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Cat Biting Issues – Reasons & Tricks to Stop the Cat Nipping!

Having a cat for a pet can fill your life with unmatched love and compassion. Sharing space with a feline buddy also proves to be effective in reducing stress and thus benefits your health. The association between cats and their owners can prove to be very fulfilling for the latter. Although cats are vastly independent, they are very much devoted towards their owners and other people they love but why do cats bite?

One of the reasons why some people cherish feline companionship is the flexibility of cat ownership. Cats make wonderful pets regardless of whether you live in a huge house or a small apartment, and they help give just about all of the joy which other animal friends provide. No matter how wonderful companion cats are, they’re still animals and tend to bite. Today we will discuss the reasons what does it mean when a cat bites you and the ways to rid oneself of the same.

Why does My Cat Bite Me?

#1 Surplus Attention

You might have noticed that at times your cat bites when petting or stroking. This is nothing peculiar or serious, it is just your cat telling you that it has had enough interaction for the time being.

#2 Hunting Practice

Cats have a biological urge to play and practice and maintain their hunting skills. They are inherently predatory and thus need an outlet for the same. This is nothing to worry about as it is common in domestic cats.

#3 Grooming

Cats are inclined to groom the ones they love. This might be a gentle bite or a nip, while they’re trying to remove something which can’t be done with their tongue.

#4 Teething

Why does my cat bite me? Well, if it is in its baby stage teething could be the reason. Moreover, this is a very common reason cats and other animals bite. They bite to avoid the discomfort of new teeth growing. At this particular stage, you would find them chewing on anything and everything.

#5 Fear

Cats can resort to such behavior when they are scared. the reasons for such can include changes in living conditions. Cats are not readily welcome to change and might feel vulnerable, which makes them prone to violent behavior such as biting.

#6 Love Bites

Cats show affection by nibbling and biting. They consider it to be a bonding exercise and are unaware of the fact that they are hurting you while doing so. How to respond to cat love bites? At such times, it is best to give them some toys or treats.

#7 Depression

This might seem somewhat far-fetched to some of our readers. Cats can detect sadness or lack of will in their owners, which could lead to change in their behavior and be the causative factor in excessive biting.

Responding to Cat Love Bites

  • Positive reinforcements training techniques can help in reducing and eventually stopping the love birthing. Do not use negative reinforcements as they can have adverse effects on your relationship with your cat.
  • Never pull away from your hand without warning, as cats are frequently triggered by such behavior. Lack of movement may also help to stop the biting.
  • Providing your cat with chew toys is also a desirable and effective option. Toys that simulate hunting will keep your cat occupied. This can severely bring down stress levels and curb the need for biting.
  • It is important to provide a healthy outlet for biting behavior. An adequate amount of playtime is very necessary. Using toys while playing is a good option.
  • If nothing seems to work, and you find yourself unable in culling the biting behavior of your feline, consult a cat veterinary. In case the biting escalates, advanced veterinary intervention would become necessary.
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How to Stop a Cat from Biting?

  • Maintain a similar approach when dealing with your cat especially during cat love bites. All family members should do the same, to not confuse your pet about the appropriateness of their behavior.
  • Do not allow your cat to play with your hands or fingers. They should be taught that body parts are not toys and are off-limits. Any other way would encourage their biting behavior.
  • How to stop your cat from biting? Although you can never completely rid your cat of this habit, the best way is to divert their actions towards inanimate objects. Cat interactive toys, stuffed animals are a good outlet for expressing this trait among cats.
  • Praise your cat for gentle paws continuously and tell them off when the claws come out, make a whimpering noise, in case they hurt you, this can prove very helpful in refining their behavior.

Are Cat Bites Dangerous?

In case the bite tears your skin, it can make deep puncture wounds that might be hard to clean. These wounds trap bacteria and other organisms deeper in the skin. Due to this, and the fact that cats carry many types of bacteria in their mouths, a bite can lead to infection. The rate of infection can vary from 20%-80%. Thus a person should watch for cat bite infection symptoms.

Alongside the cat bite infection, depending on the severity of the wound, certain other complications could occur. These are-

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  • nerve damage
  • a broken fragment of the cat’s tooth might get stuck in the wound
  • damage to tendons, particularly in the hands
  • a scar at the site of the bite

We all love animals, and having a pet fills the tedious days with much joy. And cats are a great choice for pets. They’re low maintenance, quiet, friendly, clean, and just a cute ball of fur. But they also come with some demerits of their own, one such is biting. Now some people are accustomed and well adjusted to cat biting, but for the ones who are raising them for the first time, or others, who are in general afraid of getting bitten, this can cause a ruckus.


In this article, we have covered all the probable ways why your cat bites you or others, and what might be done to refrain them from such behavior. Now, it is to be kept in mind that cat bites are very rarely dangerous. If your cat is vaccinated, it is highly unlikely that their bites would cause any possible risk of infection. But it is important to practice restraint and teach them the apt behavior with all the love and care. Hope you’ve got answer to how to stop a cat from biting.