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Cat Chirping | Explore the Real Reason Behind Cat’s Chirping

Does your cat make chirping sounds at random birds? Are your cat’s chattering noises directed at you? Let’s find out. Cats are expressive creatures. They make unfamiliar sounds to indicate different emotions or behaviors. One of the reasons why do cats chirp sounds is that it has domesticated them for a long time, and over time they have realized that using vocal sounds is one of the most valuable ways to communicate with their human friends. Cats are more vocal about their thoughts and actions compared to other animals. According to behaviorists, different cat sounds have different meanings. Feral cats communicate differently than pet cats since they grow up in different environments, affecting their vocal behaviors differently.

Why Do Cats Chirp?

Why do cats chirp at birds? They chirp at birds and squirrels through the window or when they play with cat interactive toys. There are many reasons why they exhibit this cat behavior. Even though cats have adapted to being domesticated, they still have hunting instincts that have remained with them. Pet cats use their hunting instincts when they play with toys, whereas feral cats use these instincts for survival. They also chirp when they see a mouse. However, they are excited when they see birds or squirrels outside the window due to their wild instincts. In short, the excitement of seeing their prey makes them want to chirp.

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That does not mean that your pet pal sees you as its prey. Another reason behind your cat’s chirping or cat chattering habits can be that they are hungry and asking for raw cat food diet. Kittens always do it when they are hungry to let their mothers know they are hungry. Since, in your pet’s case, you are the parent, they might want to communicate that they are hungry. Sometimes this chirping may show that your fluffy friend wants to play with its toys. When your cat chirps at you, its body language differs from when it wants to catch its prey. So the next time your cute cat chirps at you, observe its body language because it might indicate that your furry pet wants your attention or wants to play with you.

Another study suggests that cats try to mimic the birds to attract them. It’s their original instinct to attract their prey. However, this reason is a pretty rare one.

The chirping might also mean that your cat wants to play with its inanimate friend. Although this is not common, some cats tell their owners that they miss their toys.

What Does the Cat Chirping Sound Like?

The chirping or trilling noises sound similar to that of birds. And wondering what sound does a cat make? Here the sound of cat is often rhythmic or musical. Cats learn to mimic such sounds from their mothers at a very young age. The mothers usually do it to comfort the kitten chirping and nurse them. The cats’ chirping becomes intense with excitement when looking at their prey. This chirping sound often ends with the chattering of teeth. It indicates the frustration of the cat when it cannot catch its prey. Therefore, it is better to close your window when you sense this intense chattering of your cat because it often means that your cat is disappointed and annoyed due to its inability to catch the prey. Thus, the cat chirping can mean that your pet is annoyed.

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Do cats chirp when they are happy?

Yes, cats do chirp when they are happy. They chirp when they see their meal or play with a fur ball or toy. They also chirp when they want to play with their owners. Use the cat carrier when you visit the new place.

Why does my cat chirp instead of meowing?

Cats use many distinct sounds to convey their thoughts and emotions. If your cat is chirping, it’s usually a sign of enthusiasm. It often means that your cat wants to play with you. However, if the chattering is more than usual, try to pay attention to its body language.

Why does my cat chirp while playing?

They chirp while playing, showing your cat’s enthusiasm to catch its inanimate prey. They often chirp while playing with toys or when they require your attention.

Why does my cat trill at light reflections?

According to cats, any unusual thing that moves is its prey. Hence, they start following it, and it makes them feel elated. The trilling sound might convey that they frustrate the cat due to its inability to catch its prey.


Are you wondering why do cats make chirping noises? Although, it is not a warning sign, if you find your cat chirping, you should not neglect constant chattering because it might be a sign of health issues. So, we have to maintain a proper cat diet. The chattering usually conveys that the cat has an adrenaline rush for seeing its prey or a kind of excitement when you play with it. However, observing your cat’s body language is better because cats often chirp for their owners’ love and affection. By interacting with your furry friend, you will quickly understand its necessities.