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Lawn Sweeper – Know All What’s and How’s

We know how hard it can always be to keep your garden tidy and beautiful. In the 21st century, people are always looking forward to making their work and life easier by taking advantage of machines. In such machines, there’s one for a garden too, a lawn sweeper. This tool will help people make their garden more beautiful and clean, preventing all hassle. This particular tool is easy to use and very efficient. Whether it is a yard cleaning task or picking up debris like leaves or pine needles, a lawn sweeper can do hours of work in minutes. Intrigued to know more about it? Then, dive in for detailed information about what does a lawn sweeper do.

What is a Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper is one of the things that you might need when the weather is all windy and your garden looks like a mess. It can be a lifesaver for individuals when spring is right around the corner. This piece of lawn equipment, just like a vacuum cleaner, picks up leaves and waste from a yard. Importantly leaf collecting lawn sweeper pick leaves or debris with the help of their spinning brushes. Besides, there are some types of sweepers, among which there are two major types, Pull Behind and Push Lawn Sweepers.

Tow-Behind Sweepers

They are also referred as pull behind leaf sweeper usually towed behind a lawn tractor or riding mower for carrying out their job of picking up dirt. It is best for large gardens and at times of huge mess.

Push Lawn Sweepers

Manually operated push lawn sweepers are great for people who have small yards and enjoy doing yard work as a form of exercise.

What Does a Lawn Sweeper Do?

As mentioned earlier, a lawn sweeper has attached brushes that pick up debris and leaves and then flip them into the hopper. This whole procedure is just like how one uses a vacuum cleaner, but one thing that makes it different is brushes turn manually as we drag a walk-behind sweeper(one of the bonus points of lawn sweepers). Remember, brushes are these machines’ main part.

Coming to this thing’s working mechanism, there are some things a person should know beforehand. One should know how to adjust the height of their machine’s brushes. It should always be the same height as the grass in your garden. Also, make sure its brushes are touching the grass under your yard sweepers by adjusting its adjustment apparatus. Later, start moving your sweeper from right to the corner of your garden. To cover each path fully, turn your lawn sweeper around and place its tires in the tracks of finished paths. Finally, empty its hopper frequently.

When to Use Lawn Sweepers?

Lawn sweepers prove to be useful almost a whole year, but they have a different use during different seasons. These are easier and faster to use than rakes, and they use less energy to operate compared to raking.

  • In falls, they are preferable for collecting leaves from grounds. Reason for this is that sweeping leaves when they are dry is much easier than when they are wet.
  • Besides, we can use this machine to pick up grass clippings during summer and spring after we tidy up our lawn.
  • One can clean up any loose debris on the ground in winters by using it.

Lawn Sweeper Vs Bagger

Which is better, a lawn sweeper or a bagger? Baggers are wonderful for capturing grass clippings, but a lawn sweeper can collect all kinds of debris. It is a great option for people who have large properties to maintain. To sweep the lawn, a lawn sweeper is best in removing grass clippings, maple leaves, twigs, pine needles, and any other natural debris. Furthermore, one can even use it to get rid of litter from their driveway, sidewalk, or any other paved area. If it is a large lawn then you can opt for a heavy duty or commercial lawn sweepers.

Collecting Ability

Lawn sweepers have a wide space to collect leaves very quickly and in large amounts. One interesting fact about them is that they are available up to 100 inches wide. Thus, they become extra efficient than baggers. Baggers are limited by the width of a lawn mower or riding mower deck. They can only be up to 54 inches wide. So lawn sweepers win this round of battle because they can collect more leaves at once.


In terms of grass clippings and leaves, baggers have a lawnmower blade that shreds both types of organic matter, which makes it easier to pick leaves and debris. On the other hand, lawn sweepers are better at picking up several kinds of wastes like trash other than organic matter. Thus, their versatility is more than a bagger.


Lawn sweepers may take some time to go over your grounds twice, once when cutting the grass and again when collecting it. You will have to do it twice after cutting the grass. Whereas with a bagger, you can collect grass rapidly as you cut it. Meaning, it saves us time and gas by conducting both together. Well, this means a bagger has the upper hand regarding this factor.

Tips for Lawn Sweeping

  • Ensure to cover your hands with leather work gloves to protect them from sharp objects such as thorns. Only with gloves on pick up branches, rocks, pinecones, and other large debris around the area.
  • It would be best to use lawn sweepers on freshly mowed grass that is of the same height in respect to this machine. With rear discharge decks, one can use them while mowing. They will pick up leaves well.
  • Brushes are one of the most important parts of this equipment. Set its brushes’ height that stays the same as your garden’s grass height. Besides, some models allow people to turn its brush or adjust its handle.
  • Using this sweeper is easy and does not require gasoline or electricity. Just spread a large tarp on the ground. Later, push the lawn sweeper to that tarp. Dump all contents of the sweeper bin into that tarp.
  • If your sweeping machine didn’t come with enough wheelbase, you should extend its tow arm until it is 2 feet long to get good results.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, lawn sweepers work for certain things, and they’re a good choice if an individual needs to clean up green grass clippings, pine cones, and acorns. As mentioned earlier, these pieces of equipment are perfect for any kind of season, making them useful around the year. All-in-all, best lawn sweepers indeed always worth your hard-earned money in maintaining your garden neat.