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What Does Dilated Pupils Mean in Kittens? | All About Feline Eye Facts

It’s often said that cats are not small dogs. The nutritional requirements, training techniques, and body language of cats are different from canines. The language they use is more difficult to understand compared to dogs. So, it’s hard to understand what your cat is trying to say. Like humans, dogs use eyebrows as a means of communication. Call a dog’s name, and you’ll see their eyebrows up. Cats do not show emotion on their faces. Some researchers believe cats have an insufficient capacity for facial recognition, meaning they cannot read our expressions. Let’s understand what is feline dilated pupils meaning and reasons why do cats eyes dilate, is it something you should worry about or not.

Why Do Cats Eyes Dilate? – Top 5 Reasons

#1 Pain

Ever wondered why and when to worry about dilated pupils in your kitten? There may be a physical injury in your cat that has resulted in dilated pupils. Cats with painful eyes tend to have narrowed pupils, while cats with painful bodies can display dilated eyes pupils. Your cat’s pupils can also be constricted or dilated in response to pain.

#2 Hyper by Nature

In the case of young and exuberant cats, their pupils tend to dilate more than those who are more relaxed and older. When it comes to a feline eyes the key is to watch for changes to its size. If they’re constantly dilated, it might be necessary to visit the vet.

#3 Blur Vision

Your cat may develop dilated pupils because of a significant decline in its vision. Blindness can also cause large dilated pupils. Another disease process may be responsible for sudden or acute blindness in cats.

#4 By Hypertension

A common physiological cause of dilated pupils is hypertension, also called high blood pressure. To diagnose your cat’s hypertension, your veterinarian might shine a light into his eyes to see how his pupils react. Dilated pupils in your cat may also result from high blood pressure, which is called primary hypertension. If your cat’s dilated pupils are caused by high blood pressure, you may have noticed other symptoms.

#5 The Anisocoria

Another reason might be the disease anisocoria. An injury or eye ulcer can cause retinal disease, feline leukaemia, and cancer. Additionally, you might notice that he rubs his eyes a lot or seems lethargic if he has leukemia in his eyes. Your cat’s pupils may appear uneven if they have certain health conditions. If you notice this is the case with your cat, you should take them to your vet to examine and assess their vision.


Do I need to worry if my cat’s eyes dilate?

No, you do not need to worry. It is usual for your cat to temporarily dilate its pupils when in a low-light environment or stimulated.

What do dilated pupils in cats mean?

Cats often have dilated or large pupils, which might signify excitement or surprise. They can also display fear or surprise depending on the situation.

Summing Up

Cats’ body language can be pretty confusing and, at times, contradictory. Since they cannot verbalize their feelings, we must become knowledgeable about their body language and consider all the contexts in which they reside. Same goes for reasons why do cats eyes glow and it is usual for the pupils to dilate briefly in low light or during stimulating events for your cat. However, if the pupils are persistently dilated, it is important to take your cat to the vet for a checkup.