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How Much PSI Do I Need in a Pressure Washer? – Tips for Choosing the Best PSI

Choosing the right PSI for a pressure washer can be tough and a baffling decision. First, you decide to remove those stubborn stains, specks of dust, dirt, or mud from objects and surfaces. The foremost thing that comes to your mind might be using a pressure washer because pressure washers are such a spanking choice when removing some stubborn stains. But before using them, you need to consider a few things. What is a good PSI for a pressure washer? How to choose the right PSI? How much water does it use? and so on. So, here you can get all the information you are looking for.

3 Different Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are great tools to remove unwanted dust and stains. To save time and energy, one should have a pressure washer in their home. This tool also varies in its shape, size, and design with its varying uses. Apart from this, you can select this tool depending on the degree of pressure you need to remove dirt. There are different types of pressure washers available in the market. Therefore, one can purchase a particular type of this tool according to their needs. Check out these helpful tools.

1. Electric Power Pressure Washer

As their name suggests, this pressure washer uses electricity to run. These are the most commonly used pressure washers that are easy to operate. Also, they are cost-effective when compared to other pressure washers. You can conveniently use this to clean surfaces like gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

A typical electric pressure washer uses around 1,500 watts of electric power per hour. This power consumption equals 12.5 amps when in use. In addition, due to their lower PSI, they do not make much noise and don’t require any additional maintenance. Thus, these kinds of pressure washers are economical and conducive to use.

2. Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are very effective in removing stubborn stains. Oil and grease stains can be easily removed from surfaces using this tool. However, hot water pressure washers cost more than the other pressure washers.

Generally, this tool is used in the automotive industry to remove oil stains. In addition, hot water washers have an enhanced ability to clean as they can easily break the molecular bonds of oil and grease.

3. Petrol Pressure Washer

Petrol pressure washers are another common pressure washers used by several people for commercial and personal use. The gas engines which are fixed in them can generate the highest water pressure. As a result, petrol washers can produce high levels of PSI as compared with other electric pressure washers. These are best suited for professional use as they need heavy maintenance and more power.

It can easily wash away heavy and dogged dirt caked on surfaces. Also, unlike electric pressure washers, these do not require any power outlet to plug in. So you can use a petrol pressure washer to clean your driveways, patios, decking, sheds, motorbikes, and many more.

How much Water Flow does a Pressure Washer Take?

The flow rate of a pressure washer is another factor that one must keep in mind. When you buy a new pressure washer, it’s important to know how much water flow it will need. High PSI means a high flow rate. Different pressure washers have different PSI and flow rates.

Some people consider pressure washers as a tool that wastes water. But is that the truth? On average, a standard pressure washer takes about 120 to 140 gallons of water per hour. That means a typical pressure washer will take 400 to 600 liters of water to operate. However, this amount is still less than what garden hoses need to operate. Read on the below pressure washer PSI charts to understand more clearly.

Power Washer PSI Chart

Light Duty (Electric)Medium Duty (Gas)Heavy Duty (Gas)Extra Heavy Duty (Gas)
Ideal forLight Vehicle washing, Outdoor furniture, playsets, grills, small decks and patiosHeavy vehicle washing, decks, siding, fences and boatsHeavy vehicle washing, decks, siding, fences and boatsConstruction site cleaning jobs, truck fleet maintenance

What is a Good PSI for a Pressure Washer?

When you purchase a pressure washer, the critical fact is that how much PSI washer do I need? Even when you go to a shopkeeper, he will ask you the same question.

  • For instance, if you want to clean some dust or dirt from a surface, you will need less psi.
  • But if you want to clean mud from your garden sidewalks or driveways, it will require more power.
  • Apart from this, cleaning oil and grease from a surface will need more power. Because these stains are not easily removed.

The answer to your question simply depends upon your needs. Yes, it depends on what surface you will use it and remove what you will use it. Different surfaces require different pressure to remove dirt. Below we have provided a chart that will help you know the right PSI for your power washer. Have a look at these charts and decide mindfully before purchasing the tool.

Recommended PSI for Pressure Washer

Pressure WashersConsumerSemi-ProProfessional
Water TemperatureColdColdCold/Warm/Hot

What PSI Pressure Washer Do I Need for Different Applications?

PSI Requirement per Application1500 PSI2600 PSI3000 PSI4000 PSI
Bikes & ScootersXXXX
Decks & DocksXXX
Cedar FenceXXX
Boats & ATVsXX
Home SidingsXX
Asphalt DrivewayXX
Industrial EquipmentX
Graffiti & Paint StrippingX


Is 2000 PSI good for a pressure washer?

2000 PSI is strong and good enough if you are using a pressure washer for large home projects.

Is 1700 PSI good for a pressure washer?

As mentioned in the above chart, 1700 PSI is good for light duty applications.

Final Observation

Pressure washers are a great tool to have your surroundings clean. This tool is excellent for cleaning and saving one’s time and energy. Determining the PSI needed for your pressure washer might be a tough task. But if you acknowledge your needs clearly, you can readily find the right PSI pressure washer. Talking about the flow rate, it depends upon the way and tasks you are using it for. It is recommended to buy a light pressure washer if you do not need it for some heavy cleaning. In this way, it will be economical and consume less water.