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Dog Tags: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Safe?

Sometimes it is frightening to imagine your dog running loose or attempting a getaway. No matter how attached your dog may be, you can’t tell what might happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, every dog once in a while tries to run off, especially if you have raised them in a tight enclosure for a long time. Although technology has improved our lives by coming up with solutions such as tracking apps and micro-chipping, the American Humane Association still claims a 90% chance of one dog missing out of three. As a pet parent, you need to make sure that you have played all your cards. Get your a proper engraved dog id tags that will have all the necessary details to help you find him easily, on the off chance he gets lost or runs away. Make sure to check what to put on dog tag before you make one.

Why Dog ID is important?

Once in a lifetime, your dog will try to run away from home. Microchipping is considered one of the safest methods to find a lost dog, but it is not very convenient. The first reason is it is a costly venture, and not every pet parent can afford it. Another reason, and the most important one, is that not every person will be keen enough to take your dog to the vet and access the microchip. Hence, dog tags for puppies are the best and cheapest way of making sure that anyone who finds your dog can read the details provided on the tag and bring him back to you. Pet tag for dogs are the most convenient way to ensure that your canine is safe from being permanently lost. Not all dogs are drifter, and some may like staying home with you and spending quality time.

But you, as a responsible pet parent, need to consider natural disasters and accidents as well. Not to forget, having your dog wear an informative tag also guarantees his safety when he is amongst strangers. The reason is when a person reads a tag, he will know that dog is not a stray, and it will prevent him from taking some protective action against your dog. Several cases were reported where a person felt threatened by domesticated dogs and taken away by animal control. It is beyond our control, but a dog ID can be a protective measure for both you and your dog to avoid the hassle and harassment of animal control.

What are Dog Tags for? – The Ultimate Benefits

There are always possible benefits and drawbacks to investing in a dog tag. You may be facing a lot of confusion, too, on whether this will help in a long run or if you should go for something more technically advanced, like implanting your dog with a microchip. Explore on to find out the best dog tag ideas and its cons.


  • Dog tags can come very cheap compared to a microchip or a subscription-based tracking app. It requires the least investment and can be accessed by people belonging to any financial state.
  • Dog tags IDs are easily available in a nearby pet store – they are accessible and customizable. This custom dog tag may not always be true for a microchip, where you might have to get in touch with a vet and some high-end technical store specializing in selling microchips for dogs.
  • You do not need technology to read a dog tag ID. The letters are printed properly and easily read by any person standing next to your dog. In case of a smart tag microchip, if your dog is lost, a person will have to carry him to the vet to get it removed, which may cause them hassle and not every person is willing to make an effort.
  • Dog tag ids are the most reliable source of tracking your dog and getting him back to you as fast as it can. There is no possibility of a dog tag id malfunctioning, but there is always a 30% chance that a microchip may encounter some technical error and stop responding. The same for tracking apps, as they cannot trust you.


  • Dog tag IDs can be a choking hazard. Hence, as a pet parent, make sure you have chosen a right size and fit. The dog tag shouldn’t be too loose or too tight to get caught on something and end up choking your dog. The best possible way to check fit is to do the two-finger check – slide your two fingers underneath it for a right fit.
  • Tags can be a noisy affair. Thus, always choose a tag that comes with ‘tag silencers,’ or you can get it as an add-on from store. It will help in minimizing the sound caused by it.
  • Training your dog to wear a dog tag ID can be another drawback, as most dogs like to have their neck free. Hence, try to put a collar around its neck and get it to feel. Once comfortable, attach a tag with a collar and give your dog some treats as a reward.

What To Put On Dog Tag?

Dog tag IDS comes with limited space, and therefore you need to be very clear and careful about the information you want to put on it. This dog tag information needs to be crisp and detailed enough so that any person reading it will know exactly the location to bring your dog to. Here check out what info to put on dog tag with details.

#1 Phone number

The first and foremost think your pet name, make sure This is a must, and you need to make sure that you are providing a number that you use daily and are the most likely to respond to if called. This will always increase your chance to be reunited with your Pet.

#2 Neighbour’s or a friend’s number

Providing an alternate number is the best way to guarantee that the person who found your dog can contact you no matter what. You need to keep all possible routes of communication open, and having a friend’s number on the tag will benefit it.

#3 Home Address

If the dog tag ID has enough space, it will be a great idea to mention your complete address.

#4 Medical Information

Medical information may not apply to all dogs, but some may have some chronic illnesses that will require immediate meds. Do mention ‘Need meds’ so that the person reading it may feel a sense of urgency.

#5 Microchip Details

On the off chance your dog is microchipped, you can also choose to mention that in the tag.

#6 Message

Writing a personal message on the tag is always a good idea. Messages such as ‘if found, call my mom,’ ‘I am lost, please help me’ or ‘if I am alone, I am lost’ will always stir some emotion in the person reading it and encourage him to take immediate steps.

#7 Rewards

It always helps to add extra information like a reward that the person may receive if he returns your lost dog safely back to you.


Getting a dog tag ID is not that difficult as it is easily available in pet stores. They are easy to personalize and also do not cost much. You can get yourself a dog tag ID from the nearby Walmart stores as well. They are easy to purchase and a strong frontline defence for your dog if he loses his way home or gets stranded in some natural disaster or accident.