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All About Chop Saw – Is it Better than a Mitre Saw?

Are you looking for some square and angled cuts in the wood you use? – A chop saw can do it. You might wonder what is a Chop Saw? It is a motorized power tool used for woodworking to make straight cuts in wood accurately. It has many advantages, but the top among them is its precise cuts. In addition, it will work faster than a circular saw. In this way, many woodworkers or cabinetmakers depend on using a chop saw rather than buying an additional circular saw.

What’s a Chop Saw Machine?

The chop saw has a circular steel blade that spins high speed and starts cutting through the wood when the handle is pushed downwards. There are different types of chop saws available in the market, and depending upon your budget and the need for the cutting, you can choose them wisely. The blade’s sharpness in a chop saw allows the woodworkers to smoothly cut the heavy thick wood. If you want to cut metal, try to use the special chop saw blades for a perfect cut.

When to Use a Chop Saw?

  • If you prefer to do crosscutting and rip cutting, a chop saw will make your work go simpler.
  • Every woodworker is forced to crosscut or rip-cut regularly. So, a chop saw is a necessary tool that every woodworker has in their daily life.
  • Crosscutting is a cutting that has to be done across the wood, and rip cutting is a cutting that is done along with the wood grain.
  • It is the best tool for cutting metals and aluminum, non-ferrous metals, limber, and timber.
  • Also, a chop saw is quite the best choice to cut decking.
  • The only limitation when you cut using a chop saw is the force of the blade, and the dimension of the material that your saw accepts.
  • Precision cuts can be done quickly because your chop saw is well equipped and good at cutting right angles.

So, if you are working on a project that needs only cuts at right angles, with some small adjustments, your chop saw is ready to do it. Now, read on to know the chop saw uses in different fields.

What is a Chop Saw Used For?

Chop Saws are generally larger, and their horsepower is more than a miter saw. Also, if you choose the right blade to work with a chop saw, then it is possible to slice anything into a perfect cut. Mainly, construction workers prefer this saw, as it applies more force to produce a precise cut. While buying blades for your chop saw, be very careful if you will use a toothed variety. A chop saw blade tends to spin at about 5000 RPM, which is much higher than a miter saw spins. So, while using a toothed variety of chop saw, be very careful as it may cause severe injury and be very dangerous.

90-degree angled cuts are possible with chop saws. It will give a crosscut if you pull the blade downwards. Chop saws are designed specifically for a purpose, and that is why you are using them. For example, if you need precise cuts or straight cuts in larger numbers, cut a dense material, or cut a material fast, you have come to the correct place (i.e.) a chop saw can do it.

Types of Chop Saws

1. Metal Chop Saw

The metal chop saw is specifically designed to cut metals in a very fast and clear way. It will create more sparks when cutting metals with the metal chop saw. Try to wear safety gear before proceeding with your work.

Line up all your metal and with an abrasive blade, firmly press the handle and start pulling the blade in the downward direction. Remember not to force the blade too much because the metal chop saw can function well in its way. However, the chop saw comes with various blades, so it is necessary to choose the right blade for your work to go smoother.

2. Wood Chop Saw

It is one of the most common types you have ever heard about. It is more effective when doing 90-degree cuts, but remember to do only the straight cuts with this tool. This chop saw for wood is more helpful for framers but not for trim contractors. Why, because it is for framers, it can cut thousands of boards of a certain length, and for trim contractors, the main downside of this tool is it can’t do any angled cuts.

Safety precautions have to be taken before you use the wood chop saw. It is very powerful, and it can even twist your hand or throw a piece of wood towards you while you are working with it.

3. Abrasive Chop Saw

This blade is mainly designed to cut masonry products. The blade in the abrasive chop saw looks like a grinder, and it is very helpful to cut materials like concrete, tiles, asphalt, etc., by grinding them into pieces. It is not like traditional chop saws, but as a traditional saw, it can move in the upward and downward direction, but the difference here is with the blade it uses.

4. Compound Chop Saw

The compound chop saw is nothing but a compound miter saw. Why, because is, the compound movement done by a compound chop saw categorizes it as a compound miter saw. The work of a chop saw is to move in the upwards and downwards direction, but no angled or compound movements can be done with this. So, if your cutting saw moves in the up and down direction and does angle or compound movements, it is a mitre saw and not a chop saw.

Miter Saw vs Chop Saw

Is a chop saw a miter saw? Both the chop saw and miter saw are designed to cut materials. But the difference is chop saws are mainly used on construction sites or in production companies, and the miter saw is used mainly for woodworking.

  • Mitre saw is mainly used for cutting wood, but at the same time, if you use the chop saw to cut wood, it will do the work, but the result will not be a satisfying one.
  • Mitre saw cuts plastic material very easily. Again, a chop saw will cut it, but the results will not be satisfactory. So, prefer a miter saw for cutting plastic materials.
  • A miter saw won’t slice masonry materials, but it can be done easily with a chop saw.
  • Chop saw is best for metal cutting rather than going with the miter saw.
  • A miter saw cuts through composites, and a chop saw can also do this, but the result produced will not be accurate as a miter saw.
  • Chopping through concrete is done perfectly with a chop saw, which is not the case with the miter saw.

Checking for the cutting saws that are crucial for completing your work quickly and with maximum speed determines which saw suits your work the most. In addition, if you want to avoid the expensive repair bills, it is very important to know the limitations of the saws you will use for your work. For example, if you are constructing a house from the ground up to a level, all you need is a chop saw, and at the same time, you will need a carpenter with a miter saw for the finishing touch.


Depending upon the cutting speed, the capacity, the preferred cut, and the type of material, it’s your choice to decide which cutting saw fulfills your work purpose. In general, professionals prefer chop saws because of their powerful features for cutting a larger number of materials at 90-degree angles.

To find the cutting saw that best satisfies you, whether you are working with wood, metal, or other types of materials. If you decide to buy a chop saw, it mostly depends on your budget and the materials you cut regularly. On the other hand, if you prefer a miter saw, this mainly depends on your work applications and the dimension of your workpiece.