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Different Applications of Bench Grinder – Beginner’s Guide to Use Like a Pro

In this era of modern machinery, doing even most difficult tasks has become easy. Be it cutting wood, producing paper or growing food. So why should working on metallic objects be left behind? Machines like milling machines and bench grinders are making working on metal effortless. Here get some details about what is a bench grinder used for.

What is a Bench Grinder?

A bench grinder is a tool used to grind metal objects. Usually, it is used to sharpen metallic workshop equipment or tools.


A bench grinder is a relatively simple machine. A basic bench grinder has two grinding wheels attached to a table. The bench grinder stand usually has an adjustable height, which can be raised or lowered to the user’s preference. If you are handling simple DIY projexts you can go for mini bench grinders. Grinding wheels are generally of different sizes to be used in a variety of situations.

Types of Grinders

Some bench grinders are made for larger shops, while others cater to small businesses. Although bench grinders are generally a commercial tool, some small ones are designed for home use. home bench grinders are designed to sharpen small objects. Objects like knives, scissors or garden cutter blades can be sharpened using these grinders.

Use Case

Home bench grinders and commercial ones usually produce coarse metal. These machines are not designed for precision grinding work. Metal produced is coarse even when a fine sharpening wheel is used. To get a fine piece of metal, a different type of machine needs to polish it after grinding. bench grinders are basic tools to sharpen, cut or grind metallic and other hard objects.

Feature Set

Every bench grinder seller offers their own feature set. Some offer water trays to cool metal after grinding, others offer lamps, and specialized tool rests. Some brands even provide variable motors to prevent blades from getting too hot. Various features are costly, but they ease using a bench grinder. Which features are necessary and which are not is dependent entirely on personnel preference.

The Bench Grinder is a useful but powerful machine. It is important to take proper safety measures like safety glasses, helmets, and gloves before using them. Bench grinders are simple machines that most people can handle. If you want to improve the usability of the tool you can opt for efficient bench grinder accessories.

What is a Bench Grinder Used for?

While not a necessity, bench grinders are useful machines. The different bench grinder uses include grind, shape, cut and sharpen metal objects without effort. Some situations where a bench grinder is useful are:


As the name bench grinder suggests, these machines are used to grind metals. The sharp edges of a bench grinder can remove large amounts of materials quickly using grindstone wheels. When the tool is used for grinding wood and front edges of metal wheels wear out. Thus, it is important to maintain the device after proper use. Before grinding, it is also important to check the materials the grinding wheel on the grinder can cut. A grinding wheel for a metal such as steel should not be used for softer metals such as copper or aluminum. softer metal will get lodged in the grinding wheel as it is not designed to cut it. This can dislodge the grinding wheel, causing injuries to the user and damage to the machine.


Universally, bench grinders are also used for cutting hard objects like wooden blocks. This is done by holding the object on top of the tool rest and rotating it in the direction of the grinding wheel slowly. When an object makes contact with the wheel, it is best to rotate the object until it splits in two. Rotating objects is important as this will reduce heat build-up, which can cause a fire. It also helps in getting a clean cut. After cutting an object, it is recommended to dip hot ends in water to temper them.


Bench grinders are also used to sharpen metallic objects. This function is useful when sharpening metal objects like knives, lawnmower blades and saw blades. Sharpening is best done by slow grinding with wheel. This helps reduce chances of blade or tool overheating. Tools made of metals like steel are hardened by heat when they are made. Increasing the tool’s temperature can undo this artificial hardening, making the tool soft.

Rust Removal

Metal tools rust quite quickly, especially those made of iron. This process is further boosted in humid and wet climates. A bench grinder helps to remove this rust from metallic tools. This function is useful when repairing buildings and other structures like metal benches. A slow spinning grinding wheel best does rust removal. A fast grinding wheel can damage tools.

Giving Shape

A bench grinder makes it easier to shape the surface of metal workpieces than other tools. To shape metal on a grinder, start by placing a piece to carve on the grinding wheel. Then move forward and backward to grind off useless parts. Hold the object firmly and move slowly with steady legs. This will permit a wide range of shaping and ensure that the grinding wheel doesn’t dislodge.

While grinders can be used to complete many tasks, proper care must be taken when using them. It is also important to know the proper method of using a bench grinder before grinding metal.

How to Use a Bench Grinder?

A bench grinder, if not used properly, is a dangerous machine. It is important to read and follow instructions properly like any machine. However, there are some basic steps that one has to follow no matter the type of bench grinder:

1. Preparation

When using a grinder, wear protective glasses, steel-toed or any other strong boots for safety. Also, wear earplugs and a face cover to protect yourself from fine metal dust. It is best not to wear loose clothing that might get stuck in the grinding wheel.

2. Safety Check

Before using a grinder, ensure that grinding wheels are properly secured to the bench. Check tool rest to see if it’s in the correct place. Ensure that there is enough space to push and pull the object when grinding. Clear objects which will not come in use from around the bench grinder. Also, fill a bucket of water and place it near the grinder to cool metal if it overheats.

3. Using Grinder

After powering the bench grinder, wait for it to reach maximum/pre-set speed. Then, place the object to grind on tool rest. After that, slowly push it forward until it touches the edge. Stop there and make sure the object doesn’t touch the sides of the grinder.

4. Cooling Metal

During grinding, a need to cool metal objects might arise. This happens when an object becomes too hot. To cool metal, dip it into a water bucket previously placed nearby. Keep your face at a distance from the bucket to avoid steam created when a hot object enters cool water.

A bench grinder in the right hand is a very useful tool. It makes short work of grinding, sharpening, cutting etc. That said, it is important to read the safety manual and follow it properly. Only when used safely is it a functioning tool.


A bench grinder is used to shape/grind/cut metallic or other hard objects. It is a simple-to-use machine in essence. Since machines function with blades, proper safety measures must be adopted. Otherwise, it can become a life hazard. Thus, it is best to properly learn about and use proper method to operate a bench grinder.