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What is the Reason for My Cat Licking Me So Much?

The communication problem exists as a hurdle between cats and humans. Humans can’t understand cats’ “meows,” and cats can’t communicate with humans via the alphabet. It is a common question that every cat owners asks themselves – Why does my cat lick me? There are more reasons your cat licks you – but among them, one of the main reasons is that it is because of the affection it has for you. Also, it can indicate marking territory or letting you know that you are part of their family. Get help from your veterinarian to investigate the over grooming in cats because that could be something regarding any underlying health issues in them. Now, let us see the reasons why do cats lick you and how to stop your feline from doing it excessively.

Why Do Cats Lick You? Reasons

#1 Seeking Your Attention 

What does it mean when a cat licks you? Your cat alerts you for something like “I need you to cuddle me,” “Clean my litter box,” or something like this. Though this is not a major issue, sometimes, less commonly, excessive licking shows signs of stress in them. Analyze the root cause and make your cat come out of this. 

#2 Territory Marking 

For the cats to spread their scent, they use licking as one of the ways. They mark their territories, implying, “you are a part of my family.” Sometimes, if the cat that licks you is not your pet, they still consider you as their family member. With the sense of smell, cats will be more energetic than humans. Humans cannot sense the smell the cat leaves, but your cat friend feels great to sense their smell in you. 

#3 Considering you as Their Allo-Groomer 

According to Marci Koski (a certified training consultant), among a group of cats, one will be designated as an “allo-groomer” – he/she will be responsible for licking or grooming other cats in their group. In that way, your cat might naturally treat you as an “allo-groomer” by cleaning you to ensure that you are a member of their family. 

#4 To Lick the Yummy Taste in you 

This is so silly, it seems, but your cat licks you to taste something that they find interesting in your skin. Carelessly, something might get spilled on your skin, and your cat starts tasting it by licking it. If you have done your exercise, the sweat that leaves the salty residue is what your cat might try to taste. 

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#5 Due to Anxiety/Stress

They start licking excessively to release their stress and anxiety. This is not a huge thing to worry about as they might get stressed because of their raw skin or the bald spots made during grooming, etc. Consult your veterinarian to ask for remedies to change the anxiety/stress caused in your pet. 

How to Stop the Cat from Licking me?

Why does my cat keep licking me? Sometimes, it will annoy you when your cat starts licking you. Do not behave harshly, as it might break your bond with your pet. Some of the tips to follow to stop your cat from licking you:

  • Use a long-sleeved cloth when interacting with your cat, and make your skin invisible to them. 
  • Get up and move immediately when your cat starts licking. Don’t ignore your fur buddy completely, as it might even break your bond between them. If still, after one week, this behavior in your pet didn’t get stopped, there may be other motivations for the pet towards you. In this case, consult your vet to address this issue. 
  • Try encouraging your pet to catch a toy or treat, and when your cat follows it, move your way away from them immediately. 
  • Praise, play, or pet them if your cat starts interacting with you without licking you. This may encourage them to stop this behavior.
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Does it Hurt When Cats Lick and Why?

If your cats lick you excessively at the same place, yes, it hurts you. This is because your cat has a back-facing barb named “papillae” on its tongue and is made up of the same material as the cat’s claws. This is why the tongue of the cat seems to be similar to sandpaper. 

To groom themselves, the tongue papillae in the cat is very important. It helps to clean the dirt as well as the debris that remains in the coat of the cat. If it is not sharp, the dirt in the cat cannot be cleaned. So they cannot keep themselves clean. So, due to the sharpness, it will hurt you when your furry friend licks you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get any disease if my cat licks me?

A bacteria called Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) spreads. It is caused when your cat licks any open wounds or scratches. For low immunity-troubled people, it could be a risk. 

Why does my cat groom me? Is it because of stress?

Yes, your cat licks because of stress. It has to be considered a behavioral issue and not a medical issue. 


If your cat licks that result in bald spots, it is time to take your cat to the vet. On the other hand, you may need to take your fur buddy to your vet, if you see your cat excessive grooming. If the licking of your cat is to create a bond with you, then you have to return the love by playing, petting, and cuddling them back. So, there are more reasons for your cat to lick you. Find it and make them happy.