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Why Do Cats Smell Better Than Dogs?

People from all over the world agree on this mere fact that cats smell incredibly good without even a proper bath. Cats are known as clean creatures. Though our kittens may not smell like a bowl of potpourri, they smell nice. Felines never get themselves dirty since they dislike certain odors to a great extent. There are many reasons why do cats smell good?. One must observe and get to know their cats to find the secrets for their all-time fresh, mild, natural scented fur.

6 Top Resons Why Do Cats Smell Good?

Feeling wondered about why does my cat smell so good? – Kittens smell good thanks to its continous grooming behaviour. Let’s explore some more reasons here.

Reason 1: A Neat Trick to Survive

Smelling good is really important for tiny cats to survive in this big world. Cats are always described as lonesome creatures, and it is indeed a fact. Unlike dogs, felines aren’t concerned with sniffing around the place and becoming friends with the other meowing pets. Felines always concentrate on being stealthy. This can be one of the reasons why cats haven’t evolved any unique body odors. Since cats are small, they tend to attract many predators both in domestic and wildlife. To protect themselves from the outer world and carry on with their ambush attack, cats tend to maintain their bodies, especially their fur, clean and odor-free.

Reason 2: It’s all about the grooming

Observing a cat for a while will get to know that it spends most of its waking hours grooming itself. It can be said out loud that licking its fur and maintaining its body is a cat’s favorite pastime, just like playing with a ball. Even if it is an indoor cat, it might still lick its body clean, though it was never dirty. This is a natural process that happens to be a part of every cat in this world.

Reason 3: Sandpaper Tongue as Brush

The biological structure of the cat’s tongue plays a very important role in maintaining the body odor free. In their tongues, there are some sharp, hollow spine-like structures known as papillae, and it is described as sandpaper tongues. It acts like bristles on top of a brush. This brush like tongue helps the cat remove chunks of loose hair and the dirt and debris accumulated on its body.

Reason 4: Pheromones

When cats groom themselves, they cover their entire coat with their pheromones, which most of the time make them smell like home. It is said that a cat’s saliva consists of its pheromones which gives them their scent, which makes them feel strong and secure. Many people can’t even detect the presence of a cat in the house since they always remain neutral when it comes to smell. This is mostly because of their pheromones.

Reason 5: Their Surroundings

An interesting reason why cat fur smells good is that they tend to get adapted to their surroundings. Many cats might seem to have their body scent, but their dwelling place also matters. Cats can take on the smell of their surroundings and where they spend their time. Pet cats love being at home, and more than that, they love napping in warmth.

Our furry friends are good at finding cozy places. They love to sleep on the fresh basket of laundry, in front of the warm, sizzling fire, grass, and sometimes even on the softest flowerbeds. Pets come bearing the scent of the beds and the baskets they were sleeping in, making them the cutest and sweet-smelling, meowing friends.

Reason 6: Food Habits and Diet

Another major reason they often smell incredible is that cats restrict their food and maintain a proper diet. Cats always avoid trash and gross foods. Most cats won’t even act desperate when it comes to food. Unlike dogs, cats have regular food habits. Felines stick to their habits and digest their meat much better than dogs. This limits their odor. Feeding cats cheap, unhealthy food packets may cause them to produce smelly poop or poop coats. It’s always better to consult a veterinarian before starting their diet.

When Cats Have an Unpleasant Smell?

You may wonder can cats have a bad smell? Yes, there are time when your pet emits unpleasent smell. Here are some of the reason why do cats stink?

Infections and Sweaty Paws

Cats are usally prone to ear infections and, sometimes, skin infections. The development of yeast in the ears, formation of brown coffee grounds like structures because of ear mite infestation or any tumors, allergies may create a foul, musty odor. The bacterial growth on the skin may cause some serious unpleasant smells in cats. Infection caused by wounds; disorders may be a reason for the bad odor.

Skin infections caused by bacteria produce a putrid odor, whereas the infection caused by yeast creates an unpleasant musky odor. Sometimes puss-filled wounds may be a cause for some disturbing odor. If the infection worsens, it may irritate and thin their coat. Cats have scent glands in their paws. If they start to smell musty, that can signify infection. It might be a good idea to pay a visit to the vet.


Cats that are unable to groom themselves may have some greasy, oily, and unkempt coats because of some disorder or obesity or arthritis may have some funky, disturbing odor. Aged cats can develop dementia, resulting in them forgetting to groom themselves. If the fur remains dull or flaky, a visit to a veterinarian might help.

Harmful Liquids

If the cats get covered in oil, detergent liquid, or anything that won’t go off easily with a grooming session or grooming wipes, then our pets may need a bath. Cats are not bath-loving types. It will be much better if the bath is short and one doesn’t need to use expensive scented cleaners because cats lick themselves all over again and make sure that they smell like their own pheromones. You can use a mild cat shampooes, however, indoor kiteens hate strong essential oils, make a note of it while choosing the perfect cleanser.

Bad Teeth

The foul smell may also be because of bad teeth. If the cat had bad teeth, it might have bad breath, which will probably lead to bad saliva. If the cat grooms itself with bad saliva, it may not smell great. The cat’s coat may start stinking if the cat continues trying grooming.

Litter Box

Cats have the habit of burying their poop in the litter box. Cleaning and scooping out the dirt from their litter box may make them less smelly. Since cats hang around their litter box for most of the time, if it’s not properly taken care of, it might become a reason why they smell. It is important to wash it frequently or even replace it with a best odor control cat litter boxes.

Improper Grooming

Felines emit unpleasant smells if there’s any poop stuck in the back or got covered in their pee. The bad odor may persist, especially if it clings to the fur. This may cause some distress in the cats. The best solution is to use some cat grooming tools and put our furry friends out of their misery.

Anal glands

Cat’s anal glands may sometimes produce foul, fishy, musky, and unpleasant smells. If the smell becomes overwhelming, it may be time to visit a veterinarian. At all costs, home remedies must be avoided without doctor consultations because they may cause severe allergic reactions, making the smell and the cat’s health worsen.

What If Your Cat Doesn’t Smell So Good?

There are also times when cats need a little bit of help in their grooming sessions. You may wonder how to make your cat smell good? Bathing and grooming is best solution. One must brush the coat of the kittens from time to time. It not only helps to remove big chunks of hair; but also prevents cat from vomiting hairballs. Brushing the coat may make the grooming easier for the cat. Most of the time, grooming wipes will help them to get clean, if the problem persists, a bath will help them get clean and smell good.


Cats are the clean freaks who work hard to clean themselves frequently and have made that a part of their kitty routine. Proper diet and regular visits to the veterinarian will make the cats smell good and help them in many ways. Many research states that the cat’s natural scent gives a warm, pleasant, calming feeling to humans. Feline lovers know that their natural scent is so incredible that they want to cuddle with them all the time and enjoy their freshness.