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Why is My Cat Making Weird Noises? – All About Cat Chirping

Pet owners know this weird phenomenon where a cat makes a long noise that includes various pauses out of the blue. Sometimes owners confuse the chattering with the shivering noise and misdiagnose the cat with a fever. Cat often makes this noise when it encounters another animal or any object of interest and is bound by physical limitations or can not reach it as quickly as it might want to. You know why do cats chatter? Cat chirping is often a result of unexpressed emotion. When a feline can not put out its feelings or act in a certain way it wants to, the loud noises come out.

Why Do Cats Chatter?

#1 Victim Capture

When a cat spots a prey, a potential meal, the cat comes into its first mode. A cat lies low, starts purring, and produces a chirping or twittering sound. It sounds like a vibratory noise. This cat meow sounds is produced when a feline psychologically prepares to pound on an animal in close vicinity.

#2 Imitation

Ever wondered why do cats chirp? Sometimes a feline produces a noise similar to the one produced by the prey, called the imitation of the prey. This is done to befool prey into thinking that the sound is coming from the same community member. This technique is used by many apex predators who use underhanded methods to hunt down the prey. Experts call it the “Imitation Game”.

#3 Infuriation

A frustrated cat produces a low bass chattering noise due to its anger. When the environment or the surroundings restricts a cat, then the cat produces a twitching nose. Hunting, running after prey, nabbing them is just a normal routine for any ideal wild animal. Felines are inclined towards behaving like a predator. When a cat eyes on prey and somehow can not make a run to kill it, it makes a chattering noise out of frustration and anger.

#4 Curiosity

When a cat finds a very amusing being at a distance, it feels like playing with it. In that case, a curious cat produces a chattering sound. Some experts suggest that it is a cat noise of unprecedented action. Its curiosity can be ignited with any toy or object resembling a potential prey, for example, a nice toy. When an owner or family member holds suspicious or curiosity-filled items in their hands, the cat feels like touching and grabbing them. This enticement produces a neuro reflex that comes out in chattering.

#5 Aggression

When a cat is pushed to the edge or a cat is chronically ill, then a cat is prone to display certain aggressive traits. Aggression is a by-product of unresolved emotions, and that is when cat making weird noises. Kitty sounds is a way to display it outrage. On the surface, it appears as if the feline has a neural problem or cold, but it is just pure aggression.

#6 Anticipation

If you are worried why is my cat making weird noises? The time and again, cats have been observed to sit around a windowpane and look outside while chattering and focusing at one point. When a cat observes a bird or any animal that the cat can hunt down, the cat anticipates the process of hunting, and meanwhile, it chatters as a result of it. Likewise, many cats have been observed to chatter while playing when their eyes are fixated on any object which is clearly out of their reach, like a laser beam.


Chattering noises that cats produce often come around as a medical condition or a symptom of an upcoming ailment, but it is not the case. Sometimes even out of boredom, cats have been observed to produce chattering, twitching, and chirping noise. Enclosing a cat or keeping a cat in containment for a very long period promotes the chattering habits in the cats. Some playful time outside the home reduces the chattering effect in cats. Chattering is just a result of the ‘catching of prey’ mechanism.