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Is Your Cat Excessively Meowing? – Why & How to Stop it!

Do you have a cat and constantly hear her screeching or yowling? Don’t fret. There are so many reasons why do cats meow. and her endless uproar. Though most people adore the purring of their cat, sometimes it may get a little out of hand and extremely difficult to bear with. But remember that meowing is one of the ways that she tries to communicate with you, the parent. Most experts address this as attempting or trying to make a conversation. If you think this is weird, just wait and get to know why they do that. It is fascinating. 

Why Do Cats Meow?

If you observe cats’, you will eventually know that why do cats meow? Cats don’t meow at each other; they use their smell, scent, and body language to communicate. At the same time, they meow at their humans. They try to communicate with their parents through meow. While smelling each other is considered an innate behavior, meowing at their humans is considered a learned behavior.

Common Reasons Cats’ Meow

#1 I Am Here! Look At Me (Attention-seeking)

One of the many reasons why your cat keeps meowing is maybe to get your attention towards her. She may love playing with you, the way you pet her, and it may also be a cue for you to spoil her with love and treats. Anyways, she needs some petting. Sit down, pat her for some time, and make her feel loved.

#2 Hi! I Missed You (Greeting)   

If your cat goes crazy and appears out of nowhere meowing, then you are safe because she is happy to see you. The moment you enter your home and close the door. It is the cat’s way of saying hi, and I missed you! Take a moment to let her know that you missed her too. She will be waiting for you to pet her.

#3 It’s Time to Feed Me Treats

Empty food bowls can be a reason for cat constantly meowing. Check her food bowl; if you find that empty, you will know why. 

  • If you find an empty bowl, ensure you don’t fill it with cat food or treats immediately because you will unconsciously let her know that if she meows, you’ll feed her. That is a toxic habit you are teaching. 
  • Wait for her to stop screeching, and then fill the bowl.
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#4 I Feel the Heat

Have you ever heard of cat spaying? You should know and do it for your cat. Another common reasons cats’ meow is a female cat is known to meow excessively or constantly if she feels her heat. If you don’t want her to breed, then start thinking about spaying. It will be helpful for her, but you can also take a break from her meowing because of the heat.

#5 I Am Stressed

Stress is one of the major reasons for cats meowing too much. A feline’s way of letting you, her parents, know that something’s ticking her off and she doesn’t feel relaxed is again constant screeching or cat yowling. 

  • Check for changes. Most of the time, felines do not support the idea of change in their environment. 
  • Change of place, food, routine, or anything can make her anxious and stress her.
  • Even if there are any changes you have to bring in, make sure you put the cat at ease.  

#6 I Don’t Feel good, Call My Vet

If your cat doesn’t feel good, she feels it is important to let you know. Her way of doing it is by constant meowing. None can understand the pitch and the tone of the cat’s meowing. But if you witness any changes in her activity, if she sleeps more, if you think she has become lazy, and if she’s meowing a lot. It is indeed the time to make an appointment with her vet. 

#7 I am Getting Old

Another common reason for older cats to meow is most of them may experience what the pet doctors call Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in cats. They get all confused, and cat meowing at night is considered one of the major symptoms of it. Sometimes, if the illness becomes severe, they may become more expressive. They can start yowling a lot.

Always discuss the possibilities with your feline friend’s veterinarian. 

What to Do if Your Cat Meowing a Lot?

If your cat is meowing a lot, it can be a sign that something is wrong. While excessive meowing can be caused by anything from instinctual behavior to boredom, it is important that you try to figure out why your cat is meowing.

Identifying the root of the problem can help you determine how best to respond and take steps to prevent the issue from occurring in future. Whether it’s because your cat needs attention or if there’s an underlying medical cause, understanding why cats meow a lot and determining the appropriate response are both essential components of providing optimal care for them.

Take Her to the Vet

Sickness, distress, or feeling unwell can be the reasons for her constant bellowing. Ensure that you make an appointment with her vet. Observe her behaviors, understand her routine, and treat her accordingly. Ensure that you discuss everything with your vet.

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Try to Break the Routine

 As a proud cat owner, you would’ve been used to her ceaseless soundtracks of meows and purrs. If your cat thinks constant meowing will get her what she wants, you must try to break that thought. It is indeed one of the toxic habits. If she screeches for food or a pat, don’t give it to her immediately. Make her wait for some time.

What Not to Do if Your Cat Wont Stop Meowing?

Never Ignore your Feline Friend, She Needs You

Most cat owners from various parts of the world complain that cat wont stop meowing makes them grow impatient. Yes, so many proofs exist that the cat meows for no reason. But you must always take a look at her because the only reason she’s meowing a lot is that she’s trying to communicate with you. She might be unwell, or she might be in distress. It is your duty as a parent to look after her and make sure she’s okay.

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Never Punish Her

You must take a vow never to punish her for trying to communicate with you. Not feeding her properly, not petting her, and shouting at her are the extremes of punishments. You must never do these because it will not only affect the mental health of your baby cat, but she will become anxious to communicate her problems with you. Her constant meowing may annoy you, but remember that all she has is you and wants to talk to you. 


You must observe and understand different types of meows and treat her accordingly. But at any cost, don’t ignore her, and don’t punish her for excessive meows. She meows a lot to grab your attention most of the time. It’s all her way of showing that she loves you and feels loved when you are around her. You have to take good care of her and help her when she’s distressed. If you get confused or annoyed, instead of taking it out on your baby, seek help. Call the vet and discuss the behavior.