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Why do Cats Purr? | Understanding Cat Communication

As a liable pet owner, every activity that your pet does might captivate or excite you. Unlike humans, pets have a different approach to everything. They want to show us their emotions, but as they can’t sleep, they make various sounds. And one such sound that is famous among all cats and cat lovers is purring. Purring is a sound that cats usually make, and it is a very familiar routine exercise that they do. It may seem that the sweet and continual sound that you hear is the merriment of your pet. But that may not be the case if this purring is constant and happens at every regular interval. So, why do cats purr?! If that’s your question, then consider yourself landing at the right place. You need to understand what your cat is trying to tell you with its purring. What does cat purring mean in a wide range? Let us dive deeper into the common reasons for this behavior in them.

Why Do Cats Purr When You Pet Them?

Why do cats purr when you stroke them? Well, for this question we all know that felines do that when they are happy. But what about the other times? There can be various justifications for why your cat purrs. So let us look at some of them.

#1 Contentment

Ever wondered why do cats purr when you pet them? Your cat shows her happiness, contentment, and prosperity by purring. Thus, most of the time, when your cat is relaxed, she will purr against your feet or chest. The noise that a feline makes at such a time comes with more content that its face will look more serene. Also, at such times, a kitty will make a tiny little purr-like sound in a half-sleeping zone. This shows you a good sign of her excitement.

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#2 Hunger

Why do cats purr so loud? Hunger could be the reason. When she wants something to eat or has food in her mind, she purrs definitely. Felines also purr when they are not full of the food you provided. So it is time for another delightful cat food or treats for her. This purr is mixed with a not-so-pleasant meow. Additionally, it sounds like a human infant crying. So, cat purring means that it’s time to feed your pet.

#3 Attention and Love

All pets love to seek attention from their owners every now and then in a unique way. And when this comes to cats, these kitties purr to seek the attention that it craves from its owner. So, the next time your little fuzzy ball approaches and rags its body all over you and purrs, take it as a cue that it wants you to scratch it.

#4 Solace and Curing

Purring is the most common way of showing that your cat needs some comfort at the time of its distress. A purring cat can sometimes say that it is in pain. When she is in pain, she purrs to draw your attention. It also acts as a soothing activity for her in a situation of immense pain. Furthermore, this activity also makes cats heal quickly. That means purring can heal a kitty’s bones and wounds and ease its breathing and digestion.

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#5 Bonding

When little kittens want to know their mother’s whereabouts or whether they are okay or need food, they start purring. Also, cats purring is a way of bonding with their mother. Furthermore, mother cats use this as a lullaby for their kittens. Also, in order to strengthen the bond between you and your pet, your kitty purrs.


No matter what and why the sound is, it is inevitable that it shows a certain emotion in all creatures. What does a cat purring mean? Well, it may be happiness, bonding, healing, relief, affection, appetite, etc. Whether it is a merriment or stomach call, this purring sound is greeted cheerfully by every pet parent as a sign of the cat’s comfortable and mature behavior. Most people ask ‘why do cats purr and knead?’ Cats do that when they are very happy and relaxed. The purring of a cat is like a happy song that everyone likes to hear, and cats like to chime. It soothes the cat’s soul and makes her happier. This is your cat’s way of conveying her needs to you. Therefore, you must not ignore them.