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All About Dual Fuel Generators – Basics, Analogy & Types

Due to the sudden and provocative advancement in technology, life has become easier for us as far as the task of energy generation is concerned. Power Generators have become real life-savers as their usage is getting common these days. Development and propagation of the Dual-Fuel Technology have been a milestone towards power generation during emergencies. Let’s understand more about What is a dual fuel generator and its technology.

What Does Dual Fuel Mean?

It is an innovative method to reduce fuel consumption in power generators by replacing the necessity of the primary fuel with a secondary fueling agent. In other words, by working on both natural gas and diesel, a dual powered generator will reduce the consumption of the other depending on a user’s circumstance and a fuel’s availability. Thus, this technology will become useful in all situations. One can easily count on it for power during any emergencies.

What is a Dual-Fuel Generator?

Most conventional generators work on single-fuel technology. As their name suggests, an individual can choose gasoline or propane as the resource. Power generators that depend upon a single fuel have a high chance of running out of fuel during critical situations.

How Does Dual Fuel Generator Work?

The dual-fuel generators are largely portable and use a combination of 2 fuels, propane or gasoline and natural gas. It means one can easily shift the usage of a particular fuel according to their need, the power output they need etc. Moreover, these generators have fewer chances of running out of fueling agents simultaneously. Hence, those with variable power requirements should choose this kind of generator.

Dual Fuel Vs Bi-Fuel Technologies

Both these terms are often misinterpreted. But they have their own differences, and thus it is necessary to understand the importance of these technologies appropriately.

Bi-Fuel System

In simple words, a Bi-fuel system will enable the engine to work with 2 fueling agents that cannot be used simultaneously. Its engine automatically shifts onto using one or the other fuel during operation. Besides, this system’s machinery may not work as efficiently as possible as there will be no desirable fueling agent.

Dual-Fuel System

Coming to a dual-fuel system, the machinery can operate with 2 fueling agents, where its engine can easily use both fuels simultaneously. Meaning, this system’s generator will use a mixture of both types of fuels during operation. However, the problem of revving its engine may arise. Most dual-fuel machinery will demand the availability of a specific fueling agent that can generate sufficient energy to replace any fuel consumption at a later stage.

Advantages of Using a Dual-Fuel Generator

Let us talk about dual-fuel generator’s various advantages:

Best at Times of Emergencies

Most obvious benefit of hybrid generators is that a person can count on them during any unusual events ranging from a shortage of fuel at the gas stations to a severe hike in the fuel prices and a sudden change in weather conditions etc. One can categorically reduce fuel consumption by manually adjusting a specific fuel usage.

No Need for Fuels In Bulk

A bi fuel generator will help automatically eliminate the problem of storing a large quantity of fuel unnecessarily. It is because a mixture of fueling agents generates power. If at all an individual runs out of a single fuel, the transition over the other agent remains convenient and accessible. Even some are available as dual fuel electric start generator for easy usage.


Compared to single-fuel conventional generators, dual-fuel ones are a one-time investment for a safe and secure power output during unforeseen events. Purchasing these may have a decent impact on our pocket, but all additional costs of storage and refueling become negligible over time.

Alternative for Power Generation

Even though these generators use fossil fuels for operation, the amount of exhaustible fuel used remains significantly less. You can use these as an alternate power supply source for your RV or garage. If you are supplying for a whole house then you can go for large dual fuel inverter generator. Moreover, transitioning to the other eco-friendly fueling agent becomes easier and more efficient. Thus, a combination of conventional and non-conventional fueling agents proves to be more environmentally-friendly.

Disadvantages of Dual-Fuel Generators

We must consider certain disadvantages while investing in these generators, which include:

Availability of a Desirable Fuel Varies

Due to the varied geography worldwide, the fueling agent, either primary or secondary, may not be available in abundance. For example- even if you purchase diesel or gasoline, the secondary fuel, i.e., natural gas is not likely available everywhere.

Expensive in Cost

Technology upon which the dual-fuel generators work is more advanced and innovative. So, it is a fact that these technologically advanced pieces of machinery will be expensive and therefore not affordable by everyone.

Complex to Understand and Operate

Operating this dual-fuel generator involves intricate precision and attention. It is necessary to monitor the machine’s working manually from time to time. However, the availability of certain advanced features will automatically alleviate any risks of malfunctioning. Therefore, managing these generators will demand adequate care and caution.

1. Can a dual fuel generator run on natural gas?

Ans: Yes, Dual fuel genrators can run on natural gas.

2. Are natural gas and propane interchangeable in dual fuel generators?

Ans: Yes,As the name suggests it is a dual fuel genrator and can run on both fuels efficiently.


Emergencies can arise at any point of time in our lives. Problem of power shortage is gaining prominence over these years. So, individuals must take relevant measures to ensure that they remain ready for any unforeseen power outage and conveniently tackle such situations. Furthermore, dual gas generator are a good option to avoid this menace of effective power management. However, we need to adopt a sustainable approach towards the environment so that the resources available for us are available for our future generations too!