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Why Does my Cat Eat Grass And How Does It Affect Them?

Eating grass is not something you see in cats, so it raises the alarm on whether or not it is harmful to them. It adds to the worry that cats often vomit while eating grass. Even if you make sure to get rid of them to get grass by any means, they still chew on it. Do not worry; eating grass is not as harmful as it looks. And cat throwing up grass may not always be a bad design. Below you will see why do cats eat grass and when to be concerned.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

If you have this unanswered question why does my cat eat grass? Then here are the reasons why do cats eat grass.

  • Cats have simpler physiology compared to many big mammals. What it tells us about them is the fact that they do not have enzymes in their body to help break down food. As such consumption of grass helps with the digestion of food
  • Another reason (you may also say that it is a benefit) that cats eat grass is for the fiber present in them. This helps them to digest food and prohibits constipation. Thus adding another health benefit to them eating cats grass.
  • Usually, in the days of the past or for wild cats, the main source of cat nutrition came from hunting down mice. Mice not only provided the usual nutrients for their body, but as a bonus, the mice would feed upon the grass, which was rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  • When cats have or have their meal through rats, they absorb all the food’s nutrients. So you can say cats eat grass as an instinct passed down through genes.
  • There are some types of nutrient, in less complex form, that can be only found in grass and is easier for your cat to digest. It is one of the reasons you should grow cat grass plant at home for your cat to feed on.
  • Your cat may have eaten something by mistake that is causing them irritation; it is unavoidable with them. That stuff will include sand, small glass pieces, their hair, and small pieces. So as a natural solution, they feed on the grass to induce vomit and get the foul stuff out of their stomach.

For the reasons listed above, eating grass is good for cats. But given how simple their physiology is, eating grass may turn out to be harmful.

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Is it Safe for Cats to Eat Grass?

Cats are curious creatures and often like to nibble on grass. While it’s not harmful for them to eat a little bit, eating too much can lead to gastrointestinal problems. There are some toxic plants for cats. So if you’re not sure, and have this doubt is it safe for cats to eat grass? it’s best to err on the side of caution and remove it from their reach.

  • Cat eating grass in the wild can be dangerous, they will eat the grass indiscriminately, and they won’t check to see if the grass has an unwanted foreign element or has been sprayed with pesticide.
  • If your cat eats grass regularly, it is a sign that the stomach is not working properly, and they have to eat grass to mitigate the gastric issues. 
  • Not all plants are digestible and healthy; Wheat grass for cats is safe but, there are many poisonous ones. So it is a big no on letting them eat out.


Eating grass has many benefits for the feline pet. Though if you ask someone whether cat eat plants?or why do cats like to eat grass? and if it is okay, they will give a quizzical look and ask you to help. Fortunately, it is common for cats to eat grass. Just that they are not seen doing so as much and get the benefits of a rat who does feed on them. But despite all that, you should grow grass at home to ensure your cat’s safety.