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Is There a Reason Cats are So Terrified of Cucumbers?

The relationship between cats and cucumbers has been a fascinating one for pet owners and animal psychologists. Videos of cats being pranked by a cucumber have time and again surfaced on the internet. While it may be amusing to watch those videos for entertainment, the plight of your little friend should not be ignored. So, learn more about why are cats afraid of cucumbers and how you can help.

Possible Reasons Why Cats are Afraid of Cucumbers?

There needs to be a more specific and agreeable understanding regarding the reason for the cat’s fear of cucumbers. The few plausible conjectures and theories that have circulated over the years about why are cats scared of cucumbers. They are-

  • Cats are scared of cucumbers because they are foreign to them. Cats are inherently very cautious animals. Anything foreign or unfamiliar to them puts them in an alert and anxious mode in which they resort to running away or defensive behaviour. Pranks that have circulated over the internet tend to be set up around situations where the pet cat is unaware of the cucumber before it is introduced to them. Thus, one theory refers to a mere reflex action as a cat’s immediate response to a cucumber that appears unfamiliar to them.
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  • Cucumber scares cats because they resemble snakes. The elongated body and green stripes make it appear like a snake. Cats, hunting and prey animals have evolved to be cautious around snakes, which can harm them. Therefore, on seeing a cucumber, cats instinctively get scared and go into self-preservation mode
  • Cucumbers tend to have a lot of water content in them. Cats, as known by everyone, hate getting wet and avoid water. So if a peeled-off cucumber with moisture around it tends to be around cats, the clear response of the cat would be to move away.

Can Cats Eat Cucumbers?

Yes! Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamin C, vital for eyesight; Vitamin K is good for bone health and blood, and beta carotene is an antioxidant. These are nutritional components that are important for a good diet. 

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Pet owners can feed cucumbers to their cats, but there are things to consider before doing the same. Cucumbers can be provided only in small quantities to the cat because excess can lead to gastrointestinal issues like cat diarrhea. If your feline is suffering from obesity, cucumbers can be a good alternative for calorie-rich snacks. But it should not be substituted for meat and other high protein grain free cat food. Moreover, cucumbers don’t taste as great to cats as their favourite cat foods and snacks would. It may be inconvenient to make the cats acquire a taste for it. Cats are predatory animals, and their food choice would naturally be that of meat and meat-based products. This also explains why are cats afraid of cucumbers. 

But despite the lack of taste, cucumbers are a great source of healthy nutrients. Feeding cats cucumbers can be beneficial in the long run. One should peel them, dice them into small bits and then feed them to their cats. In general, cucumbers should not be fed more than twice a week. They can benefit cats without affecting their gastrointestinal health.

Why you Shouldn’t Scare Cats with Cucumbers?

Pets should be treated with utmost care. Like humans, they are also sensitive to being hurt or harmed. Cats scared by cucumbers will put them in an anxious and hypertension mode. It increases their heartbeats and can also lead to panic attacks.

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They are tiny creatures with an overprotective attitude. It can also scare them away from their owners and may lead to a weak bond between the pet and the owner. Moreover, indulging in such acts tempt children to do the same for entertainment which can lead to more harm to cats. Scaring cats with cucumbers can lead to some fun for specific moments, but it is ethically wrong to do so.


As with humans, cats are living, breathing creatures. It is essential to treat them with love and kindness. In addition to providing them with a safe and comfortable environment, the owner should understand their nutritional and health requirements. Can cats eat cucumbers? Of course yes. But that doesn’t mean you can force your feline to eat this vegetable. It is important to remember that cats are afraid of cucumbers and owners should respect and accept that. Rather than forcing your pets it is best to indulge them in some fun activites with the help of cute cat toys. It can not only prove to be a fun activity but can also be beneficial for a healthy bond.