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What Kind of Dog Should I Get? | A Dog Breed Selector Guide

Dogs have been domesticated for nearly 11,000 years. During this period, many breeds have gone extinct, and new ones have shown up. Thus, there are right now a lot of dogs which have their own unique characteristics. Besides, for a person who is new to dog raising, the number of different breeds can be a bit overwhelming. Many people will ask themselves, ‘what kind of dog should I get?’. Well, here we are to help you out with the decision-making. Now, let us look at a few considerations that people entering the dog market might need answers to.

Consideration Regarding Breed

Choosing a dog for the first time can make one nervous and equally excited. After all, committing to caring for a small living creature that will be totally dependent upon you for its entire life is not an easy thing. A dog’s breed is a special criterion among many people looking for loyal buddies. There is no right or wrong breed when getting a dog, only more suitable or less suitable ones.

#1 Responsibility

Someone who is about to bring in a new dog for themselves or their family needs to be thoughtful and careful. They need to seriously assess their situation and needs before making their decision. ‘Is my house big enough? Can I take the dog for a walk every day? Can I properly take care of another living, breathing animal?’ are some questions they should ask themselves. This is the first step in responsible dog ownership.

#2 Living Space

The space one has to raise and take care of their furry friend is a major factor in choosing a particular breed. Small apartments have trouble giving larger canines like Anatolian Shepherds and Black Russian Terriers the space they need to grow. Having space for your pet to roam and exercise, like a backyard, also helps in accommodating the biggest dog breed. In contrast, small ones like Yorkshire Terriers don’t need much space or exercise and are better for smaller homes. So, with the question ‘what kind of dog breed should I get?’, one should also assess their living spaces primarily. 

#3 The activity level of the Owner

Finding a dog that matches the owner’s activity level is more important than most people think. Dogs like German Shepard will easily tire out even the most active people. In comparison, breeds like Bull Mastiff won’t move even if the sky collapses. Hence, an owner should make sure that he/she can match the activities of their pets. This will keep them from getting exhausted from an active breed or being frustrated by their pet for not moving at all.

#4 Personality Traits of Breeds

Broadly, dogs can be divided into 7 major breeds, i.e. Terrier, Hound, Toy, Sporting, Non-sporting, Herding and Working. This division in breeds was done by the American Kennel Club(AKC). Each breed has its advantages and disadvantages due to different personality traits. It is best to look for canines that, according to oneself, have suitable personality traits. People who have pet allergies might find an Afghan Hound or American Hairless Terrier suitable. Besides, people who do a lot of physical walking will be more suited for those like Labrador. Each breed is distinct and offers its own unique traits.

#5 Time Available to Owner

Some people are busy all the time, while others have a lot of free time on their hands. The amount of time one has will also affect the decision when choosing between different breeds. Young puppies need a lot of love and care. Senior ones, on the other hand, are much more independent and can be left alone in the house during work hours. Basset Hound and Chihuahuas are dogs that require little maintenance. Hence, these dog breeds are suitable for people with a lack of time. However, canines like Akita and Australian Shepherd take a lot of effort from their owners to get raised properly.

Factors to Think Before Choosing What Kind of Dog Should I Get?

When choosing a dog, it is best to go through one’s options cautiously. Taking care of a dog is a big commitment. Finding a breed that is suitable for the owner will make the life of both the owner and the dog much happier. So, for all those who are wondering, ‘what type of dog should I get?’ read ahead. Keeping the above considerations in mind, people looking for new dogs should also take the following factors into account when choosing a breed:

#1 The Temperament Of A Dog

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Different breeds of canines have different temperaments. Some will be aggressive, while others will be friendly. Which temperament an owner prefers depends on what he/she needs. An aggressive kind like Dobermann is suitable to perform guard dog duties. Beagles and Poodles, on the other hand, have a more mild temperament.

#2 Cost of Maintenance

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Like any human, dogs also need a large number of supplies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our furry friends need things like beds, leashes, regular health check-ups, vaccines, food, dog grooming supplies etc. Besides, a large breed of dog requires more expense in food than a smaller one. Some breeds, like Siberian Husky, are more prone to illness than other types. Medical fee is also a factor when choosing a particular type.

#3 Dog Ownership Experience

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Another important factor when choosing the breed is the experience the person has. Dogs like Beagles are notoriously hard to train and difficult to maintain. Such types are usually not recommended for people new to pet dogs. For people owning a pooch for the first time, those like Poodles and German Shepherd are best suitable. These are much easier to train and not as reliant on their owner.

#4 Presence of Children

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Some breeds, like Beagles and Labradors, are more friendly to children than other types. It has also been found that young children treat smaller canines as toys, and can harm them. So smaller ones are usually not suitable for houses with kids or toddlers. That said, most parents are also uncomfortable with introducing aggressive canines near their children. Mutts and Bull Terriers are a bit on the bigger side but not as aggressive as some other types. Such breeds are pretty popular among households with young children.

Aside from these, there are many more considerations that a person might need to keep an eye on. A few of them could be the amount of shedding and grooming required, laws and regulations in the area, noise tolerance etc. People themselves have their considerations, i.e., things they will want and things they don’t. That said, keeping a few basic factors in mind would help reduce the number of choices. These will also help locate the best suitable breed for oneself. So if you are thinking about, ‘what dog breed should i get?’ we hope the information here helps you with it.


For people new to dog ownership, choosing a breed is a difficult process. ‘Which dog breed is best for me?’ is the common question everyone faces. But a large number of breeds available won’t make the decision any easier. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages, making the decision more complex. That said, this large number of canine types also allows most people to find the most suitable one for them. Anyone looking for a new dog should thoroughly explore his/her options to find the breed that is most suitable for them. Raising a pup is a commitment and not an easy one, and also it shouldn’t be a chore. It should be enjoyable both for the dog and the owner. Only a dog that is suitable for one can give enjoyment.