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All About Impact Wrench – Uses, Working & Buying Guide

Technological advancements improve and impact humans in every sphere of life. Be it medicine or mechanics, there are abundant advanced tools available to make life easier for the common man. The impact wrench is one such tool that comes into use for everything between a carpentry passion project and fixing faulty machinery. It allows the user to accomplish heavy tasks with efficiency quickly. Here you can have detailed information about what is an impact wrench, its uses and analogy.

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench, also frequently referred to as an impactor, impact gun, air impact wrench, air gun, rattle gun, or torque gun. It is a mechanical tool characterized by its ability to apply a sudden and intense twisting motion. Usually it occurs in short bursts that provide high torque and efficiently screws or unscrews any nut or bolt, no matter how stubborn it may seem otherwise.

Pneumatic impact wrenches are the most professional-grade devices due to their ability to provide the most torque. They are also generally lighter and easy to use but have the disadvantage of having a very high electrical impact. The user will have limited control over the speed and torque exerted by the device.

How do Impact Wrenches Work?

The impact guns contain an air or electric motor which induces twisting motion. The motion not just rotates but also pushes the fastener in the forward direction. It allows you to carry out the task with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. It provides a very high rotational torque which regular drills are incapable of, proving to be a much better and more efficient machine than the latter. This is achieved by an internal hammering mechanism that transfers the kinetic energy generated to the outer shaft, causing it to rotate.

What is a Impact Wrench Used for?

The impact wrench is a highly efficient tool used for assembling or reassembling a project, drilling holes, loosening, or tightening screws. You can perform task even in tight and uncomfortable places with ease of usage. The high torque impact wrench allows the user to unscrew tight or rusty nails, even when other tools fail to make it budge. It is a tool frequently used in automotive industries, for instance, while changing car tires. You can also use it widely in the assembly or maintenance of automobiles and other heavy equipment. It is also an essential tool in construction work.

How to Use an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench, when used right, can save a lot of time and effort on any job it is employed to. You can use it with ease, but extreme caution should be exercised while doing so. Use safety equipment like a pair of gloves, ear , and eye protection while operating equipment to avoid any injury. Since it replaces the ratchet and breaker bars, it makes the removal or tightening of nuts and bolts a much speedier process. It is a tool that has both a forward and a backward switch and allows variable levels of torque that you can adjust according to the task at hand.

Step-1 : Applying Air Pressure

To use it, firstly, it needs to be assembled correctly. This is done by attaching the air pressure unit and the rubber hose to the impact wrench to apply pressure to the right place and maximize the efficacy of your work.

Step-2 : Employ Impact Socket

Next, ensure that it is always run with the Best impact wrench socket set specially designed for that purpose. It usually possesses thicker walls and is flat and black, making it much different from a regular socket. Before changing the socket, make sure you disconnect the power outlet to avoid an electric shock.

Step-3 : Adjust the Torque

Lastly, adjust the torque levels according to what is needed for the task at hand and refrain from subjecting the object to continuous torque action as it may damage it.

Impact Wrench Vs Impact Driver

Mechanically, an impact driver is similar to an impact wrench but is usually incapable of producing the same high torque levels. An impact wrench is deemed more suitable for heavy-duty work, while an impact driver may be better suited for amateurs and people working on home improvements. An impact wrench covers a more extensive range of performances and comes in more task-specific versions. On the other hand, an impact driver is better for users just getting started on construction or carpentry projects. The impact wrench is suitable for working on hex-head fasteners such as nuts, bolts, or timber screws, while an impact driver is better for tasks involving drilling of bits that possess a compatible shank.

Pros & Cons of an Impact Wrench

The pros of impact wrenches include the following:

  • They exert a huge amount of force
  • They allow tasks to be completed faster
  • You can use it to loosen or tighten any screw
  • When used correctly, it can be used to carry out easier and low-powered jobs

The cons of impact wrenches are subsequently listed:

  • Generally more suitable for professionals. It can be challenging for amateurs to figure out their correct usage.
  • They are essentially heavy-duty tools and can be too powerful for home use.
  • Contribute significantly to noise pollution.
  • They may be disturbing to use for an extended period.

What to Look for While Choosing an Impact Wrench?

The following are some factors to consider while choosing an impact wrench:

Power Option

The most common power source choices include air-powered/pneumatic impact wrenches and battery powered cordless impact wrenches, with compressed air power being the most popular choice among buyers. This choice depends on the setup available to the user: if you already have a pneumatic tool system, it may be beneficial to invest in an air-powered impact wrench. If you don’t have access to compressed air, a cordless device would be the best option for you.

Drive Size

The drive size, or anvil size, refers to the distance between the flat edges of the anvil. The most common sizes include 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. 1/2″ and 3/4″ options are slightly larger, while 1/4″ and 3/8″ are deemed to be more suitable for common jobs around the household.


Manufacturers like Ingersoll Rand, Sioux Tools, Chicago Pneumatic, and Cleco are renowned names. You can take your pick amongst these.


It is imperative to pick an impact wrench that offers torque settings to match your requirements. Many wrenches these days offer multiple torque settings. This is beneficial since it allows the user to adjust the torque depending on the task at hand. This helps you avoid over-tightening and saves power. In cordless wrenches, this has the added benefit of helping the battery run longer.

Battery Voltage

A battery powered impact gun with a 20V battery voltage provides a higher power output. So try to get a wench which suits the voltage requirement based on the project you are handling.

Body Type

Impact wrenches come in different styles like corded or cordless. The in-line body style is similar to a large screwdriver. It is sleeker and more suitable for working on tighter and narrower spots. The more commonly used style is pistol-shaped. The user can make their choice depending on their own comfort and needs.

Battery Life

In the case of cordless impact wrenches, battery life is an important factor to consider while making your purchase. It is beneficial to purchase a cordless impact wrench that utilizes the same battery pack or charger as your other devices. You should check the rating such as 1.5Ah or 3Ah; the latter runs much longer.

Ergonomics and Comfort

You should purchase a wrench with excellent ergonomics and a comfortable grip that reduces strain. It’s beneficial to use special vibration-absorbing gloves to reduce the intense vibrations’ strain further.


Battery-powered wrenches with brushless motors are generally more durable and last longer since they have fewer moving parts, reducing the risk of components breaking down. Wrenches with ergonomic handle grips and anti-vibration settings usually have smaller motors and fewer vibrations, reducing the user’s physical strain while using the device.

If you intend to keep it in your car and use it to change tires when needed, a corded electric impact wrenches may be the best choice for you as it does not require an air compressor to function. However, it has the drawback of being more expensive than air tools. It is also much heavier than corded and air versions of this device. Additionally, their battery gets drained very quickly with continuous use.


Impact wrenches can prove to be helpful in a variety of situations. Users are advised to take the necessary precautions while using this device and pick the correct type based on their needs. The user, however, has to be cautious about over-tightening of parts, using mismatched sockets, purchasing the wrong kind or size of wrench.