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All About Wheelbarrow – Definition, Design, Working & Uses

With its various alternatives and easy use, the wheelbarrow has gained the attention of many people. Those who are new to this term might be wondering, what is a wheelbarrow? No need to get perplexed. Here’s the simple answer to this question.

What is a Wheelbarrow?

It is an effective tool like a small open vehicle having a tray, one wheel, and two handles. The tool will carry or move things from one place to another. It can also be considered as a small container or a cart. Keep on scrolling as we elaborate more about the wheelbarrow’s components, functioning, and uses.

Components & Design

Wheelbarrows are simple small carts to carry heavy loads of materials. A wheelbarrow is composed of simple parts. Traditionally designed wheelbarrows have three main components: a tray, one wheel, and two handles.


The tray is one of the chief components of the wheelbarrow. It is the part of the tool where you place the load or the material to carry. Mainly, the tray is made of steel, metal, or plastic. The tray can also be referred to as a bin or bed.


The second essential component of the wheelbarrow is the wheel. The wheel is beneath the end of the tray or bed. This wheel position makes it effortless to carry the load and dump it later. Most commonly available devices are 2 wheel wheelbarrow, but one wheel is more convenient.


The third and another prominent part is handle. These handles emerge from the opposite ends of the tray. There are two handles in every wheelbarrow to make it easier to carry loads. These handle material is either metal or wood. And the ends of these handles are two hand grips for easy handling of the device.

How Does a Wheelbarrow Work?

  1. Wheelbarrows are easy-to-use and convenient tools designed to divide the load of heavy materials.
  2. Wheelbarrows are a compound vehicle. This tool consists of three simple machines, the wheel, an axle, and a lever makes it possible to reduce the effort required to push the wheelbarrow.
  3. The lever minimizes the effort required to push the tool. Lever has a resistance arm and an effort arm. Along with these, it also has a fulcrum.
  4. The wheel acts as a fulcrum that allows the device to perform the pivot up and down motion.
  5. The wheel and the axle (located at the wheel’s center) help move the tool without friction. This makes it easier to push and pull the trolley.
  6. In this way, it becomes easy to use for carrying heavy loads.

Uses of a Wheelbarrow

Most people think that wheelbarrows are for gardening work. And they are not wrong in this context. Some small garden wheelbarrows are a very effective and useful tool in gardening. Nevertheless, wheelbarrows are made to have many applications in not just gardening but in other fields too. Let’s have a look at many vital applications of wheelbarrows.


Starting with the most common and obvious use of wheelbarrows, gardening. A yard wheelbarrow is an essential gardening tool that every gardener should own. The uses of the wheelbarrow in gardening are:

  • Moving large bags of soils from the garden, loading garden waste and plant waste.
  • To load supplies, tools, equipment, compost, or other debris.
  • You can also use it for loading sticks, stones, and other hard materials from the garden. So you can easily mow your garden with the lawnmower.
  • Move and transport small plants, shrubs, dry leaves, and pruned overgrown branches.
  • Wheelbarrows are also used to carry fertilizers, water, bricks, and small gardening tools.


A wheelbarrow is now being frequently used in farming. Farmers see this tool as very useful equipment which is useful for several purposes. Some of the applications in farming are:

  • A wheelbarrow can play the role of a dustbin on the farm when needed. One can easily use it to carry and move waste materials of animals.
  • You can also use tools for carrying seeds and fertilizers.
  • This tool is useful for watering crops, you can carry water in the wheelbarrow to water the plants and for another purpose.
  • Shifting harvested crops, moving and transporting plants, carrying fruits and vegetables, and even carrying fodder for your animals.


Concrete wheelbarrows are widely usedful in construction activities. On construction sites, you can use it for several purposes. The various applications of the wheelbarrow in construction are:

  • A wheelbarrow can carry supplies, tools, building materials, and moving heavy loads that are difficult to carry by bare hands.
  • A large wheelbarrow is also used as a container to mix concrete and cement.
  • In construction sites, dirt, dust, and debris are inescapable problems. A best wheelbarrow for concrete can also carry the various debris and wastes produced from the construction works.


Wheelbarrows have many vital roles in landscaping. Unlike gardening, farming, and construction works, this tool has flexibility in this field. A landscaping wheelbarrow can carry compost, soil, garden debris, wastes, and small plants.

This tool is also used to move bricks, rocks, and large plants. You can also mix fertilizers in this small cart. Along with small and large plants, it can also carry trees, shrubs, sticks, gravels, and desired tools and equipment required for landscaping.

Final words

Suppose you are planning to give a new look to your surroundings or plant some new seeds. Then, using a wheelbarrow will be great. It is a simple yet effective tool for reducing the load off your back. It will reduce the efforts required to carry heavy materials and avoid any strain on the back. Various wheelbarrows are available with different designs and sizes based on wheelbarrow capacity. If you have small storage space then you can opt for foldable wheelbarrows. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. This tool makes your task fun and more accessible.