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Is A Brushless Drill Worth Buying?

A drill is a versatile tool, it rotates at an extremely high speed and is ideal for making holes. It is an essential tool found in the inventory of any woodworker. Many varieties of drills are available in the market. A Brushless drill is an improved version of standard drill that uses an electrical motor to function. Brushed drills dominated the market for over a decade. They use carbon brushes which have many disadvantages. However, brushless drills are more modernized. But what makes a brushless drill worth buying?

What is a Brushless Drill?

A drill consists of a motor, and it creates a rotatory motion of the armature. On the other hand, a brushless drill comes with a brushless motor. It is a cordless drill that converts electrical power to mechanical movement. This is done by the attracting and repelling actions of a magnet that make the shaft spin. The brushless motor is powering the drill therefore, it has the qualities of a brushless motor. Therefore, there are a lot of brushless drills available in the market.

What is a Brushless Motor?

Brushless motors are slightly different. As the name suggests, it is an electric motor with no brushes. The BLDC motor converts alternating current into direct current. Moreover, electronics optimize the power output to the stator. This creates an electromagnetic field that drives a permanent magnet around the rotor. More giant magnets are mounted directly to the rotor, and a larger armature surrounds these magnets.

This armature has an attached circuit board that acts as a bit of a brain. It controls the armature charge, causing the magnets on the rotor to spin. Moreover, it comes with both analog and digital methods. Finally, it is switched electronically, making it working very complex but efficient.

Brushless vs. Brushed Drill- What’s the Difference?

SizeLarge and heavySmall and light
MaintenanceBrushes to be changed every 50-60 hours of useRuns for longer up to 1000 hours
LongevityLasts less long as it heats up fast.Lasts up to 50% more
PowerMore battery, less powerLess battery, more power
SmartManual settings for torque, speed, and powerAutomatically adjusts itself according to the project
StructurePowered by a brush motor which contains brushesPowered by a brushless motor.

What Is a Brushed Motor?

The brush motor uses a pair of carbon brushes to transfer DC power to the armature’s commutator. It creates an electromagnetic field that repels against the permanent field magnet of the motor, producing rotation of the armature.

Brushless vs Brushed Motor : How Does it Work?

When you choose maximum brushless, you invest in an innovative premium tool. Traditional brushed motors operate with spring-loaded brushes like brake pads on a car. Brushed motor wear and heat up from friction over time, reducing the life of your tool. Brushless tools utilize an innovative assisted motor, constantly monitoring demand and output. This ensures that the tool delivers optimal performance while enhancing productivity with up to 30 percent runtime benefits over traditional brushed motors.

Ever wondered how does a brushless motor work? The non brushed motor operates as a contact-free design utilizing magnets inside the housing that propel the motor forward or reverse direction. Propulsion magnets enable the tool to run prime in both directions. It enhances productivity, a feature especially beneficial with impact tools where the reverse performance is as important as forward. Maximum brushless tools offer the innovation and performance to deliver on the job site productivity demanded by trade professionals. Maximum performance to build on.


The brushless motor will outperform the brush motor when constantly used side by side for 10 minutes each, and temperature difference was visible. The brushed one heated up to about 65.5 C, whereas the brushless one only got to 40 C, a 25-degree temperature difference. The temperature difference is essential, as the more heat your tool has, the more wear and tear it will have.


Another reason brushless drills are worth the extra money is that they are more efficient. You will get more work from one battery on a brushless tool than you would from one battery in a brushed tool. This means you are changing and charging fewer batteries, keeps you working for longer, and gets the job done faster. If you have to use it every day, get a brushless one.

Brushless motors are just all-around smarter and more efficient to deliver twenty to thirty percent more torque and speed. They will often last for tens of thousands of hours of usage, but they are 30 percent more expensive.

Advantages Of A Brushless Drill Over A Brushed Drill


The tiny circuit board in a tool can even detect feedback from the rotor. So, if you are drilling something soft, the chip will tell it not to work as hard, thereby saving power. If you are drilling something dense, it will pull more power from the battery as needed.

Small and Strong

Because the brushes and the commutators are gone, the tool overall can shrink in size a little bit. Therefore, it can devote more space to the armature and magnets, making the tool more robust.

Energy Efficient

It has no brushes, thus means there is no friction. Friction causes loss of energy. They run on batteries and last 50% more than usual brushed drills. You have to change the batteries less, and its saves energy.

Low Maintenance

A brushed drill consists of brushes that you must change frequently. It is recommended to get them changed after 50 to 60 hours. A brushless drill consists of a brushless motor that does not require any replacement.

Long Lasting

No brushes mean no friction. We know that friction causes wear and tear of the actual tool. In addition, friction causes a lot of heat, and it causes more consumption of the batteries and motor consumption. The working of a brushless drill is about 50% cooler than a regular drill. Less heat means that you can also use the tool for longer.

Less Noise

brushless drills are less noisy. Because there are no brushes involved, no friction occurs. Friction causes sparking and a lot of sounds. Therefore, brushless drills are sound-efficient too.

More Speed

Friction in regular brushed drills slows things down. With a brushless drill, you can experience about 20-30% more power, speed, and torque with the same battery as a brushed drill. They can reach a higher speed. This ensures better performance.


If you are looking for efficiency and longevity, a brushless drill will work wonders for you. It has many advantages over regular brushed drills, however, it is a bit expensive. Remember that a drill is a potent tool, being a brushless drill increases its power. Therefore, always follow proper safety precautions while using one. If you want to work professionally and invest in a tool that lasts longer, we recommend buying a brushless drill. Buy a brushless drill today and sharpen your woodworking skills.