. It is very disgusting, but this can be one explanation.

#4 Boredom/Exploration

Dogs like to eat anything they can get their hands or paw on. Mostly when we go out, keeping the dog all alone in our room, we will find multiple objects damaged by its mischievous behavior when we return. This does not have any particular reason. They just get bored and like to chew on something. Similarly, if pooches feel bored, then they will definitely go out and explore the different kinds of eatables/non-eatables out there. And yes, this can include cat poop as well.

#5 Stress

A rather odd reason for eating cat poop, but stress is quite a true explanation. Dogs are very playful and active animals, and if an individual confines them to a small place, they will suffer from anxiety and stress. Furthermore, isolation is another trigger for stress among canines. To cope with it, they eat cat poop. The best way to handle this is by allowing your furry friend to have more open space and not confining it to a small and isolated place.

These are a few scientific explanations as to why your dog is eating cat poop. So critically observe your loyal buddy and come to an inference. This can help people find an answer to ‘why do dogs eat cat poop?’.

Is it Good for Dogs to Eat Cat Food?

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Now you might be concerned because, one, your dog is eating cat poop for sure, and is cat poop healthy or toxic? You obviously don’t want your dog going around and eating disgusting and dirty stuff like poop. Eating cat poop is a very common thing among local dogs, and they do not suffer from any side effects. But as we all know that poop is waste and toxic material, which our digestive system discards. And it is not something that any creature can consume.

Additionally, poop might contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that will be very much harmful to a pup. Moreover, the most harmful aspect of eating cat poop is parasites. Parasites will create great distress in our canine’s body, and it will result in frequent vet visits and even surgery. So it is best to stop your dog’s habit of eating cat poop to avoid intensive medical situations.

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Cat Poop?

There are several ways to stop your dog from eating cat poop. Here are some of the basic measures that every dog owner can ensure to get an answer for ‘what to do if dog eats cat poop?’ question –

#1 Removing the Litter Box Away

Keeping the litter box away is one simple way to stop a pooch from eating cat poop. Usually, when you have 2 different animals in the same house, it often creates the possibility of your dog sniffing around the litter box and eating the poop. Thus, in such cases, people should just place the cat litter box for odor control in an area that their loyal buddies cannot access.

#2 Placing Walls Around the Cat’s Litter Box

Suppose placing away the litter box in an area where pups cannot access it does not prove effective. Here, individuals can build restrictive gates around the litter box. This should solve the problem of your dog intruding into places he shouldn’t come.

#3 Dog-proof Litter Box

Now this is a very frequently available accessory in pet stores nowadays. Such a box allows only the entry of cats and will provide difficulties if your dog tries to enter the box. Besides, the love for cat food makes dogs eat cat poop from litter boxes, thus, you might have gotten the answer for, ‘why do dogs eat cat poop from litter box?’ question.

#4 Monitoring the Dog Outdoors

When having outdoor time, keep a strict eye on your pet’s activities and stop it if it tries to indulge in any gross activities. Giving your dog the required training is one of the best ways to stop it from getting involved in gross things like eating cat poop or any kind of poop.

#5 Burning the Extra Energy

When people can burn that extra energy and keep their dog busy with something, the problem of poop eating will greatly reduce. Most of the time, it is just exploration for dogs trying cat poop. So to avoid those explorations, keep this human’s best friend busy.


Coprophagia, the habit of eating poop, is very unhygienic and gross. You definitely do not want the canine getting involved in such dirty acts, as it might result in fatal consequences. Visit your vet regularly and maintain a good and healthy diet consisting of all the important nutritive components. Additionally, take measures like a dog-proof litter box to ensure your dog stays healthy. Therefore, with this guide get answers to, ‘why do dog eat cat poop?’.