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Kitchen Utility Knife Uses & Types of Blades

What is a utility knife? It is simply one of the handiest tools any of us can think of in our kitchens. Built with a size limit of about 10cm to 18cm ( 4 to 7″ ideally, exceptions exist according to specialisation), utility knives are quite the show-stealers. Smaller than a chef’s knife but bigger than a paring one, this midway tool proves to be essential in today’s world. How, you ask? Well, there are many uses to a utility knife, out of which let us learn about some pretty popular ones here.

What is a Kitchen Utility Knife Used for?

The purpose of utility knife is simple to say by its name, but there is a lot more to know about its uses. Read further to know what are utility knives used for in the kitchen.

1. For Fruits and Veggies

Before anything, a utility knife is a perfect tool for cutting any produce with soft-ish to medium-firm skins or coverings. Apples, tomatoes, lemons, and so on are some very good examples that an individual can cut with this tool. Unfortunately, when it comes to paring knives, they can often be too short for cutting vegetables effectively. So using a utility knife for vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., is the best bet. Moreover, even for zucchini and cucumber, this utensil is too perfect of a tool to bring into action. Besides, often referred to as a “Tomato knife,” a utility knife would be gladly doing its job for all your round cut fruit and veggie salads.

2. For Cheeses and Soft Meats

This utility knife’s structure makes straight edge cuts, becoming ideal for slicing cheese, soft meats, or even fruit platters. Thus, those who want to cut medium to hard blocks of cheese into slices or cubes can go for this kitchen utensil. Furthermore, with this cutter, a person can neatly cut their wheels of cheese in no time.

Coming to meats like sausages, salami, and pepperoni, that need cutting with great efficiency, a utility knife will prove to be ideal. Besides, when cutting chicken breasts or smaller fish fillets, even opening shellfish or clams comes off as an extremely easy task for this tool. Besides, this one has an improvised variant, a sandwich spreader, traditionally seen as a broad, flexible, and almost spatula-like tool for cutting components used in a sandwich.

3. For Cutting Bread And Other Products

Utility knives are extremely useful when it comes to cutting bread. A utility knife is able to cut through the bread without much effort and because of how it is designed it does not even end up putting much pressure on the bread, entering the surface like a saw, and leaving a clean cut. Unique design of a utility knife makes it easier for users to fully cut through a loaf of bread without having to set their hands in an awkward and uneasy position. Due to its shape and size, this tool meant for cutting bread fits a household and professional workspace equally well.

Utility knives are extremely useful when it comes to cutting bread. This kind of cutter can cut through the bread without much effort. Plus, because of its design, it does not put much pressure on the bread, entering all surfaces like a saw, leaving a clean cut. With a unique structure, all users can fully cut through the loaf of bread without setting their hands in an awkward and uneasy position. Thus, due to all these reasons, a utility knife meant for cutting bread fits a household and professional workspace equally well.

If you are looking forward to baking loaves of bread as your hobby, you will enjoy using this one. Moreover, you can also break nuts in half or cut herbs and other green produce fresh from your garden or the store with it. As discussed earlier, this utensil ends up scoring the highest when it comes to making sandwiches and related products. It helps make clean cuts without offering pressure, saving the fillings from falling out, which is a common problem with other knives that we use.

Types of Utility Knives

There are 6 different types of utility knives. Actually, we need to say blade types, coz Utility Knife itself is a type. Now, getting in to the types of blades

  1. Rounded Tip Blades
  2. Pointed Tip Blades
  3. Scalloped Edge Blades
  4. Snap-Off Blades
  5. Serrated Edge Blades

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As discussed, a utility knife can be the best fit for all of our everyday kitchen chores. From preparing your morning breakfast sandwich to your hobby-based bread making and crafting, there’s just this one simple tool that you would need. However, be careful in choosing the right size for yourself as you will get a range of sizes for different uses according to every situation.