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Cats Vs Dogs | Which Is the Best Pet for Me?

Choosing a desirable pet among cats and dogs is a dilemma for many of us. Even though every person has a distinct choice, there are many reasons to justify the choice of felines over puppies. Therefore, it is necessary to consider different reasons while choosing cats over dogs. Let’s find out more about these reasons.

Are Cats Good Pets?

Cats can satiate your craving for a perfect companion. It is necessary to know that the little feline creatures can easily win anyone’s heart with their little gestures and behaviour. Felines are the most desirable choice for someone seeking a companion. Kitties bring a lot of joy and laughter by entertaining the owners.

There is a big myth that kittens are not affectionate and incapable of providing you love because they’re selfish. It is important to note that their display of affection is different from dogs. It takes a significant amount of time to win a kittie’s trust to get their love and affection. Moreover, the way felines don’t express their love towards you explicitly. If you live in an apartment, choosing a cat is the best option for you.

Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Ever wondered why are dogs better than cats? Canines are undoubtedly the best friends and companions one could ask for, but it is essential to note that they demand extra care and protection. You will need to ensure the best quality of life for these lovely creatures by adopting suitable measures to alleviate their comfort level. As much as you love and adore these cute creatures, the fact that canines are high-maintenance is not ignorable.

Dogs require a decent space and are more cheerful than felines. So, you need to consider the size of your house while choosing between dogs vs cats. It is not advisable to choose a dog if you live in an apartment as they can create a nuisance for the neighbours and more difficulties for you altogether.

Why Cats are Better than Dogs?

When it comes to dogs vs cats, the real debate starts. Although both of these furry animals make our lives cheerful just by their presence, it is a hard call to choose anyone over the other. This is because cats are different from dogs in a variety of ways. Here are some of the reasons to get a cats as pets, lets dig into it.

#1 Cats are More Hygienic than Canines

Are cats cleaner than dogs? Yes, it is a well-known fact that cats are more hygiene friendly than dogs. You don’t need to put in extra effort to groom your kitties, unlike dogs that demand regular grooming and additional care. It is due to the cleanliness aspect that cats smell better than puppies.

#2 Kitties are More Welcoming Towards Guests

Due to their instincts to guard their territory, Dogs are particularly reluctant towards any unfamiliar faces. However, Cats are more friendly towards strangers, provided they don’t trouble these little creatures. Dogs demand additional training to serve this purpose.

#3 Managing a Dog is More Expensive

Since dogs don’t adapt to staying indoors easily, providing them with the best possible care is costly and time-consuming. Dogs demand regular grooming. The groomer appointments are expensive. The management for Cats is by far less demanding.

#4 Cats are More Independent than Dogs

Due to their natural traits inherited from the relatives living in the wild, Cats are born hunters and are categorically fit for survival without any assistance. Indoor cats display a sense of self-reliance, while dogs like pampering and extra care. Dogs will demand more comfort and luxury as opposed to a cat.

#5 Dogs need Regular Walks and Playtime

As a Dog owner, you cannot skip taking your dog for a walk and ensuring a decent playtime for these lovely friends. But, the demand for such leisure is absent in cats because they prefer relaxing and can rejuvenate themselves within the house.

#6 Cats Take Care of Their Mess

Cats use the litter box that is comparatively easier to clean and disinfect. Moreover, you’ll need to spend some extra bucks to consult a trainer that will provide necessary poop training to your doggie. Cleaning your dog’s mess is your job that can become very unpleasant at times.

#7 Cats don’t Crave Unopposed Attention At All Times

It is important to note that a dog craves proper attention and positive energy from its owner. A kitty will seek love and attention as per its desire and willingness. You don’t have to be extra cautious and worry about your cat creating a nuisance. The case becomes the opposite when a pooch is in consideration.

#8 Felines Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The presence of the feline creatures helps reduce disturbing factors such as stress anxiety and make the owners calm and peaceful. Therefore, they have a positive impact on your health.

#9 Dogs can smell nasty at times

If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you are more likely to choose a cat over a dog any day because kitties don’t smell that much. The distinct dog odour can permeate all over, especially during the rainy season. Cats don’t have a strong body odour.

#10 Relatively quiet than Dogs

Even though exceptions always exist, cats are quiet and more peaceful than dogs that can bark almost at any given hour of the day. If you are looking for a reticent pet, choosing a kitty is the best decision that you should make.


You should consider these factors before choosing the ideal pet for you. Choosing anyone between Cats and Dogs is an unsettled debate and a subjective matter. Since every person has a distinct taste and variable resources, it is crucial to note the pros and cons of having any pet in your household. Rest assured, the bond you create with your pet will be the most beautiful phase of your life. Cherish the little moments with these beautiful creatures.