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What Cat Breeds are Hypoallergenic? | Complete Guide for Allergy Suffers

The cat breeds which tend to produce fewer allergens than others are known as hypoallergenic cats. These kittens tend to pose low allergy risks to humans and cause fewer allergic reactions. Mostly, the allergic reactions associated with cats are due to the presence of Fel d 1 protein. All cat breeds can produce this protein which also means that no cat breed is purely hypoallergenic. However, Fel d 1 protein production extensively varies amongst different breeds of cats. Therefore, those cat breeds that produce less Fel d 1 protein are termed hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic cat breeds are recommended to people with allergies or are more easily prone to adverse reactions.

What Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

If you’re trying to decide which cat will fit in best with your family, it might be helpful to know about a few hypoallergenic cats.

Balinese Cats

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The Balinese cat is one of the least shedding domestic pets. It is a long-haired Siamese-style cat and has similar color patterns as Siamese. These cats are very active and friendly and easily adapt to children and other pets. They are also very curious and have a playful personality as they love to play along with toys. Therefore, it is best to have a lot of toys and scratching posts to keep them engaged and entertained all the time. Despite their long furry coats, they tend to shed very little and require minimal grooming. The hypoallergenic Balinese cat are medium-sized one and have four distinct coat colors: lilac, seal, chocolate, and blue. These cats that shed the least can rise to 11 inches in height and weigh up to 15 pounds over a lifespan of 8 to 13 years.

Siberian Cats

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Like the Balinese, the Siberian has a dense coat of long hair but produces less Fel d 1 protein. In general, Siberian cats are very amiable and affectionate. As a result, they have good compatibility with other cats and even cat-friendly dogs. In addition, they possess quite a playful and emotional personality which makes them suitable for every household. Hypoallergenic siberian cat have their origin in Russia but have gained worldwide attention because of their easy-going nature and attractive personality. They do shed seasonally, but regular brushing can help control hair loss. The Siberian cats can grow up to 25 inches in length and weigh up to 15 pounds in females and 20 pounds in males in their life span of 11 to 18 years.

Sphynx Cats

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The Sphynx is prominently known as cat with no hair for its lack of fur . However, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its hairlessness due to its genetic mutation. This also makes the Sphynx a purebred and much in demand. They reflect a loving and caring attitude. Non shedding cats are also very friendly and tend to spend most of their time with their owners. The Sphynx cats are very warm, gentle and welcoming and go well with kids, adults and other animals.

Moreover, cats that dont shed are quite energetic and love to engage in fun activities throughout the day while craving human attention. Though Sphynx does not have a hairy coat, they are still likely to trigger allergic symptoms, however, less than other cats. Height of Sphynx can vary from 8 to 10 inches and weight from 6 to 14 pounds over a lifespan of 9 to 15 years.

Russian Blue Cats

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The Russian Blue is a significant breed in Russia. These cats cover a range of colors, from shimmering silver to darker gray cat breeds. Russian blue cats have calm and affectionate personalities. They also have a very curious and intelligent personality and tend to be more vocal to their owners whenever they need to communicate. The Russian Blue cats have short yet dense hair coats and might shed a little more but are extremely suitable for people suffering from allergies. They are not very high maintenance but prefer good hygiene standards. A typical Russian Blue cat hypoallergenic can rise to 11 inches in height and weigh up to 11 pounds, in general, in their life span of 15 to 20 years.

Devon Rex

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The Devon Rex is an England-based cat breed. It is a short-haired breed known for its wavy coat and long haired kittens. The Devon Rex is a playful and energetic kitten who never exhibits difficult and enchanting tricks. It is one of the best cats for allergies also turns out to be an intelligent and adaptive pet that copes well with kids, adults, elderly family members and guests. They are also very curious and hyperactive and enjoy traveling to places. Devon Rex cat makes a delightful pet that craves love and attention and returns the same. They usually have a height between 10 to 12 inches and weigh around 6 to 9 pounds in their life span of 9 to 15 years.


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The Ocicat is a domestic cat that resembles an ocelot in appearance. This breed can be easily identified by its spotted body patterns which look similar to a wild cat. However, their extremely friendly and outgoing personality is the most significant thing about them. They are very warm and welcoming and interact well with people and all cats and dogs. These cats tend to be curious, playful and intelligent. They also exhibit athletic behaviour and can be trained easily. Physically, Ocicats are quite muscular and possess a strong body. The Ocicats have a long tail and uplifted almond-shaped eyes. They have an approximate height of 11 inches and weigh around 6 to 15 pounds in a life span of 12 to 18 years.


While looking for a pet for your family, consider those cat breeds that suit your household specifications. Choosing hypoallergenic cats is not just good for the sake of allergic people but also reduces the risks of allergic symptoms. Depending upon the severity of one’s allergy, go for the breeds least likely to cause allergies.