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What Kind of Gas Does a Lawn Mower Take – Regular or Premium?

Choosing the correct type of gas for a lawnmower is essential and challenging. The best performance of the lawn mower engine is achieved when the gas tank is filled with clean and fresh fuel. On the other hand, using ethanol-based fuels can lead to poor starting of the engine as most fuels degrade with time. Therefore, you have to understand every information about the gasses available for a lawn mower so that you can get the best outcome with every use. Here is the complete information about what kind of gas for lawn mower is best, octane ratings associated with them, and how much quantity a lawnmower uses.

What is an Octane Rating?

Before acquiring knowledge about the gasoline for a lawn mower, it is necessary to understand the meaning and relevance of an octane rating in this area. Octane rating is a form of measurement that shows the ability of a fuel to resist knock. A higher-octane rating signifies that the fuel has more excellent resistance to pinging during combustion and vice versa. An engine’s octane requirement differs according to operation conditions, compression ratio, and geometrical considerations. To attain the perfect octane level for your lawnmower, you need to check the instructions manual with the suggested octane level. Then, the manufacturer provides the buyer with the details about the best gas used in the lawn mower.

What Octane Rating Should I Use?

The size of the lawnmower affects the choice of the gas type and the octane rating related to it. You don’t require high-octane gas for running your small lawn mower. Although it doesn’t cause any damage to the engine, it can prove to be a burden on your pocket as these gasses are expensive fuels. You have to ensure that the ethanol content in a particular gas must be 10 percent or less. The amount exceeding this limit can lead to engine corrosion and damage to the lawn mower’s fuel system.

You can use gas with an octane rating of a minimum of 87 octanes and a maximum of 93 octanes. Moreover, it is suggested that you should prevent using fuel having less octane rating than the number specified by the manufacturer as it can lead to knocking in the engine.

What Kind of Gas for Lawn Mower?

The choice of the gas for lawn mower depends upon the engine type installed in the equipment. You have to remember that the gas should have less than 10% ethanol content. This is a must-have condition for increasing the engine’s lifespan and achieving the desired results. Almost every four-stroke engine makes use of fresh gasoline having no lead content. A four-stroke engine’s octane rating of fuel must range 87 or above. Additionally, a lawnmower requires octane gasoline having the following traits:

  • It should have an octane rating of at least 87.
  • Must be clean and fresh
  • Should have an ethanol content of less than 10%

Best Gas for Lawn Mower (Regular or Premium)

There are two types of gas available for a lawnmower: Regular gasoline and Premium gasoline. Lawn mowers can easily run on both of them, but it depends on the needs of the mower. You will find that most lawnmowers designed to work on regular unleaded gas. However, premium gas has lesser fillers, making it a pure fuel than regular gas. Despite having these qualities, you have to fill an equal amount in the engine as you will do if you use regular gas. This increases the cost of running the mower. Therefore, it is better to prefer premium unleaded gas in winters and regular gas in summers for lawn mower.

Type of Gas to Avoid for Lawn Mower

It is necessary to understand the type of gas you should avoid for your lawnmower. Regular gasoline is readily available at the local gas station, and you have to ensure that this gas must have the ethanol content within the recommended levels. Gas stations provide fuels with an ethanol level of up to 85%, which is poor for small engines like gas lawn mowers. Always make sure that the gas type is free from impure materials. You have to avoid the use of fuel leftover from the previous season as it can decrease the actual potential of the lawn mower. Further, you should prevent mixing engine oil with gasoline.

It is essential not to modify the 4-stroke engine as it can cause damage to the lawnmower’s fuel combustion system. Instead, you can check the instructions manual to know whether your lawn mower has a 2-cycle gasoline engine or a 4-cycle gas engine. It will help you determine the fuel type required for your lawn mower and which one you must prevent to achieve the optimum results.

How Much Gas Does a Lawn Mower Use?

The amount of gas required for a lawnmower is essential to determine to plan your budget accordingly. Push lawn mowers have a gas tank ranging between 1 to 3 gallons. This push or walk-behind mower can work for approximately half an acre in a filled tank. However, for more extensive lawns or lawns with rough terrains, riding mowers are usually preferred, and they possess a big engine compared to push mowers. Because of this aspect, the engine of riding mowers demands more fuel, and the capacity is more than push mowers. Further, a medium-sized lawnmower requires at most 2 gallons, and the capacity of large riding mowers is a minimum of 4 gallons.

Lawnmowers designed for commercial purposes tend to consume more per acre than homeowner mowers. A large commercial lawn mower can hold six gallons of gas and can be operated in more extensive lawns for an extended time. You can also look at the owner’s manual to get precise information about the gasoline consumption requirements of your lawnmower.


Do lawn mowers need mixed gas?

Not all lawn mowers need mixed gas, but if your mower has a 2-stroke engine then it is recommended to use the mixed gas.

Do lawn mowers take regular gas?

Yes, lawn mowers can run on regular or premium gas. However, regular unleaded gas alone is recommended for most of the 4-stroke engines with 87 or more octane rating.


The best gas for your lawnmower will be the one recommended by your manufacturer. You can use either regular or premium gasoline satisfying the basic conditions of good and proper fuel. However, we advice you to either prefer regular gasoline having a rating of 87 octanes or a premium gas with a rating of 93 octanes. If the manual suggests premium gas and you start using regular gas, then it can cause damage to the engine after a certain time. Hence, you should follow every precaution and rule before using a specific gas type for your lawnmower. Also remember to drain the gas from lawn mower before winterizing it and again refill the gas of your required type.