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Cat Hissing | Understand the Inner Meaning of your Cat’s Hiss

Are you ever scared of your feline friend’s hissing sound? It resembles the warning sound of a snake. Whether the hissing sound is from a cat or snake, universally, it has only one meaning: “Back off.” It is more common for your cat to make hissing sounds whenever an intruder enters your home, whenever you try to pick them up, or whenever they are not in a good mood. But there are a lot more reasons for why do cats hiss. Hissing is some communication your cat is trying to reveal, which may even be negative. It expresses anger, some health issues, or distrust in this form. 

Reasons for Why Do Cats Hiss?

Wondering why my cat hissing at me? There are many reasons your cat starts to make a hissing sound. Before getting to know about the reasons your cat hisses, you should also know that hissing is your kitty’s normal behavior. We humans speak with each other to express ourselves, while cats use their body language to communicate with humans or other animals. So, let us see some of the reasons why cats hiss:

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Cats Hiss to Warn You

Even some injury will indicate a slow death for your cats. So, it is quite natural that your kitty usually avoids fights. Sometimes, you may handle your cat roughly, or it may be tired or feel more territorial; it makes a hissing cat sound. Cats hisses is a warning sign given by your pet for humans or animals to show its stress. 

Cat Hissing in Pain

Cat does not show its discomfort often, unless and otherwise if it is in severe pain. It’s very easy to identify its discomfort because it avoids humans coming near them or will spend time alone in places where humans can’t enter. The cat hissing sound under these circumstances says that your feline friend is in pain. 

Unfamiliar Things Make Cats Hiss

Your feline friend loves to be surrounded by familiar things. So, if you introduce something new, like furniture or a different ambiance, it may feel anxious and start to hiss. It’s just because of unfamiliarity and nothing more than that. 

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Aggression Causes Cats to Hiss

There are two types of aggressive behaviors your cat might express due to anxiety or any change in its ambiance. What are they? – Redirected Aggression and Petting Aggression. Both are relatively the same when in mild conditions. If this aggression becomes chronic, it will affect the bond between you and your feline friend. Consult a veterinarian as soon as possible and get help. 

Cats Hiss if Disturbed in Any Way

Your cat hisses when it is bothered by something. For example, if you want your cat to sit on your lap and it isn’t interested, don’t force it. Give them some time alone and don’t bother with it. It is a must to monitor your cats when you have kids around. Kids don’t often know the boundaries to play with the pets they have. So, your feline friend hisses when your kid steps into the room.  

Kitty Hisses While Protecting its Things or Kittens

If your cat has given birth, then it will often make this hissing sound because it allows only trusted humans to come near it and not all. If someone unfamiliar tries to make a near move, your cat starts hissing, followed by an aggressive move. 

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 What to Do When Cat Hisses or Hides?

  • Make sure to give them space, and don’t try to catch or comfort them.
  • If you find your cat hiding, give it a secure feel.
  • Don’t even stare at them because it will feel uncomfortable.
  • Just remember that your pet might take more hours to calm down and not just minutes. 
  • Once your cat stays calm, feed it with food, but do not look into its eyes. Because it may frighten them. 
  • Console your kitty by approaching it from the side, not by looking into its eyes. 
  • Try to figure out what made your feline friend uncomfortable and take appropriate action. 
  • Also, make sure to give more personal space for your kitty friend to feel safe and at peace. 

How to Stop a Cat from Hissing?

It is only possible to stop your cat from making hissing sounds for a while. But when a cat hisses at you, it means that you are making it uncomfortable. Here are some of the ways to help stop a cat from hissing. They are:

  • Try to put your cat shelves on the wall, set up cat shelves on the trees, or wherever your little kitty likes to hide. In the same way, for large cats arrange a big cat condo. Such things will let your little friends feel safe and secure. 
  • The most important thing is spending more time with your feline friend; in that way, your pet won’t feel stressed. 
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  • Sometimes, when you bring a new born kitty home, cat hissing at new kitten is a normal thing. Keep calm and let your cat get familiar with the kitten.
  • Remember to try different activities with your pet, like clicker training, walking, etc. Also, playing with them using cat interactive toys could help. 
  • With a feast treat in your hand, ask your little kitty to chase you to get the grand feast. 
  • Exercises play a vital role as it provides more confidence to your feline both mentally and physically.

How to Prevent a Cat from Hissing?

  • To prevent your cat from hissing, the first important thing to do is to make your little friend feel safe and secure. 
  • If you have bought a new cat for your home, give more time for your cat to get acquainted with the ambiance. 
  • If you have kids or sudden visitors in your home, try to ignore them moving near your kitty. 
  • Try to find the root cause of the cats hissing sound and try not to repeat it.
  • The reason behind the hissing sound, if caused by pain. So in cases of cat hissing in pain, without further delay, take your pet to the veterinarian and follow their advice. 
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  • The main reason for your cat to start hissing is fear. Observe its body language closely and treat it accordingly for a proper cure. 


Cats that hiss might feel insecure or upset due to various reasons. It is the cat owner’s responsibility to track their feline’s activities and find out the reason for its hisses. When you know the reasons, you can calm them down by fixing the solution. Doing so can help you discover the ways for how to stop a cat from hissing. Cat hiss and growl is just a way of communication that your fur buddy might express its feelings towards you. When sorted out correctly, you can make your feline stay mentally and physically healthy. After all, making others happy is the best way to make yourself feel happy for a successful life.