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Breakfast for Cats – What they Like to Eat?

Cats are carnivorous creatures who require meat to satisfy their hunger. Cats need breakfast that is of nutritional value to keep them going for the rest of the day. You may occasionally give them a few human foods but do not make it a habit because they require traditional cat food to keep them healthy and fit. Make sure to know what do cats like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

Even though cats can eat and digest some human foods, you should give them the same breakfast as yours. Cats should have nutrition-dense food in the morning to perform their daily activities. Here are some of the foods you can give your cats to eat:

#1 Cooked Fish

It is widely known that cats love fish of all types- grilled, baked, or boiled. For cats, fish is a healthy breakfast since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon and tuna are among the fish cats can eat. You need to serve them the fish without salt since cats like its natural taste. You can also buy cat food that contains fish if you have little time. But it is better to feed boiled fish for cats to keep their eyes sharp and avoid any disease later.  

#2 Meat and Eggs for Cats 

Cats are predatory animals and get their proteins from animal-based food. You can feed meat and eggs for cats to satisfy their appetite. Eggs are a protein rich food and cats can eat eggs in smaller quantities. Some people like to feed their cats raw meat because they believe cats are only supposed to eat raw meat. However, you should boil the meat first to eliminate any harmful bacteria that could affect their gut. 

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#3 Fruits for Cats 

It is a well-known fact that cats cannot taste sweet food. However, fruits can fulfill your cat’s nutritional requirements. There are fruits for cats that can help improve their digestive system. You can feed fruits to them as an evening snack. You can also give it as a dessert or serve it with yogurt for more texture. 

#4 Veggies

Although your feline friend does not require veggies, you can serve them with their regular breakfast. Vegetables can provide vitamins, fiber, and water to aid your cat’s digestive issues. Some of the vegetables cats can eat are cucumbers, carrots, peas, pumpkin etc., Make sure to serve them boiled and mashed vegetables to avoid any choking hazards later. 

#5 Meat with Rice for Cats

You can give your feline some boiled and cooked chicken or beef meat along with rice for breakfast because it contains nutrients that can promote your cat’s well-being. Meat is one of the highest protein foods and a well-suited meal for cats; hence, meat, including turkey and lamb, can be one of the most suited meals for them. 

#6 Whole Grains like Oats for Cats

The protein-rich whole grains for cats such as oats are another option for your furry friend. Many cats eat corn and polenta or smaller grains like couscous and millet. You can also give them barley or mashed brown rice for cats to provide them with proper nutrition. 

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#7 Dairy

You can give your cat dairy products if they are not lactose intolerant. You can feed processed dairy food like cheese or yogurt for cats but provide them in small quantities since you cannot completely rely on cheese for protein. 

#8 Cat Food

You can get some best wet cat food from a nearby pet store to satisfy the morning appetite of your cat. However, most cats like variety in their meals and might get bored from eating cat food daily. That is why you should refrain from making it a habit to serve cat food to your furry friend daily and provide them with homemade cat food

Can Kittens Eat the Same Breakfast as Older Cats?

Kittens require different nutrition from adult cats since they have a sensitive gut. You can feed them with cat food that is exclusively meant for them or foods that are suitable for all cat life stages. Apart from cat food, kittens can have the same food as cats, but you need to ensure that the food is softer and served in smaller quantities since they cannot chew and digest hard and large pieces of food.  

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Can my Cat Skip Eating Breakfast?

No, skipping breakfast is bad for cats. You should give your cat two meals daily within 12 hours to satisfy her appetite. Cats are known for their ability to get used to a habit. You can use this as an advantage to feed your cat at a particular time. You can start by creating a breakfast schedule for your feline friend so they can get used to it. Ensure you give your cat a meal within 12 hours to keep them fit.    

Adult cats require breakfast since they get used to the routine of their human pals. Hence, you need to set up a time to give your cat breakfast. Most cats also wake up with their humans and wait for their breakfast, which is why you should make it a habit to feed your cat in the morning every day.   

What Human Foods Cats Can Eat for Breakfast?

Cats are carnivorous creatures that require meat every day to satisfy their appetite. You should not give the regular breakfast you eat since it will not give your cat the nutritional value they need. You should stick to a protein-rich diet for your cat instead of giving them a regular human breakfast. You can occasionally give them a few pieces of your food but do not make it a habit because it can lead to obesity in your cat. 

Food items like eggs, meat, veggies, fruits, fish, and grains can provide nutrition and are some of the human foods cats can eat. However, many food items can harm your cat, and you should keep such foods out of their reach. Here is a list of foods that you should never feed your cat:

  • Caffeine
  • Fruit seeds
  • Chocolates
  • Alcohol
  • Raw meat
  • Onion and garlic
  • Bread dough
  • Grapes or raisins


You can share your breakfast with your furry friend, but do not make it a habit because it can lead to obesity. You need to give them proper nutrition, especially protein, for their well-being. You should also provide your cat with various meals daily, so they stay energized with healthy cat food. You should also boil their food to avoid any bacterial infection in their gut. You can also consult a vet to organize a proper diet chart for your cat to keep her healthy.