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Why Does my Cat Put his Butt in my Face – 4 Reasons Cats Show their Ass

Every pet has a different way of greeting their owners, whether dogs are wagging their tails or cats coming near you and going in a circular motion. At times, the pets may showcase different body language, and it’s essential to understand what they are trying to communicate.

Being a cat owner can leave you intrigued by the various habits of your pet, but one of the weird habits of cats is to put their butts in your face. This necessarily isn’t a bad thing, it can be a good thing as your cat might be trying to be more affectionate to you. Let’s find out why do stick or cats put their butt in your face and what this habit mean.

Why do Cats Put their Butt in your Face?

1. He Trusts You

The cat’s unusual position can show that he trusts you and enjoys your company. It also shows that the cat is putting itself in a vulnerable position by raising his tailor and putting his butt, which compliments the owner. It’s a way for the cat to appreciate you and show his trust.

Usually, when two cats meet each other, they sniff around the neck and the face and lick each other the hissing subsides. This is like a handshake between cats.

Once they get comfortable with each other, they will raise their tails or butts, which means they are starting to trust each other.

2. He’s Marking You

Cats can sometimes get jealous if you give more attention to other cats, so they may try to rub their scent over your body.

He can also do this by rubbing his body between your legs to mark his territory, licking your face, or putting his butt in your face.

3. He’s Harmless

When a cat comes around you, raising its body and tail, it means that the cat is harmless and wants to play with you. The playfulness can also be depicted by putting their butt in your face, which is entirely harmless.

4. He’s Having an Allergic Reaction

Cats seem to be allergic to flea, and if your cat has been affected by one, it can send an allergic reaction throughout the cat’s body to fight it. There might be some spots that the cat isn’t able to reach and might need your help to scratch.

If you think your cat is suffering from an allergy, try using best flea shampoo for cats or schedule an appointment with the vet.

Other Reasons Why Cats put their Buttholes in your Face

  • Some cats may also put their butt in the face to get your attention or make contact with you.
  • They may hit you in the face with their tail which can also mean many things.
  • It may also show that they are hungry, so they may also point to the food bowl to have your attention.
  • If the cat sleeps with his butt on your face, he trusts you enormously and wants to be your friend. Cats have a hard time expressing their emotions, so this can be great.


Cats are known to do weird things, and this isn’t the wrong way. As a cat owner, it is very important to understand the cat’s body and how they are trying to communicate with you. Understanding them makes the relationship with your pet easier as you start to fulfill their needs and wants. The more you study the cat’s body, the more aware you will get of the small signals they send you. This unusual behaviour of cats leaves us so curious and astound.