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What Do Cats Like to Drink? – All About Cat Hydration & Dehydration Prevention

Do cats drink water? Water is the survival kit for any human body. Just like that, a cat’s body also consists of 70 percent water. This is the reason water is also essential for cats to stay healthy. Water is absorbed mostly from meals, which cats consume, but if those are dry foods, then supplementary water fluids can prevent cats from getting dehydrated. Water is the only liquid dietary requirement of cats. Other types of drinks besides water give a change of taste to cats. Read more about how often do cats drink water, types of drinks a cat requires and its limitations.

What Cats Can Drink Besides Water?

Cats require water for their bodily functions, but cat owners sometimes change the taste to regular spice things. It is essential to understand the biological system of cats, which is different from humans. There are several things cats can drink other than water like given below-

Mother’s milk

Kittens become habituated to drinking their mother’s milk, but older cats become intolerant to lactose. When cats become adults, drinking milk of any kind is not needed because of the lack of lactase, which digests the lactose present in milk. As the cat is a carnivore, animal fats attract them very much. Milk is rich in fat that is why cats love milk.

Replacement of mother’s milk

In most cases, kittens are separated from their mother early. Replacement for their mother’s milk in those stages of life is required. There are supplements available to those kittens but not to adult cats.

Goat Milk

Can cats drink goat milk? Unlike other cow milk, which is rich in lactose, goat milk does not upset cats’ stomachs. This milk contains fewer fat molecules that are easy to digest. Nowadays, milk is available in the market named cat’s milk specially made for cats.

Bone Broth

This is rich in animal tissue, which is common as stock. It is made by boiling bones and flesh in water and then feeding cats. Broth provides animal-based protein and nutrients. It helps in improving digestion, joint, and liver health. Bone broth consists of animal-based fats, which cats love.

Juice of Tuna Fish

Cans of tuna fish contain a juice that makes cats hungry instantly. It is rich in animal fats that cats love. Always try to feed them water-based tuna because oils can upset their stomach.

Can Cats Drink Water?

Cats require 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds body weight. In addition to food items, cats can drink 60 to 80 ml of freshwater per day. Wet foods also contain 70 percent water that makes cats stay sufficiently hydrated. Those cats that rely on dry foods need more drinking water.

Drinking water not only helps in bodily functions but also provides proper hydration. Every living being needs to maintain electrolytes and specific fluid minerals in its body. Different cats have preferences according to their needs. It is the responsibility of cat owners to look after the necessary wants of their cats and cater to their needs. Water is essential for cats depending on their weight and the type of food consumed. The tongue of cats has a unique shape, which infuses difficulties in drinking a reliable quantity of water at a time. Some cats make themselves dehydrated, and some cats drink ample water. Drinking less water can lead to several chronic diseases.

What Causes Dehydration in Cats?

Cats are not very fond of water but sometimes love to drink water in summer climates or eat some dry foods. Signs of dry gums or loss of appetite can cause dehydration. Now dehydration can be caused for many reasons where the primary reason is from their genes. Some cats have low thirst drives, and others have high thirst drives.

Cats are very sensitive to the taste of foods, so cats are attracted to fresh or running water. Some of them have nearsightedness, which prevents them from drinking water from bowl. The elasticity of the cat’s skin remains very loose, so if it decreases, it is a symptom of dehydration. If these signs are noticed, then calling a veterinarian can solve the problem, as examination can be done better. Doctors give the right medication and identify potential illnesses.

How Do Cats Drink Water?

Cats that can drink water on their own are a blessing. Below are tricks, which can be tried to make cats drink water. These tips help make cats drink more water. Here is the list of the what can cats drink to keep it hydrate.

Water Bowl

The shape of the water bowl should be wide and open, making cats comfortable to drink water. If it is narrow and deep, their tongue does not function properly because of its unique shape. Cats use tip of their tongue for drinking water by closing jaws immediately. Long barbs known as papillae on cats tongues play an important role in drinking water from the bowl. For some amazing options refer best affordable cat water fountain.

Place of Keeping the Bowl

Cats do not prefer to eat in a hiding location where people can sneak. Rather cats love to eat in an open area where the surroundings can be observed. Try to move the bowl to a new location and observe their behavior.

Serve Fresh Food

Foods covered in dust and hair make cats feel dirty about them. Always provide water that is fresh and clean. Dirt accumulates in water if it is stored for a long time.

Running Water

Cats have a high preference for running water. Try to install a water fountain where water runs smoothly. Falling water from fountains attracts cats to drink water, and sound improves water taste. It becomes a pleasurable experience for cats to drink water.

Wet Food

If cats are not fond of drinking fresh water, try to include wet and hydrated cat food. Broths or wet food can act as a replacement for water and prevent dehydration. Hydration improves the health of cats. Try to offer some chicken breast or white fish along with cooking liquid. The liquid should not contain salt or oil as the digestive system of cats does not tolerate all these ingredients. Making cats habituated to drink water from an early age helps them stay dehydrated. You can also give electrolyte supplements and meat-flavored waters from trusted companies.

Apple Juice

Can cats drink apple juice? Cats do not get poison from apple juices if it is homemade. Juices from the supermarket contain preservatives and sugar, upsetting their tummy.


Can cats drink tea? Homemade herbal teas containing chamomile, peppermint, or safe fruits can provide a way to relieve some stress for your cats.

What Kind of Drinks Should Cats Avoid?

Below are the types of drinks that cats should avoid. There are certain drinks other than water and broth, which are dangerous for cats to drink. Those are

Alcoholic Drinks

Can cats drink alcohol? Not at all, alcohol is a harmful drink for cats, unlike milk or dairy items. If the alcoholic drink contains animal fats, it is difficult for cats to resist it. However, if a significant amount of alcohol is consumed, it will make their stomach poisonous.


Can cats drink milk? Is milk bad for cats? Yes, As kittens are lactose intolerant, cats owners stay responsible for preventing giving any milk or dairy products to cats. It upsets their stomach very much.

Drinks Rich in Sugar

Nowadays, certain things highlighted in websites regarding drinks rich in sugar are good for cats. However, cats do not need any carbohydrates, and their digestive system is not digesting them. These lead to obesity among cats and cause diabetes.


Can cats drink coffee? Caffeine is a susceptible product that is not at all good for cats. Consuming diet pills may lead to fatal conditions, which must be avoided. If coffee contains lots of cream and milk, it will attract cats, but it is better to keep away those products.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is derived from plants and does not contain any animal-rich fats. However, the digestive system of cats does not have enzymes to break down coconut milk. It can lead to diarrhea or vomiting and foul stools of cats. Benefits derived from coconut milk are pros for humans, but in the case of cats, cons outweigh pros.


Regular water is offered as a drink for cats. It is essential for hydration, but to give nice treats and as an inclination towards a different diet, broths and juices can be added to the diet plan. Adding a variety of cat fluids makes them happy and habituated to drinking a lot. Apart from providing different kinds of drinks, cat owners should remember objectionable fluids, harming cats. Thus, it is clear how to keep cats dehydrated and suitable drinks to offer.