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Dog Bite Force| Top Dog Breeds with PSI Measurements

Dogs, one of the most loyal creatures on this earth, have managed to occupy an important place in both humans’ houses and hearts. The majority of households adopting a pet dog show the existence of a strong bond between humans and dogs. Dogs not only differ in size and shape but also in their biting forces. Even bites of a few dog breeds can prove to be fatal to human beings. Therefore, it gets essential to understand the biting potential of different dog breeds. Here is the complete information about what dog has the strongest bite and bite strength of distinct breeds of dogs and the measurement unit used to know their biting force.

How Do you Measure a Dog’s Bite Force?

Measuring the force of a dog bite is essential because it affects the dog’s training requirements and helps in finding out how a specific dog breed can adapt to certain conditions. For obtaining data about the strongest bite force dogs, remote measuring devices can measure the amount of pressure exerted. Dogs apply a different amount of force while eating and encountering something they find a threat. In such scenarios, digital bite meters help provide the desired results.

There are two methods available to measure the bite force in dogs. The first method involves testing the bite strength in the dog’s awake state or by giving anesthesia and then measuring in vivo. The second method involves calculating the bite force using the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) or a lever model. However, it can still be difficult to measure the bite strength as the maximum potential is realized only when the dog faces any threatening situation and becomes extremely aggressive.

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What’s PSI for a Dog Bite?

PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch, is used for computing what dog has the strongest bite. This measuring unit provides the amount of pressure exerted during a dog bite. However, PSI is not a unit designed exclusively for obtaining the details of a dog’s bite force. It is a standard unit that can measure anything having pressure, i.e., from tire pressure to the quantum of pressure at the atmospheric sea level.

It is quite common to think that a more giant dog will exert more force while biting than a smaller dog. But this fact is true to some extent only. The reason is that the force of a bite depends on several factors, including the body size of dogs, the type of jaw shape they possess, and their skull size. Further, the material of the object they are biting also influences their biting strength and can differ drastically for different materials. An interesting point about dog bites is that people don’t know about variations in the strength of bites of relatively more minor dogs.

What Dog Has the Strongest Bite?

There are many different dog breeds in the world, each with their own unique abilities and traits. So what dog has the strongest bite? Some dog breeds are known for being particularly strong, and their bite force is often a reflection of that strength. In this article, we will be discussing the top 7 dog breeds with the strongest bite force:

#1 Kangal Shepherd Bite Force – 743 psi

Kangal, the Turkish dog breed, is known for having great potential to generate force while biting has the strongest dog bite force psi level. Its bite force crossing the 700-mark, this breed has three times more bite strength than the Doberman. Kangal remains very protective of their family and can do anything in their defense.

But raising this breed is challenging as you have to become a pack leader for them and provide the training using dog training whistle so as to make them good pet dogs. Get successful in teaching them every aspect and making them familiar with your environment. Kangal can become your powerful and protective friend.

#2 Cane Corso Bite Force – 700 psi

Are cane corso dangerous? Of course yes. Cane Corso, also known as Italian Mastiff, is located in the southern region of Puglia. Earlier, they were present throughout the country (Italy)but now have only become restricted to the Puglia region. They are muscular as compared to other Mastiff breeds. Due to this reason, Cane Corso bite force is 700.

They don’t look massive and weigh around 110 pounds. The owner must pay special attention while training them to meet strangers. Being an intelligent dog, it is pretty simple to teach them. It can learn different things within a few training sessions. You can prefer long walks and plenty of exercises to make them happy.

#3 Tosa Inu Bite Force – 556 psi

Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed of dog that looks somewhat like a combination of Great Dane, Mastiff, and Bulldog. The size of the dogs of this breed justifies their biting strength and is quite significant for becoming a pet. The risk factor associated with Tosa Inu is that they can become aggressive if proper training is not given to them and they are not made familiar within a few months of adoption.

It further creates problems in integration with the owner and family. But once they are correctly trained, they remain friendly and loyal to children and adults and show affection to those they care about. It is necessary to pay attention when interacting with dogs of another breed as they often become violent and consider the person or thing a threat to their families. Tosa Inu bite force is almost 556 psi.

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#4 English Mastiff Bite Force – 552 psi

English Mastiff is an outstanding dog breed known for its affection and energy. They are large and ensure to treat children and adults in a similar lovable manner. However, it is pretty challenging for the owner to train an English Mastiff because of their exceptionally strong will and size. Regardless, English Mastiff bite force is 552 psi.

Therefore, it is essential to provide them with a huge amount of space so they don’t get physically or mentally bored and can enjoy themselves properly. A positive thing about English Mastiff is that even though they have the strength to easily hurt anyone with their jaws, they prevent doing so because of their even temperament and loving nature.

#5 Dogo Argentino Bite Force – 500 psi

Dogo Argentino, a South American dog breed, is a highly social creature capable of becoming one of the most loyal companions of humans. Developed in Argentina, this dog breed has the potential to protect its owner from any threat. Dogo Argentino bite force is 500 psi. Fast reflexes with a heavy stature create a sense of fear among several persons and animals. They are also perfect for dealing with wild buffalos and boars.

Despite being too aggressive, Dogo Argentino knows when to attack and when not. Early socialization and appropriate training can make this breed dog an excellent and obedient member of your house. Moreover, they prefer to remain neat and clean and follow every instruction of the owner.

#6 Leonberger Bite Force – 399 psi

Leonberger is a German dog breed that looks like a cuddly teddy bear and is very friendly, especially towards small children and aged people. They are big but gentle enough toward humans. They love to play games and remain lenient towards every family member, including other pets. It is quite easy to train them, and they can easily grow in close-knit families.

They also act as therapy dogs due to their sensitivity trait. But anger issues can make them wild chewers, generating a strong bite pressure of 399 psi. Although these dogs love to spend their time with children, paying attention and supervising them for smooth playing is better.

#7 Akita Inu Bite Force – 350 psi

Akita Inu, another Japanese dog breed, has occupied a special place in the heart of dog lovers because of the working spirit and big heart they own. Despite having such remarkable qualities, this dog breed possesses the capability to grab their enemies to death bed. The bite strength of 350 psi and the scissor-like jaw can make the attack extremely powerful, leading to deadly consequences.

Once they grab something inside their mouth, it is impossible to open it again until they decide to let it go. Although they are cute and possess fluffy coast, their sturdy striking physique creates fear among several people. They dare to put their lives in danger if they find their family and owner in danger.

Is Cane Corso Dangerous?

Cane Corso is aggressive and often considered as one of the strongest bite force dogs and dangerous toward humans and other pets. But it holds only for situations where they need to be appropriately treated. The absence of the right conditions can trigger their level of aggression. Also, suppose you don’t keep them busy and do not focus on making them socialize. In that case, it can lead to continuous aggression problems.

Cane Corso looks dangerous because of its size and strength. Unless they are socialized, it is tough for owners to take them for a walk as it can harm other people and pets roaming around them. A single bite by Cane Corso is powerful enough to cause significant harm to an individual. Even sometimes, it can also lead to death. So, every owner of Cane Corso has to make sure not to treat them inappropriately and keep a check on their temperament and strength levels.


After gaining much information about different dogs with strongest bite force it is found that Kangal has the strongest bite and can exert a maximum pressure of 743 psi. This figure shows that dogs, the loyal friends of humans, have enough potential to injure anyone who tries to mistreat them. Even death can be a result of their bites. Although dog bite force is not an aspect that everyone looks for, it is essential to remember the psi numbers before adopting any one of them. These facts can help owners plan their dogs’ training sessions accordingly and make them perfect for family lifestyles and social norms.