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[Beginner’s Guide] What is a Two Stage Snow Blower & How it Works

That winter time of year has almost arrived when you will desperately need a Snowblower. Playing with snow for a while might sound interesting but shoveling snow by hand in the blistering cold is tough. Therefore, a snowblower at your place can assist you in cleaning up the mess and save your time and effort. This machine can efficiently slide through snow-covered lanes, driveways, footways, and other regions. However, people usually struggle to choose between the single-stage and the two-stage snowblower. For this purpose, we have tried to assimilate all the information you need to know about what is a 2 Stage Snow Blower along with its benefits and working.

What is a 2 Stage Snow Blower?

There is not much difference between two stage snow blowers and single-stage models. The only apparent difference is the separately powered snow thrower.
Two-stage or dual-stage snow blowers are huge machines with self-propelled transmission systems. The feature that distinguishes it from other blowers is its ability to move forward and reverse. This enables the driver to move freely in all directions at equal speed.

The dual-stage snow blowers are equipped with multiple drive pulleys and belts. These help move auger, impeller, and self-propelled wheels. 2-stage snow blowers don’t do whole surface cleaning as the specially designed auger doesn’t touch the ground. This feature helps avoid damaging pieces of gravel getting in contact with your snow blower’s auger. Unlike one stage blowers, both auger and impeller are the main components of a dual-stage snowblower.

How Does 2 or Double Stage Snow Blowers Work?

The snow removal process in a two-stage snowblower. They work in two-phase and therefore it differentiates them from the other blowers.

  1. Firstly, all the blowers perform a basic function. The auger collects the snow from the surface.
  2. After the snow is scooped, the separate main component Impeller throws the collected snow out of the machine. This function varies in one stage snow blowers.
  3. When a blower uses an impeller, the snow is pushed into the machine to break down dense snow further.
  4. Steer the wheels to the place you need to clear the snow. Then the two-stage blower works further in two steps. The first step remains the same, and then both the rotating auger and impeller work jointly and use the power generated by the engine.
  5. The high-power engine facilitates removing the snow at a greater pace by breaking the snow or ice.
  6. The impeller continuously rotates at high speed and throws the snow almost 50-60 inches away through the chute.

Benefits of Using a Two Stage Snowblower

Two-stage snow blowers are an ideal choice when it comes to finding your way through all types of snow-covered lanes or any surface.

  • Clearing Gravel Walkways or Driveways: Only clear the snow without getting in contact with the ground.
  • Equipped with Steel Auger: The steel auger helps the 2 stage snowblowers in lifting heavy snow.
  • Freehand Control: No force or push is required for clearing the road. The driver only needs to steer the blower. These Power steering mechanics are a boon in harsh winter conditions when the hands of the user become numb.
  • Clearing of Huge Snow Mountains can be used effectively to cut deep snow mountains formed after a snowfall.
  • Power-Assisted Wheels help drive the two-stage snowblower and help the user when clearing up snow on slopes and large areas.
  • Huge Auger and Quick Discharge: It helps process more snow in the same amount of time, ultimately saving time.
  • Works on Wet and Heavy Snow: The specially designed chute and blower can clear damp snow without any major tussle.
  • Exposed Blades: The blades of 2 stage snow throwers are not covered with rubber and have sharp blades. This allows the two-stage snow blower to cut through dense snow better and faster.
  • Headlights: This aids the driver in removing the snow even in the dark.


Two-stage snow blowers have several characteristics and benefits that make them fit for use. The steps mentioned above show how user-friendly a two-stage snowblower can be. It has a freehand control, dual-trigger steering, electric chute and deflectors, and heated hand grips. This makes it easier to handle and control without any professional course. It has proved from time to time that it’s a great alternative for removing snow easier, quicker, and more comfortably. However, the only drawback is that they normally leave a thin layer of snow behind. This creates a slightly uneasy and slippery surface and is difficult to walk after the snow has cleared. Therefore, it becomes crucial to purchase a 2 stage electric or gas snow blower that fits in the features required of the user.