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Why Do Cats Blep? All About Kitten’s Strange Behaviour

There is no arguing that cats are the most adorable creatures with their bizarre behaviours. One of the strangest behaviour of a kitten is ‘blepping’. Blep or ‘blepping’ is an act where a kitten or dog sticks its tongue out and forgets to put it away. It may seem strange, but the natural science behind it is what you will know soon. The phenomenon of why do cats stick their tongue out is related to a pet’s exploring its surroundings. So, next time you see your feline blepping know that it is just curious about the people or animals present in its surroundings and wants to investigate it.

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out?

There can be a multitude of reasons why does my cat stick his tongue out. They could be either relaxing, exploring their surroundings, or some physical reasons. Some of the most common reasons have been listed below:

#1 Exploring With Its Tongue

It is the most common reason a cat is sticking its tongue out. Kittens tries to collect pheromones in the surrounding area on its tongue, and this phenomenon is called Flehmen response. Almost every animal does that when they have a potential mate in its surrounding or a new animal in its layer. This is a way for your pet to gather information about another or a group of kittens nearby it. Pheromones are the best way for a cat to judge another one and know if the animal in its layer is a potential danger to it or a friend.

#2 Missing Canine Teeth

This is a rare case, but your cat may be missing a canine tooth or two. When such a thing happens, the pet’s tongue may unconsciously roll out to fill the gap between the two teeth. Another reason can also be – your cat has just received a treat from you because of its good behaviour and sticks its tongue out to show its affection towards you.

#3 Cat Is Relaxing

When a cat is relaxing, it is natural to loosen up its jaws, and the tongue slips out of its open mouth. This will also happen when you pet your cat and feel relaxed – either half-asleep or in a deep sleep. As soon as it wakes up, you will notice that kitten has pulled back its tongue, licked its face, and swallowed back the drool.

#4 Physical Reasons

Another reason a cat sticks its tongue out can be an underlying medical condition such as a dental issue or stomatitis. When a cat is in pain because of gum disease, tooth decay, or abscess, it might stick its tongue out as a response to pain. Because of the dental issue, inflammation or infection may occur, which will also result in the same behaviour of ‘blepping’. Medical conditions like stomatitis can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If you notice your cat having its tongue partially hanging out, it might also be dementia.


Is it bad if cats stick their tongue out?
A cat sticking its tongue out is not evil but can be considered entirely normal. It’s their way of understanding the surroundings by collecting pheromones on their tongue.

Why is my cat sticking its tongue out?

Your cat is sticking its tongue out because it is either relaxing or sleeping. Another possible reason is that the cat is trying to explore its surroundings for possible mates or danger.

Why do cats stick their tongue out while sleeping?

For a sleeping cat to stick its tongue out in sleep can be considered natural. The cat relaxes its jaws, and the mouth opens, which results in the tongue slipping out of its mouth.

What is a cat BLEP?

Cat BLEP is just another name for a cat sticking its tongue out. As cats are considered adorable and playful animals, the internet has given its natural habit of sticking tongues in the name of ‘BLEP’.

Why does my cat stare at me?

Cats are unlikely to have any eye contact with someone they don’t like. Hence, if a cat is staring at you or having a ‘blep’ moment with you, it means it trusts you and likes you.


Cat ‘bleps’ are cute, but in case you start noticing that your pet is roaming around with its tongue sticking out partially almost throughout the day, it may be a sign to worry. You need to take it to immediate vet care, as the reason behind that can be dementia. Another reason can be a medical condition that is causing cat some discomfort or pain. As a responsible pet parent, you have to make sure that your cat does not suffer because of lack of care given by you to it.