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Where Can I Surrender My Dog For Free? | Guide On Surrendering a pet 

Everyone loves their pet abundantly, but life changes, and it is unpredictable. Some situations can come suddenly where you face difficulty in keeping your pet. Besides, there might be some other situations where people can also lack the energy to take care of their pets. You cannot just throw them out in the street as you all have humanity, and that’s what drives the living force in integrity. Regardless, pets need love and shelter from their owners, so it is wise to hand them over to someone caring. So that’s where options like surrendering the pets come into the spotlight. Even though it is difficult to surrender dog, it is a better option than pushing it toward a poor quality of life. However, we urge owners to do proper research regarding their pet’s new homes and resources so that challenges are not faced later on. Know more about where can i surrender my dog for free and the alternatives available to them.

Common Reasons Why You Need to Surrender Your Dog

Every pet owner wants to keep their dogs for their entire life truly out of care, love, and the bond they made with their pets. Moreover, these amazing man’s best friends have the ability to develop a strong bond with their owner’s families. However, due to reasons that are numerous but also unfortunate, we must give up our dogs. In such situations, it can be hard for us to do that, but we can’t stop anything. Nonetheless, below are some reasons why people go with pet surrender:

  • A person who is single but has recently got a job that requires them to be far from home for a long time in some unfavored locations like extreme weather or perhaps for military purposes.
  • Families that welcome kids or people who might be allergic to dogs or scared of them.
  • Your proprietor can throw objections to having a pet, or you shift to an area that is not pet–friendly.
  • Dogs have anger or behavioral issues that worsen with time.
  • If the dog owner passes away or goes through an injury, which disables them from taking care of their pet.
  • Canines require more companionship from their owner compared to cats. People need to clean the dogs, feed them and play with them. Thus, they also become attached to the social aspect of a family. Pet owners surrender when their job’s timing change, and it becomes tough to manage both their job and their pet.
  • Dog ownership can be expensive, depending on the size of the animal. There are daily expenses like dog food, gear, medical costs, and some additional expenses. Dogs that are destructive by nature can cost hundreds of dollars to their owners for breakage in furniture and things. When owners lose their job or become disabled to afford all expenses, it becomes another reason.
  • If too many animals reside in your household, it becomes difficult to take care of them all simultaneously. Different animals have different requirements, so it becomes problematic to remember all of them or give adequate care equally to all those animals.
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Difference Between Surrender and Rehoming your Dog

The main difference between surrendering a pet and finding a new home for it is really wide yet simpler to understand. Know the difference in detail:


Surrendering is associated with leaving your dog’s ownership to any rescue center or shelter. Pet owners think their dogs will remain safe in a shelter and be cared for until they find a new home. However, in reality, the result can be the opposite. Shelters are different by their facility and the people who care about dogs. When all the shelters run out of space, even healthy adoptable dogs are forced to sleep. Even some shelters do not have enough manpower to take care of all the surrendered dogs.

For this reason, the majority of dogs escape or live abandoned. Besides, there are certain shelters that have wonderful places and a loving environment for your dog. So, it all depends on fully understanding which shelter is legit and has the capacity to keep your fur buddy safe and sound.


Rehoming means putting some effort into finding a loving home for your pet by yourself. This option is great because everything remains in control here, and you can choose the family by knowing them beforehand. Your dog will remain happy as ever and also safe with those people. Nowadays, there are great websites where you can advertise the dog on the internet, and people searching for pets can view them. So, people who are wondering, ‘where can I surrender my dog for free near me?’, can find rehoming as a great solution.

How to Surrender a Dog?

If you can find any organization for your pet dog, then first call them. Research through all the sites to find dog surrender near me. Later, when you call them, they can ask several questions relating to your dog and the reasons behind surrendering it. If they are happy with the answers you give overall the phone, take your pet to that organization for further examination. Many animal welfare societies are encouraging you not to surrender your dog and keep them with you, but they can also suggest some people who can help with the issue.

You can also find several facilities like training, care, and financial assistance for your pet through recommendations from animal welfare communities. Once the decision regarding surrender is final, and the shelter agrees to take your dog, then take the dog to the facility and pay a certain fee. You need to sign in papers and hand over your dog to the organization. After surrendering, all that is left for you to do is bid goodbye to your pet.

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Nonetheless, we must say that some dogs in inadequate shelters are put down to sleep permanently because of their excess anxiety and behavioral problems. That is because, over time, people won’t adopt such aggressive dogs. Besides, there will also be some well-mannered dogs who might behave a bit aggressively or anxious out of fear in the shelter. Such changes in their behavior can decrease the chance of adoption by good families.

Where Can I Surrender My Dog for Free?

Where can I surrender my dog for free? Well, for starters, there are nonprofit organizations in metropolitan areas that accept dogs for adoption. These organizations are hard to find in rural areas, so people need to travel a lot of distance to find a suitable place. So, try to find ways how to surrender a dog near me. Besides, most of the shelters are managed at the local level, which is why proper research is required to find a place. There are different policies in different shelters where you can give your dogs free. However, you can give a small donation if you want to.

Furthermore, there are several rehoming options too, which you can find for your dog, and it is completely free. And regardless of any of the methods online, those websites or apps will surely require all the basic information regarding your pet and the location.

Do and Don’ts of Surrendering Dog

Regardless of the things discussed above, there are some specifications that you should keep in mind while finding a new home. There are certain things one must do or not do while doing so. Take a look at them:


  • Always try to find a home before surrendering a dog to the shelter. Shelters are the centers of abandoned and stray pets.
  • Please do not neglect your pet while finding a new home because it is not your dog’s fault in the first place.
  • Find a good home for your pet that suits its personality; otherwise, it will become aggressive.
  • Always research the reputation of a shelter where you are surrendering your dog. They can develop bad behavioral aggression due to an unsuitable environment.
  • It is important to know where to surrender a dog near me, and for that, one must do thorough research. It is because doing so will help them check on their dogs once in a while, if possible.


  • Never leave your dog without a companion outside the shelter without actually surrendering it. It will traumatize your dog.
  • Never convince a person to adopt your dog without having proper information regarding your dog’s behavior. The new owner may not be prepared to tolerate all the problems.
  • Dogs should be kept free and not captive because they enjoy a free lifestyle. So, ensure that a shelter doesn’t keep your pet on constant lockdown.

Alternative Approaches

If you find it impossible to keep your pet dog, other options are available that are somewhat better than surrendering. These options may result in a positive outcome too. Look at them:

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Rescue Group

Rescue groups are different from shelters because these are private groups within the city, and they give your dog all shelter and food until they find a new home. For this particular reason, it isn’t easy to find a rescue group easily, but it is an option you should try.

Rehome Yourself

Try to find some time to search for a home for your dog all by yourself. This is the most viable option, and keeps the following things in mind when you are choosing this-

  • You should advertise your dog on ordinary social media websites because there are people who take away good healthy dogs for fights, lab use, or other bad things. Be careful before you put your loving dog in danger. Try to screen all the applicants before giving away your dog.
  • Always charge a rehoming fee before giving away your dog. It is recommended not to give it away for free.
  • Go with the screening and check the references of the family you are giving your dog to. You should ensure that people belonging to that family would truly take care of your dog.
  • All the rehome websites are safe for your pets because you can screen adopters based on their profiles so that your dog can get a loving house.


Hopefully, by discussing all the points above, your misconceptions regarding surrendering your dog are cleared. You have also come to know the available options for giving your pet. Whether it is a shelter home or a rescue, always research them beforehand because your dog needs a lovable owner. Try to find the right choice for your dog and do everything for their best.