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What is the Most Intelligent Dog Breed? – Dog Intelligence Guide 101

Defining dog intelligence is not possible with a scale. The general standards are quick learning, fast, agile, and alertness. Even after fulfilling these basic criteria, there always will be something your dog might need help to do. Some tasks might be more complex for them than for other dogs. While each dog breed must be loved, some are best used for convenience. So if you don’t want a “snoozeball” (To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with being a “snoozeball”). However, if you’re looking for that one smart companion, your one smart dog, then read on further to find out what is the smartest dog.

How Can I Adopt a Smart Dog? 

There is no general handbook to pick the perfect, most intelligent dogs. But a few steps might come in handy when looking for your mighty smart pal.

  • You may skim through different dog breeds to find what type suits you and your needs and can adjust to your lifestyle.
  • Keep in mind your geographical location. Some dog breeds have difficulty adjusting to the weather if that’s not their natural habitat. In which case, to keep your runs to the vet low on the off chance that your dog finds it difficult to adjust to the local weather, make sure to find a dog match that can endure the weather of your locality.
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  • If you want to find a dog that instinctively connects with you, visits a local pet shop or dog shelter where you can interact and find a match.
  • If you have a busy lifestyle and cannot find the time to engage with any of the suggestions above, you should check out Petfinder, where you can find an adoptable dog and provide them with a forever home.

What is the Smartest Dog Breeds?

To help you with skimming through dog breeds, we present a list of smartest dogs and some of their appealing qualities. See if you can find your match here. ( We hope you do)

#1 German Shepherd Dog

Ever wondered what is the smartest dog? The most popular dog breed in the United States, German Shepherd dogs are the first on our list. In addition to serving in the military, they also serve as police officers and home security guards. That ought to send out the message. Besides their size, they are also naturally athletic and extremely intelligent. Learning and picking up new skills is very easy for them. They can also serve as domestic dogs so, getting well-trained German Shepherds for a pet is suggested. Worried about what to feed your smart pet, choose the German Shepherd dog food options from the market.

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#2 Border Collie Dog

Border collie dog grabs the second position on the smarty paws list. Considered the perfect shepherding dogs, they are known to protect the sheep flocks across Wales and Scotland. The smartness of these animals extends to learning routines and completing tasks with training. There are a lot of things they are capable of. For years they have performed well at prestigious agility competitions.

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#3 Golden Retriever

It is well-known that golden retrievers are friendly, joyous, bubbly dogs with shiny fur, and they are super smart as well. Your big fluffy dogs are smart enough to be employed as therapy and service dogs. Well-trained golden retrievers can also serve as search and rescue dogs.

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#4 Poodle Dog

As cute and huggable as they look, they are just as smart. The next on our list, Poodles, are excellent hunters and are a breed of water dogs( An aquatic salamander from North America that lives in flowing water). Poodle Dogs have a muscular, lean physique that helps them become great swimmers and retrievers. Make sure to choose the small breed dog food for your furball.

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#5 Doberman Pinscher Dog

The Doberman pinscher dog has been blessed with a great physique and is considered one of the best guard dogs. They are supremely strong and fast but are also amazingly intelligent. They pick up on commands real quick and can get the job done.

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#6 English Springer Spaniels

The English springer spaniel was specifically bred to interact with people in the field. They can quickly learn skills for flushing birds and have a strong aptitude for non-verbal directions. They can also be trained to work from a boat and get accustomed to the sound of gunshots. Maybe taught to work from a boat and quickly become accustomed to the sound of gunshots. 

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#7 Labrador Retriever

This is the most popular dog breed in the United States. They are intelligent and friendly (more often than you). They are incredibly hardworking and are hunting dogs (surprisingly enough). Besides that, they are agile, obedient, and clever.

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#8 Shetland Sheepdogs

As part of its survival skills, this breed is among the most intelligent dog breeds. Shetland sheepdogs are originally herders who are quick to notice and understand things. They have kept track of wandering animals for a long time. A surprising thing is that they enjoy their work.

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#9 Papillon Dogs

The dogs of the Royals and the Nobles are known for their majestic appearance and charming personality. And top of their doggo personality, Papillon dogs have sharp brain that learns new tricks quickly and can put up shows.

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#10 Rottweiler Dogs

Rottweilers are popular protection and guard dogs. It is important not to underestimate their intelligence. They can also pick up new skills super easily.

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#11 Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog is traced back to Australia’s feral dog, the dingo. They were bred by British immigrants to serve the purpose of handling Australia’s harsh heat, rocky terrain, and wide-open areas. One of the best herding dogs, they’re quick learners. It is important to note that though they can adapt to city life, they are happiest when continuously involved in some activity.

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#12 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The small Pembroke Welsh corgi is one of the most popular cattle-herding dogs in the world. Due to their intelligence, they can learn routines, recognize objects, and be left alone for long periods of time (perfect if you’re busy with a 9 to 5 job and can’t provide constant attention.

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#13 Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren were initially trained to be both a herding and a guard dog. Their performance improves when they’re given a challenging task. They are built for an active lifestyle. They pick up commands quickly and know how to get the job done.

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#14 Schipperkes

Built specially for rigorous work, Schipperkes are natural-born ratters and are extremely clever. They have strong hunting tendencies, which makes them curious. Consequently, there might be a situation with their excessive barking.

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#15 Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is a brilliant breed with solid observational skills and pattern identification. They are versatile, pleasant, and quick learners, making them highly trainable and suitable for various tasks.

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With all cards on the table, we believe that all dogs of every shape, size, and origin deserve the same kind of love. Even though all dogs make excellent companions, some are a little more lovably naive than others. However, certain dog breeds stand out from the crowd regarding working intelligence (i.e., obedience to commands). So take your pick, and go find your “floofy.”