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Cats Knocking Things Over – Why? & How to Stop Them Intactly?

Cats are funny and mysterious creatures. Sometimes they try to entertain their owners by doing odd things that are hard to predict. One of such fussy acts of a cat could be throwing stuff off the table or willingly misplacing them. But why do cats knock things over? Let’s try to understand some scientific reasons why cats involve themselves in such an act in the first place?

Why Do Cats Like to Knock Things Over?

There is no single plausible explanation for why showcase the destructive behavior of tipping objects off their designated places. Researchers have proposed several arguments as possible explanations for this trait. These include:

4 Reasons Why do Cats Push or Knock Things Off Tables & Shelves

  • Displaying such odd behavior has many reasons but being a jerk is not one. The primary reason for this unusual behavior is known as”Toying”. When your pet starts pawing at different items, it provides the same sensation as catching stubborn prey. Your Cat’s instincts tell her that practical encouragement will become lively prey.
  • Cats love a good game of chasing and running behind their prey. So, they poke at the different objects and misplace them intuitively to find any possible prey even when it is virtually impossible to find one. The only thing that you’ll find is that your feline friend has broken another one of your favorite vases or bowls.
  • Another plausible explanation is Boredom. If the kitty is not entertained enough, it may decide to knock something off out of curiosity. As a cat owner, you must be aware that kitties have an inquisitive nature. So, the Cat may decide to explore more about their surroundings by knocking things over or jumping over various obstacles and tipping them off during the process.
  • Cats are serious attention cravers. Due to this nature, several instances of breaking and tipping off objects will make them aware that they’ll get your attention. You are likely to run into the room where the kitty is present and yell at them. These creatures will do anything to get the necessary attention they seek to get from their respective owners.

How to Prevent or Stop Cats from Knocking Things Over?

It is essential to take different steps to ensure that your lovely friend does not create another embarrassing moment for you. You can prevent and subsequently stop this menace created by your feline friends through the following ways:

  • The quickest and most effective solution to prevent this problem is not leaving any lightweight object on your desk, shelf, table, etc. Avoid leaving anything fragile on higher ground so that the kitty does not experiment over it out of curiosity.
  • If the problem area is restricted to a particular room, it is necessary to restrict your pet’s access to that place. It may sound quite obvious, but it is easier said than done because Cats have a sneaky nature.
  • Use a double-sided sticky tape around the nuisance area to restrict the free movement of your pet. The tape’s stickiness to the paws will automatically discourage your Cat from jumping over obstacles here and there.
  • Keep a close watch on your kitty’s movements. Your pet is more likely to showcase such finicky behavior in your absence. So, it is necessary to monitor your friend’s behavior and treat them occasionally.
  • Since Boredom is the primary cause for jumping and creating a menace, you must provide your kitty with adequate means of entertainment that will reduce the boredom span and eventually rectify this problem.
  • A Tired cat is an entertained cat that is less likely to create any nuisance for rejuvenation. So, involve your pet with enough physical activity because the playtime will make your bond stronger and more cherishable. If your pet is anxious, find out how to calm a cat down and do the needful.


Hope you got knowledge on why do cats like knocking things over. The bond we share with our cats is a sight to behold. But, love and friendship can take a toll on your patience when the kitty knock things down the fragile and necessary objects. Therefore, the gradual reduction and elimination of this problem should be your primary concern. Using these steps in your favor will automatically provide you with visible changes.