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Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes? | Here is What The Experts Say

Anytime you think of cat videos, most of them are about cats hopping into boxes. Most of the time, the boxes are too small, and the cats flop. It looks pretty funny. Even studies show that cats like boxes. Experimentally, even if you tape the picture of a box on the floor, they will still sit in the middle of it. We have all seen cats try to get into a tissue box or run around with a soda box on their heads. But why do cats like boxes? The following article might help.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much?

Why do cats like boxes so much? To understand this, we must start thinking about the very nature of our raw cat. It goes back to the cat ancestors. We know that wild cats are very suspicious of new territories, so they tend to stick around their territory. As they have delineated that territory, it could be huge, but they mark the edges of it. There are not many scientific reasons for it. You cannot ask your cat a question about why do cats love boxes. But this article offers some ideas about the reasons for their strange habit. Here are seven reasons why they love them:

#1 Provides Safety

Moving to unfamiliar territory is usually done with a lot of care because let us remember that while cats are supreme hunters, they are also supremely always being hunted. So, being in an enclosed area gives them the advantage. They can see things coming, and those things cannot see them. The box provides cover from predators and safety.

#2 Ambush Predation

Know why do cats like boxes so much? As the supreme hunter, they want an advantage when it comes to hunting, and being hidden often will give them that advantage. The box provides cover to let them get prey. They like to sit in their boxes, waiting for their prey to come to them. Cats like to hide and hunt. It gives them a chance to hide and camouflage themselves.

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#3 Regulates Body Heat

Cats are not able to control their body temperatures as many other animals. So, a box is an excellent place to go to retain their body heat, which also explains a little bit about why they like boxes that they can kind of squeeze into following the ‘if I fit, I’ll sit’ rule. Having this pressure on their sides helps them preserve cat body temperature. They love warm insulated places like a box. As a cat’s normal temperature is higher than ours and needed warmth.

#4 Good Place To Sleep

Boxes are a suitable place to sleep. As a cat parent, you must know about the cat’s love for sleeping. We already know that boxes provide some protection. It makes them a safer area to sleep in. Just like how kids want to stay warm while sleeping, cats want to be in a small place where the body heat they produce stays contained in that little area. If a cat cardboard box is insulated, it makes it even better. That is why cats like sitting on Styrofoam or anything that feels warm.

#5 Comfort

why does cats love boxes? Because It provides a sense of comfort in stressful situations. Cats love dark spaces and being alone. They love hiding, and a box provides the perfect place to do so. A study by the AABS (Applied Animal Behaviour Sciences) proves that a box helps reduce a cat’s stress. It also helps them adapt to their environment and provides relief. It is like their new shelter when they just arrived.

#6 Great Toy

The main reason why cats like boxes are because of the fun of them. Cats are lazy and do not require a lot of toys. A cardboard box is a perfect toy for them. They like hopping and jumping in and out of the box. They might try to get their toys in it and sit in that small, enclosed space. We know cats like scratching, and a box is much safer to scratch instead of walls. So, it is better to use a cardboard cat scratcher.

#7 Birthing Cats

If your cat is about to give birth, it might spend more time in a box than it usually does. It is because cats like to nest before they give birth, and they like to create that nest. Cats are nesters, and when they give birth, the kitten is used to being enveloped by their mother again. So, a small, enclosed space like a box makes a perfect nest for the cat and its kitten.

Preparing a Box for a Cat

Firstly, you have to pick the correct type of box. As mentioned above, the box regulates the body heat of your cat. Try to go with an insulating material. Cardboard works best. Here are a few simple ways to convert a cardboard box and make it suitable for your cat.

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  • Take a cardboard box. Make sure it is the right size. It should be a manageable size.
  • Cut a small hole in one of the sides of the box.
  • Remove any extra cardboard on the top of the box.
  • Make sure the edges are not sharp. Round them if needed.
  • Place a sheet of paper and tissues to line the box.
  • You can put blankets to make the box softer.
  • Add a small pillow in cardboard box cat house.
  • Put some treats to get your cat in the box.

Why Do Cats Hate a Carrier Box?

If cats love boxes, why do they hate a carrier? The fact is, we always need to pick up our best cat carriers. If we introduce our cats to carriers and put blankets and treats in them, our cats will cuddle into them. But that is the job of their boxes. We only use that carrier to pick them up and take them someplace. If you want your cat to love their crate as much as they love their box, introduce it to them early. Let your cat rest in it too. If you pick it up and go somewhere, your cat will not mind.

Is My Cat Safe in a Box?

Cats love boxes, and if you have one, chances are your furry friends spend most of their time there. As a pet parent, you might be concerned about your cat’s safety. The box is safe for a cate as long as it is open enough and not completely closed. Ensure it is not too high and your cat can enter it safely. If your cat is chewing the box, remove it immediately and replace it with another box that is safe and non-toxic. Your cat is safe in a box. However, try to keep an eye on it as a preventive measure. Do not leave your cat alone in a box. Make sure the edges are rounded and cat safe.


Why do cats like boxes?

A box is a safe place where animals can take refuge from predetors and the environment.

Are boxes warm for cats?

A cardboard box is a great way to keep your cat warm in the winter. it retains your cats body heat, just like cat caves do. This is why very few cats resist card board boxes.


Lastly, this guide makes it clear that cats love boxes. Being ambush predators, they like hiding. A box also sharpens their survival instincts and gives them security. It is also a great toy and keeps your furry pet occupied. It provides comfort and a place to rest by regulating their body heat. Preparing a box is also extremely easy and does not require much effort. You can set up a box for your cat with minimal things required. Get a box for your cat today, and let it have fun!