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Why Do Cats Cover Their Poop? – Know the Truth

Cats are majestic creatures and one of the most loved pets to have at home. They are low maintenance and do not excrete just anywhere like other animals. Compared to dogs, cat can very easily be trained to use a litter box. Not many people would give this much thought, but pet owener must have noticed how cat always cover their waste with litter. If you’re one of them and you’ve wondered why do cats bury their poop?, here is your answer. All cats bury their poop instinctively (including domestic and wild cats) as they are clean animals and do not want to leave their scent behind.

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop?

Cats are territorial animals; excreting around an area is their way to mark their territory. While all cat poop may smell the same to a human, scent markers called pheromones present in their urine and poop make each have a unique scent that they can tell apart. So, most cats bury their feces to mark their scent and cover their tracks so that they do not appear as a threat to the more dominant cat. Burying it decreases the smell, so it does not draw any attention to them. Burying their feces can also be perceived as a sign of submission to the stronger cat.

Domestic cats are said to follow this instinctively even though they generally do not have a threat present in the house. Some may argue that they cover their poop because they know that they are not dominant in the house and are dependent on their owners for everything, especially food.

Top 5 Reasons Why Cat Doesn’t Cover Poop?

While most felines follow this, there may be some that do not do cover after excretion. Many people think that if their cat is not burying its poop, it is rude or angry, but that is not the case. There can be various reasons for cat doesn’t cover poop, here are some of those.

Marking territory

Wild cats do not usually hide their scents either to claim their territory or challenge the alpha. It is common for cats to poop or pee at the place where they want to mark their territory. Domestic cats may also show other cats (or ) their area.

Medical issues

Cats get very easily stressed, so any stress or pain makes them wary. They could be sick with, say, a stomach infection, or urinary tract infection, etc. This may make them choose not to bury their feces. Cats who have recently been declawed would also have difficulty doing so. You should immediately consult a veterinarian and get your cat the proper medication in this situation.


Most dominant cats leave their poop uncovered to scare away the weaker ones. Domestic cats do not generally feel dominant in the house since the human is their superior, but in rare cases where they feel like the dominant figure in the house, they may leave their poop uncovered.

Lack of Training

Domestic cats learn this habit of burying their poop from their mothers, so a kitten separated from its mother may need to be trained first. As a pet parent you need to know how to stop cats pooping outside litter box. You can use cat treats while training your pet pooping sessions.

Litter box

Cats could have various issues with their litter box, such as – the size if it’s too dirty, if they don’t like the feel of that litter, or they do not like the location of their litter box, etc. In this situation, you should try changing the box’s position and observe their reaction. If that does not work in a few attempts, you should get them most effective cat litter for odor control or multiple boxes.


Burying its poop sure makes a cat a good pet, isn’t it. Because covering its waste not only keeps the smell down but helps in keeping away parasites that could cause an infection. This is just one job less for you. Now you know that there is much more science behind the simple action of a feline burying its poop than you originally thought. Knowing the reason behind your pet’s actions makes it more interesting and helps you keep a check on their behavior and health. So next time you see your cat not covering its poop, you will know who the alpha of the house is.